All group members arrived at the restaurant/bar at 12:30 am. Since the bar would stay open until 2:30 am, the group was taken on a tour of the building by Susan, one of the location’s employees. During the tour, Mary took baseline electromagnetic field (EMF) readings while Karen and Michael did sensitive readings. After going to all levels, the group would only focus the investigation on the first floor and the bar levels.

Once back in the Basement where the group had all of their equipment, they started to set up some of their cameras to get ready for the investigation.

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After the bar was closed, all equipment was placed in their designated areas. Karen, Mary and Susan then helped place garbage bags over the windows and glass doors in the bar area to block out the light from any outside lights.

The bartender left around 3:40 am after cleaning up and doing bookwork and the group was able to start investigating at 3:49 am.


Basement – 3:49 am

All group members stayed in one large group during the majority of the investigation as they weren’t sure how sound would travel. The group started in the Basement with Noah behind the caged area while Karen sat in the corridor next to the furnace. The rest of the group stood near Noah to start the group’s first electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session.

While speaking to the male both Karen and Michael picked up earlier in the night, Noah tried to ask questions that could be simple to answer. Michael at one point during the EVP session felt the gentleman’s name was “Scott”.

During the EVP session at 3:53 am Karen thought she kept hearing voices that weren’t from the other group members talking near her. No other group members heard this. At 4:03 am, she then felt the boy she sensed wandering the building come to the corridor and started to walk toward her. She reported feeling her left ear feeling touched shortly after she felt his presence. No other activities occurred at this time.

Mary was asked to go by Karen when she felt the presence of the wandering male of the Basement come into the corridor. The rest of the group members sat in silence as they did their own EVP session. As they asked the male questions about whom he was Mary reported feeling a change in the energy levels of the area.

No other activities occurred at this time. The group then headed upstairs at 4:16 am to continue investigating on the first floor.

All group members spread throughout the bar and restaurant space. Starting at 4:18 am, the group sat in silence for five minutes to observe the normal sounds of the building.

After the five minutes of silence, the group began an EVP session. At 4:36 am, Noah, Michael and Susan heard a high pitch noise. It was not determined if it were paranormal in nature or not. No other activities occurred during this EVP session, which concluded at 4:50 am.

END TIME: 4:50 am

Deciding to split the group up a bit, Noah and Michael decided to investigate the first floor while Karen, Mary and Susan headed down to the Basement to conduct their own EVP sessions. It was noticed the sun was rising, so the groups quickly went to their designated areas to start.

First Floor – 4:54 am

Group 1 – Noah and Michael started off in the Men’s Bathroom. Noah took the voice recorder from the Dining Room with them into the Men’s Bathroom. Michael sensed a strange energy there previously and wanted to investigate it further. Upon entering the Men’s Bathroom Michael stated he didn’t sense the energy anymore and it may have been due to the lights in the room. Since the lights were off now Michael attributed his feeling to high EMF. Noah and Michael then decided to try an EVP session in the Kitchen.

Michael sat in a chair in the aisle of the Kitchen closest to the door leading to the Dining Room and Noah leaned in the doorway with the door closed. An EVP session was conducted but no activity occurred. Noah and Michael then decided to move to the stairs leading to the 2nd Floor. Noah replaced the voice recorder in the Dining Room before moving to the stairs.

Once on the stairs, Noah realized they didn’t have a voice recorder so Michael retrieved the recorder from the Dining Room. Noah and Michael conducted a short EVP session outside the opening in the wall that gave access to above the ceiling in the bar area. No activities occurred during this time. At this time Noah decided to switch with the other group and he and Michael headed to the Basement.


Group 2 – Mary headed behind the cage to see if she could get “Scott” to interact with the women now that all of the men were gone. Karen felt he was hiding in one of the corners trying to not be noticed. All members of the group conducted an EVP session, but nothing occurred at that point.

Karen thought by switching members behind the cage, it might help to bring “him” out. She and Mary switched spots at 5:09 am.

The group continued to do an EVP session at that time. Mary then noticed what sounded like a rustling sound in the far corner of the Basement from where she was standing at 5:14 am. It was possible it was just the ice machine making noise.

END TIME: 5:16 am

Once Group 1 came to the Basement both groups quickly switched locations.

Basement – 5:16 am

Group 1 – Noah and Michael started in front of the locked caged area. They decided to try and debunk the feeling of hands on shoulders several of the cooks claimed to experience when walking into the walk in cooler near the locked caged area. Both Michael and Noah noticed when you walk into the cooler colder air leaves the cooler that is low to the ground causing warm air to enter the cooler close to the ceiling – this caused a warm sensation to be felt on their shoulders. Although it is impossible to know exactly what was felt by the cooks, this is one possible explanation for the reported activity.

Noah and Michael then decided to do an EVP session in the aisle that the furnace was in. No activities occurred during this time. Noah then decided to end the investigation and began breaking down equipment in the Basement.

First Floor

Group 2 – The women sat in silence for a few minutes to observe the noises of the area. At 5:18 am, Karen and Mary thought they heard what sounded like a metal noise, but wasn’t sure where it came from. Shortly after at 5:19 am a high pitch sound or whisper was heard by all group members. It was not captured on any of the recording devices in the bar.

While continuing the EVP session, at 5:33 am all group members heard what sounded like a chair being moved. No chairs were observed to have moved, and it was not known if the noise was paranormal in nature or not.

END TIME: 5:40 am

After both EVP sessions were completed, the group tore down all of their equipment and packed up. With the sun coming up as quickly as it did, it would make it difficult for the group to actively investigate without being distracted by the light.

As the group was packing up, Michael noticed two packages of tortillas had fallen onto the floor in the Kitchen. Upon reviewing the video evidence from the Kitchen, it was noted the cabinet that the tortillas were sitting on was not bumped when Michael and Noah were investigating the Kitchen earlier in the evening. The tortillas can clearly be heard falling to the floor on the video from the Kitchen and on the audio recorders that were in the Kitchen and Dining Room. However, no paranormal explanation was detected and the tortillas may have just fallen by chance.

The group thanked Susan for staying with them for the investigation, and all group members left the location at 6 am.


Though there was one interesting occurrence during the investigation it cannot be determined if it was paranormal in nature. Though no other evidence was captured, the short investigation time limited PIM’s ability to thoroughly investigate the location. PIM hopes to be able to return to Senor Lunas again either later in the year when sunrise doesn’t happen so early, or at a time when the bar will be closed or able to close earlier to allow for a more lengthy investigation. PIM would like to thank the owner’s of Senor Lunas for allowing us to investigate and hope that we may be invited back in the future.

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