All PIM members arrived at RedLine at approximately 5:50 pm. They unloaded their equipment and began to set up. Noah provided Michael and Karen (both sensitives) a brief tour of the location – they weren’t there for the initial interview back on March 13th.  There were several special investigators on this investigation that were friends of the owners of RedLine along with Allison Jornlin.

Sony DCR -SR80 w/Opteka R-72 IR filter & 0.45X Wide angle lens 2nd Floor Hallway NOAH
Sony DCR -SR82 w/Opteka R-72 IR filter & 0.45X Wide angle lens Print Shop NOAH
Sony DCR-SR42  w/Opteka R-72 IR filter & 0.45X Wide angle lens 2nd Floor Classroom NOAH/PAUL
Sony DCR-SR45 2nd Floor Apartment KAREN
Sony DCR-HC28 Basement Red Floor Room CHRIS
Sony DCR-HC26 Basement in front of Electrical Room MICHAEL
Panasonic DV701D Basement – Future Dark Room MICHAEL
Sony DCR-HC62 1st Floor – Middle of room STEVE
Sony DCR-HC62 1st Floor – Middle of room STEVE
Sony CCD-TRV65 1st Floor – Back part of building STEVE
Olympus-VN3100PC 1st Floor– Wooden sculpture area STEVE
Olympus WS-300M 2nd Floor – Classroom NOAH
Sony-P620 2nd Floor – Apartment CHRIS
Sony-P520 Carried KAREN
Sony ICD-UX70 Basement – Electrical Room MICHAEL
Olympus WS-210S Basement – Future Dark Room MICHAEL
Sony ICD-SX68DR9 Carried TONY
Tri-Field Meter 100XE MICHAEL
Kestrel 3500 Weather Station NOAH
UV Flashlights All Group Members

After all equipment was set up, and the sensitives went over their findings with the investigation guests, the large group was then broken into two different groups:

GROUP 1: Noah, Michael, Tony, Dara, Steve, Carrie, Melissa
GROUP 2: Karen, Steve G, Chris, Allison, José, Kim

Group 1 would start on the second floor, while Group 2 went to the basement. The investigation began at 9:15 pm.


Group 1:
The group spent 10 minutes of controlled silence while on the second floor. At 9:30 pm, the group split into two groups to do two separate EVP sessions. Michael, Tony and Steve were in the apartment, while Noah, Melissa, Dara and Carrie were in the middle section of the level. No activities occurred.

At 10:00 pm an EVP session was done in Ann’s Studio as well as the Classroom. No activities occurred in either location.

Group 2:
The group also spent 10 minutes of controlled silence. José and Steve were in the future Dark Room, Chris and Kim were in the Video Lounge while Karen and Allison were in the hallway and main part of the basement. At 9:34 pm a noise was heard by Karen, Allison, Steve and José. They thought it sounded like a door slamming or some sort of loud noise from upstairs. It was not verified what the noise was, but could have been that of Group 1 moving on the second floor.

At 9:40 pm the group changed locations – Karen and Allison were in the room near the bathroom at the front of the building, Chris and Kim went to the Red Floor Room, while Steve and José went to the back of the basement. It was noted by Steve people could be heard moving on the second floor in the basement – he radioed Noah to see if the noise could be heard.

No other activities occurred during this time, and all members of Group 2 sat in the Main Room to do an EVP session, which concluded at 10:22 pm.

Both groups then met back on the first floor.

After a quick break, Groups 1 and 2 switched locations.

Group 1:
The group began investigating the basement around 10:40 pm around the electrical room. The group began by starting with 10 minutes of controlled silence. Tony was positioned in front of the freight elevator, Melissa in the doorway to the kiln room, Dara was in the main artist’s workspace, Steve and Carrie were in the media room, Michael was in the future dark room, and Noah was in one of the artists’ studios. The controlled silence ended without incident.

At this point the group split with Michael, Steve and Carrie doing an EVP session in the future dark room and Noah, Tony, Melissa and Dara did an EVP session on the opposite end of the basement in front of the electrical room. During the EVP session, Steve reported being touched, and Dara felt a presence near her – she thought it made a noise along the wall that she was sitting. Nothing further happened during the EVP sessions.

The group of Michael, Steve and Carrie moved into the Red Floor room to do another EVP session and the rest of the group remained in the main artists work space to listen for any activity that might occur. It was during this time Michael reported feeling an entity he tracked from a locked storage room in the basement, to an access hallway that held the water heater, to the print shop sink room. He stated he could not get a fix on the entity to find out much about it except it was male. Noah tried to get close to where Michael thought the entity was, but Michael stated it would leave if Noah got too close.

Nothing else happened during this time in the basement and Group 1 returned to the first floor at around 12:20 am.

