Once the group arrived at Elsing’s, owners Vicky and Phil let the group into the building so they could get all of their equipment in and start setting things up for the night’s investigation. The Elsings would leave shortly after, and all PIM members started to do their designated jobs for the night.

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Noah and Gravy started getting equipment set up and started placing things in the Tool Aisle area of the store while Karen and Mary went around and did baseline electromagnetic field (EMF), temperature and sensitive readings.

After Karen and Mary finished their readings they continued to help Noah and Gravy with placing equipment around the areas they wanted to focus on for the investigation. They would finish setting all equipment by 10:00 pm.

The group then took a break on the first floor in the front part of the store. At 10:23 pm there were some noises heard, but the group was unable to find out what they were – they concluded that most likely it was not paranormal in nature.

Once the break was done, the group headed downstairs to start the night’s investigation.


Throughout – 10:46 pm

Gravy – Hallway, Karen – Stairs, Noah – Furniture Room, Mary – Back Storage Room

The group took a few minutes of silence to observe the normal noises from the building. They shut the heat off, so there were a few pops from the building adjusting to the temperature changes. At 10:52 pm Noah realized he forgot to do something upstairs and asked Gravy to accompany him. During this time Mary mentioned she felt a little uncomfortable in the room she was in, so she and Karen did a mini electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session.

Once Noah and Gravy returned at 10:54 pm the group resettled and conducted a full EVP session. At 11:03 pm Karen claimed to hear footsteps on the 1st Floor above her, but no one else heard this. She would claim to hear this a few more times. It was not captured on any recording device.

Karen then started picking up on a girl about 6-years old near the stairs. The group tried directing questions to the girl in the hopes they would get a response. No activities occurred during this time and the group concluded the session.

END TIME: 11:13 pm

Throughout – 11:17 pm

Karen – Pizza Room, Mary – Simon’s Room, Noah – Hallway, Gravy – Storage Room

Deciding to try to see if the group could get in contact with the spirit of “Simon” they spread out throughout the space in the back part of the basement. While there the group took a few minutes of silence and then started an EVP session.

During the session Karen and Noah both claimed to have heard a voice from somewhere, but it was not picked up on any recording device. Noah stated the voice he heard appeared to be male.

The group continued to direct questions toward “Simon” and even tried to provoke him a little. No activities occurred at this time.

END TIME: 11:29 pm

Heading back upstairs, the group then decided to head up to the 2nd Floor Storage Area before it got too cold.

2nd Floor Storage Area – 11:42 pm

Once the group found places to sit they started an EVP session to try to contact any of the spirits Karen picked up on earlier in the night.

Both Noah and Gravy tried directing their questions to the possible prostitutes that may have been in the area, while Karen and Mary asked general questions.

No activities occurred during this time, so the group decided to head back downstairs.

END TIME: 12:12 am

The group decided to take a break before heading into the second half of the night’s investigation. Once the group was ready to investigate again, Karen and Gravy led the rest of the group into the Tool Aisles and the Toy Room.

Throughout – 12:44 am

Karen – Left Tool Aisle, Noah – Storage Area, Gravy – Toy Room, Mary – Center Tool Aisle

The group dove right into an EVP session hoping to get any type of response. Earlier in the night the group placed a toy horse on a shelf in the aisle Karen was in hoping that a spirit would move it – on a previous visit to Elsing’s a brass horse was moved from a shelf to the middle of an aisle.

The group tried for several minutes to see if they could get a reaction out of any spirits in the building. At 1:12 am the group switched spots a little with Gravy and Noah by the back rooms with Karen in the middle Tool Aisle with Mary in the Toy Room.

They continued the EVP session, but no activities occurred at that time.

END TIME: 1:26 am

The group then took a quick break before heading back downstairs.

Throughout – 1:43 am

Noah – Stairs, Gravy – Storage Room, Karen – Hallway, Mary – Furniture Room

The group spent some time conducting an EVP session hoping for any type of reaction from the spirits. There were no activities reported during this part of the investigation, so the group decided to head to the back part of the basement for the last part of the investigation.

END TIME: 2:06 am

Throughout – 2:07 am

Gravy – Pizza Room, Karen – Hallway, Noah – Simon’s Room, Mary – Storage Room

Once again hoping to get in touch with “Simon” the group aimed their questions directly to him.

Unfortunately, no activities occurred once again during this time, and the group concluded the night’s investigation as they had to get ready for the following day’s public event.

END TIME: 2:22 am

Once the group set up their table with equipment and other items for the public event, the group finally went to bed around 4 am – they all slept in the Tool Aisle and Toy Room areas. No activities occurred while the group slept.

Noah, Karen and Gravy would wake up at 7:45 am as they had to be in Madison at 8:30 am for a television interview. Mary was left to take care of their air mattresses. She stated no activities occurred during her time alone in the building.

After the public event, the group packed up everything they had and left the location around 4:10 pm



This was another great investigation at Elsing’s. There were some strange noises reported during the investigation, but unfortunately they were not picked up by any of our recorders. We also had to be aware of noises that were coming from outside and there seemed to be a number of people in the back of the building during our investigation. Although we were not able to pick up any definitive evidence of the paranormal during this investigation, past investigations have convinced PIM of the activity that does exist here. PIM looks forward to our next investigation at Elsing’s 2nd Hand Shop and that we might be able to add to our body of evidence from this location.

PIM would like to thank Vicky and Phil Elsing for their hospitality, including the baked goodies, and for allowing us to investigate their historic building once again.

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