The group arrived at the location at 7 pm. Aaron from FCPS would join the group as he had been working with PIM on a paranormal documentary. He would be conducting interviews with the group, as well as taking video of the location for the documentary.

Upon entering the building, the group dropped off their equipment in the Dining Room. Noah then took the group on a tour of the property as Karen and Chris had never been there.

After the tour, Mary started to do baseline electromagnetic field (EMF), temperature and outdoor readings, Chris would do baseline photos, while Karen went around and did her sensitive impressions of the building. While waiting for Gravy to arrive, Noah started preparing equipment to be set up later.

When Karen, Mary and Chris finished their baseline readings, they all helped to set up the rest of the equipment throughout the mansion. Gravy headed to the Basement after he arrived to do his interview with Aaron.

At 9:11 pm, the group finished setting up all equipment and got it all running. Gravy was done with his interview and met up with the group in Marion’s Room. Chris then headed to the basement to do his interview. While in Marion’s Room, the group went over Karen’s impressions. Noah then went over the claims of activity that have been reported in the building as Karen was unaware of the claims previously.

While the group was talking, Karen felt the “male” she picked up on earlier in the night standing in the doorway. Aaron radio Noah around this time and said Chris was done with his interview and to send Mary down. Once Mary left, Karen noticed the “male” left with her. Earlier in the night she felt this “male” was suspicious of Mary.

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The group then spread out on the level and was ready to begin the night’s investigation.


3rd Floor – 9:37 pm

Karen – Marion’s Suite, Noah – Hallway, Gravy – Gyneth’s Suite, Chris – Blue Room

The group took five minutes of silence to establish ambient sound from the house and street noise. Gravy felt there was someone in the room with him (Karen felt there was a young girl in the Bathroom of that room), and Karen kept feeling the presence of a male standing on the right side of the bed near the windows staring at her.

Starting an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session, the group asked questions to see if either of these spirits would respond. At one point, Karen felt her head and hair get touched by something. She then later reported feeling her left cheek get hot and then numb then back to normal – she didn’t touch her face during this part of the investigation.

No other activities occurred at this point and the group concluded this part of the investigation on the 3rd Floor at 10:14 pm.

2nd Floor – 10:15 pm

Karen/Mary – Small room off of George’s Suite, Noah – George’s Suite, Gravy – Hallway, Chris – Gold Room

Spread throughout the floor, the group once again sat in silence for a few minutes. After they started an EVP session, Aaron radioed Noah at 10:20 pm asking for Karen to come down to do her interview. Mary and she would exchange spots for this part of the investigation.

Once Mary was settled into place, the group conducted an EVP session. Mary heard a female voice while she was sitting in the bathroom in George’s Suite. Noah radioed Aaron to see if Karen had been talking loudly at the time. Although when tested we could hear Karen talking, Aaron stated that she hadn’t been talking near that loud when the group heard the voice. There is a possibility it came from outside and it was not confirmed to be paranormal in nature.

At one point Gravy thought he heard movement on the 3rd Floor. He heard it twice then noticed the mini fridge in the hallway of the 2nd Floor, which was making small noises. He wasn’t sure if the noises he heard on the 3rd Floor were actually coming from the fridge.

The group then headed down to the 1st Floor at 10:45pm for a break.

Gravy unfortunately was unable to stay for the rest of the investigation and left shortly after. Aaron was having difficulty with his camera when the memory card filled up, which pushed back Karen’s interview a bit. The group continued to take a break until she was done at 11:20 pm.

Noah then headed to the Basement to do his interview, while Karen led Mary and Chris to the 3rd Floor to continue investigating.

3rd Floor – 11:20 pm

Karen – Blue Room/Hallway, Chris – Gyneth’s Suite/Hallway, Mary – Marion’s Suite, Noah – Blue Room, Aaron – Video Recorded all group members

After all group members were in place, they took five minutes of silence to observe the normal noises of the house. The group then started an EVP session. At 11:31 pm Mary reported feeling pressure on the left side of her head. She also reported feeling something drawing energy from her, but wasn’t sure what it was.

Deciding to move to the hallway at 11:50 pm, Karen sat between Gyneth’s Suite and the Blue Room. As the group tried to contact “Mr. Brumder” it was noted there appeared to be a change in the energy levels of the floor. Karen reported a heavy feeling and started to have a hard time focusing as if there was static standing in front of her. Based on prior experience with this same type of feeling, she knew something was there, but wasn�t sure what it was.

At 12:07 am, Noah radioed saying he and Aaron were heading up to join them. Aaron would be filming the group during this time for the documentary. Karen noticed when they were radioed the energy levels diminished and went back to normal. When they arrived on the floor Noah sat in the Blue Room for this part of the investigation, while Chris went back to Gyneth’s Room.

Continuing the EVP session, the group continued to ask questions toward “Mr. Brumder” as well as any other spirits they hoped would respond. No activities occurred at this time, and the group wrapped up this part of the investigation at 12:31 am.

2nd floor – 12:36 am

Karen – George’s Suite side bedroom, Chris – George’s Suite Master Bedroom, Mary – George’s Bath, Noah – George’s Suite Master Bedroom, Aaron – Video Recorded all group members

The group spread out throughout George’s Suite to see if they could contact the “Matron of the House”. The group sat in silence for a few minutes before starting an EVP session.

After asking questions for a while, Noah headed downstairs and brought up a mini plasma ball, which is a device that produces plasma from a diode inside a plastic ball. When something gets close to the plastic ball, the plasma will be attracted to the object when something touches it. The plasma will then touch the same spot and intensify in brightness. This was used in an attempt to communicate with any spirits present. Trying for several additional minutes to see if the spirit would respond to their questions, the group wrapped up this part of the investigation at 1:03 am after no activities occurred.

Baasement – 1:10 am

All members, including Aaron in the Theater/Stage Area

The group first started the Basement investigation while walking through the Catacombs and then all sat in the Theater. The group started asking questions in hopes that any spirits would answer them.

After a short while, as the group told the owners they would be done by 2 am, the group wrapped up the investigation at 1:30 am after no activities occurred.

Once all equipment was packed, the group went around every room to make sure it was back the way it was when they arrived. The group left the location at 2 am.


Overall this was an uneventful investigation for PIM. For a house of this age, more creaks and bumps were expected. However, the building was very quiet with no discernable responses to any of the questions that we posed. Review of the evidence did not yield anything either. This is not uncommon for paranormal investigations and it takes many investigations to be able to draw any conclusions about a location. PIM thanks the owners of Brumder Mansion for being so accommodating for our investigation and hope that we will be able to return for a follow up investigation in the near future.

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