Group 2:
Up on the second floor at 10:40 pm, Karen, Allison and Kim were in the classroom, while Chris, Steve and José sat on the other side of the wall. Everyone sat in silence and then began investigating. The male group then moved to the back main room at 10:47 pm to investigate the apartment and studio areas.

During the EVP session, Karen and Allison kept hearing voices, but were unable to trace where they were coming from. Karen stood in the open doorway by the staircase to see if the voices from the other group members could be heard – they were not heard. At 11:12 pm they ended their EVP session and decided to switch spots.

Chris had his K2 meter out near the kitchen area and the meter lit up to the middle of the scale. The detection was at about 3 feet high and seemed to spread throughout that entire portion the second floor. Upon getting Michael’s TriField Meter from the first level, it was concluded the reason for the K2 meter spiking was due to the power lines that were directly outside of the apartment window as well as the back studio window. Any one in these areas could be affected by the EMF radiating from the power lines, as Allison noticed after a while.

NOTE: An EMF detection of 1.0 or higher can make a person have symptoms of nausea, dizziness, paranoia and the feeling of being watched. Some people are more sensitive to higher levels of EMF than others.

At 11:30 pm the women were in the apartment/studio area while the men went to the classroom. No activities occurred in either location. At 11:43 pm the women moved to Ann’s studio and conducted a small EVP session. No activities occurred to either group.

Steve and Chris went to the first floor to change tapes in the cameras, while the rest spread out in the middle of the second floor at 11:50 pm. After the PIM members returned, the group continued the EVP session and concluded at 12:10 am.

Both Groups 1 and 2 then re-met on the first floor.

Another short break was taken, and to try an experiment, Group 1 went to the second floor to do a passive investigation (meaning sitting and observing), while Group 2 was on the first floor and did an active investigation (EVP session). This occurred at 12:35 am.

Karen, Allison and José were by the white tables set up outside of the caged area, while Chris, Steve and Kim were in the Library. They sat in silence for about 10 minutes and then conducted an EVP session. No activities occurred at this time.

They moved into the main art area at 12:56 am. Everyone spread out and conducted another EVP session. Once again, no activities occurred and this concluded the investigation at 1:08 am.

Both groups once again met on the first level, and all PIM members began taking down the equipment and packing up. They left the building around 1:30 am.


1st Floor

Male voice capture on audio recorder


This was a very interesting investigation for PIM. This is the largest building to date we have investigated, and although a little challenging logistically, we were ecstatic at the opportunity to investigate this historic building. No major events occurred during the investigation, though some people reported being touched. We were able to debunk the light issue reported in the stairwells of the building by determining that both lights are controlled by the same switches. The other electrical issues that were reported may also be caused electrical connections that are not well understood, although we were unable to find explainable causes during our investigation. The other reported activities we were unable to debunk. The amount of evidence captured during the investigation was minimal, but the one EVP captured is very interesting. We believe it to be a male voice, saying a three or four word phrase. After one investigation, and with minimal evidence, it is hard for PIM to conclude that RedLine is in fact haunted. We do believe some strange occurrences do happen there, and would be interested in investigating the building again to gather more evidence. Overall, it was a very enjoyable investigation, and PIM hopes we will be invited back again in the near future.




Michael’s Impressions:

LOCATION Individual Details/Thoughts
In basement next to media room behind lockers (new dark room) Male Energy, pain. Worried about safety. “Leave me alone!” He is aware and moves around. Followed me.

Also felt there was something about a fire.

Second Floor near photo back drop n/a Someone watching me, not sure who
Roof Woman Someone there – not sure why
Elevator n/a Energy – someone trying to put something on the elevator that wasn’t fitting
First Floor n/a Energy


Karen’s Impressions:

LOCATION Individual Details/Thoughts
Elevator Basement Multiple Individuals Felt many people were stuck in it wanting to be let out. Possible accident in where elevator dropped from one floor to another. Someone pleading “Let us out.”
Kiln Room – Basement Male In his late 20s, blue shirt with a collar. Narrow face. He doesn’t want to work and is hiding.
Main Room of Basement Male Sandy-blonde hair. About 5’8”, just walking, emotionless. Not aware of us.
Room Next to Red Floor Room Male Unknown features. Black mass. Followed me throughout the basement. Felt he was trying to say, “Get out.  You’re not welcomed.”
Future Dark Room Male Felt a male hung himself from one of the beams. My throat got tight when I entered.
Second Floor – Windows near front of building Older Woman Felt she was wearing a dress of 1930’s-1940’s style. Hair was short and grey. Kept feeling she was concerned about something with a sewing machine or a sewing machine job.
Second Floor – Classroom by windows near front of building Several women Pictured several women working at tables. Not sure if they were sewing or if they were doing other work.
Ann’s Studio Old man 70s-80s, not sure why he’s here. Felt he was working and putting things on shelves. He goes from the kitchen area to that room.
Second Floor back room with stairs to roof Girl A girl between 5-6 years old. Long brown hair, 1920’s dress. Feels scared. Wanting her mom.


Marty’s Impressions from the Interview conducted March 13, 2010:

Upon arriving and waiting on the street with Noah for the other team
members to arrive, I noticed an entity/figure looking out the basement
(north west side) window – as if inquisitive and knowing what we were
there for. Likewise there was another entity, male, skulking about
the alleyway that then shot in to the building through the alleyway

Once inside and meeting the staff, I noticed a female dressed in early
1900’s apparel, standing on the back stairwell. She appeared to be
fully aware I could see her, and appeared very pleasant in demeanor.
Was told her name was Ceclia, and throughout my time there she
interacted more like a watchful “mother” like figure.

During the tour, I also made contact with a gentleman in the back
library area named Tom, dressed in more 1920’s garb with a cap on his
head. He looked to be in his 20’s as far as age.

During my solitary walk through, I noticed a great deal of residual
energy through the place. Which is something I would expect in an
older building such as this. High concentrations of which were in the
upper level south east section of the building along the wall, and
lower level south east section in the computer room. The energy in
the basement was more of an intense anxiety and nausea inducing
energy. A lot of the energy flow through the building seemed to be
based on layouts of the building that no longer exist as well. I.E. a
lot of times I wanted to walk right through walls that Redline has put
up, in order to follow the flow.

In the storage area in the south east corner of the building, gotten
to through the door in the computer room, there was a boy by the name
of Tim, about 13 years of age. He would traverse back and forth
between that room and storage area on the other side of the wall under
the stairs.

In the red floor room of the basement, there was trapped energy there
and I got the distinct impression of something under the floor. It
intrigued me, because this was the room the entity peering out at me
while I was on the street, would have been in.

I also made further contact with the entity coming in from the alley
at the stairwell door. Appeared to be a male in his 30’s/early 40’s,
but very elusive. Could not get his name from him, and got the
distinct impression he was causing a lot of the activity people had
been experiencing. He comes from one of the neighboring buildings,
and always comes in from the alleyway. He would show up at various
parts of the upstairs building as if trying to stalk me as well.

I had a personal experience upstairs, where every time I left the back
added on section of the building (where the kitchen area is), I’d hear
something banging against wood really loud as if to get my attention
and draw me back. It happened several time, and I spent additional
time standing under the large vent/ductwork to try and see if it was
the cause of the noise. The vent only produced a low metallic
rattling every so often, nothing like the large wood on plastic or
plaster bang I’d hear whenever I walked away. On the final time, I
got the sense it was related to the male entity that comes in through
the alley.

I also had a personal experience while investigating the elevator at
the back of the building. Specifically, one of the lights in the back
large main room where I was started flicking on and off as if to get
my attention. I ignored it thinking it was nothing, and it stopped
briefly and started up again and did not abate until I finally walked
underneath it. Upon standing underneath, the light to the stairwell
going down to the basement started flicking on and off. I stood
watching it for a good 30 seconds, and wondering if something was
trying to lead me, I then walked to the stairwell. When I entered the
stairwell, the on and off of the lights stopped. I then started
noticing a faint flickering at the bottom of the stairwell. Walking
further down the stairwell to investigate, I noticed the lights on the
other side of the basement door were being turned on an off as well
now, which I observed for a good 10-15 seconds until finally going to
the door and opening it. Upon entering the basement, those lights
stopped switching on and off as well. Upon questioning some of the
artists in the basement, nobody had noticed those lights flickering at
all in the basement. Upon investigation of the lights with one of the
main staff of Redline, Steve, I was informed that it would have been
impossible for the single light in the large hall to flick on and off
on it’s own, because all the lights in that hall were connected to the
same single switch. Likewise it was verified the stairwell light
switch was set to off. Noah had mentioned that at some point while I
was in the back and when the rest of the team was just going to sit
down with the staff to discuss their initial findings, he and Steve
had been testing the light switches at the front of the building to
see if they effected other parts, but whether it was during while I
was experiencing the light patterns remained inconclusive at that
time. I know timing wise it happened after the team had already been
discussing with the staff for some time. Likewise, the issue with the
single light flicking from the bank of lights in the main hall, and
the duration of the lights (including only stopping when I finally
walked to each one) makes me have doubts.

Regardless, I did not get the sense of anything dangerous entity wise
in the building, i.e. nothing evil. The one that seemed to be causing
most of the problems, the entity from the alleyway, seemed to be doing
so more out of control like to assert his authority. He seemed
territorial, cranky, etc.

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