At 4:21 pm Noah, Jann, Missy and Tony crossed the bridge to the beautiful Four Seasons Island Resort in Pembine, WI. Once they were parked Noah and Tony went into the Hotel to check in and get a luggage cart. Missy and Jann stayed back with the car to start unloading all the equipment. Once Noah and Tony returned they loaded up the cart and off to their hotel room they went to settle in for the weekend. This was Missy and Tony’s first time to the Resort, Jann’s second, and Noah’s third time.

They brought their things into their room, dropped off personal belongings and decided to reload the cart with their investigative equipment and take it up to the 3rd Floor of The Resort where they would be conducting the paranormal investigation.

The 3rd Floor is where the Four Salons are located named Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. This is where the majority of the paranormal claims have been said to happen and where PIM would be placing the majority of their equipment. Once up there they set up basecamp in the Winter Salon and began assessing where equipment would be placed and what windows would need to be blacked out. A member of the maintenance crew at the Four Seasons was kind enough to cover the sky lights in the Summer Salon making it very dark in that room. This aided greatly in PIM’s attempt to avoid shadows coming in from outside and contaminating video in that room.

Jann began by taking EMF (electromagnetic field) and temperature readings throughout the 3rd Floor. Everyone else began setting up video cameras and placing them on tripods. Noah then instructed where those would go.

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In the Spring Salon a Sony DCR-DVD610 along with a Sony Full Spectrum HDR-CX160 with a wide angle lens were placed on opposite sides of the room. This Salon is a banquet hall with a bar immediately to one’s left and a wooden dance floor. Because of its size it was appropriate to use two camera’s facing one another to capture the full space of the room.

The Summer Salon is slightly smaller than the Spring Salon and does not have a bar but does have a wooden dance floor. It is still quite large and it was decided that two camera’s would be beneficial in this Salon as well. A Sony Full Spectrum HDR-CX160 with wide angle lens and Sony HDR-XR200V with wide angle lens were placed on the same side of the room but in separate corners to capture the space.

The Autumn Salon is upstairs from the other Salons and this room is not quite as large as the Spring and Summer Salons. It does have skylights that were not covered so some light was able to come into this room. One camera would suffice for this room so a Sony HDR-SR10 with wide angle lens was placed in this room aiming toward the doors that lead onto the balcony outside of this room.

The Winter Salon is more of a bar with a seating area. It is also the room you walk into from the elevator or the stair case. A Sony DCR-SR80 with wide angle lens was placed onto the far end of the seating area covering the seating area, bar and elevator.

Noah then asked Tony to begin blacking out the rest of the windows. Tony began in the Spring Salon and then darkened the Autumn Salon. Missy and Jann helped Noah place Zoom H1 audio recorders in the Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter Salons and a Zoom H2 audio recorder on the stairs leading into the Winter Salon.

Dataloggers that collect temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure were placed in both the Spring Salon and the Winter Salon (on the bar). A PIM Pump was also placed on the bar in the Winter Salon along with a bottle of Whiskey, a Cigar with matches, playing cards, and some play money as trigger objects. Trigger objects are objects that are used to try and elicit a response from anything that might be present. Items are selected based on the history or reported activity of a location.

A geophone was placed on the dance floor in the Spring Salon because of a claim of having seen and heard dancing on that dance floor. A touch flashlight was also placed in the Spring Salon.

In the Autumn Salon a PIM Pod was placed on one of the tables along with a Mel-8704REM/ATDD/SDD which is a single-axis EMF detector equipped with temperature and shadow detection capabilities. In the Autumn Salon there are claims of a lady that walks around in that room and onto the balcony outside of this room. Also placed in the Autumn Salon were some trigger objects; play money, a bullet, dice, playing cards, and a bible. These were chosen because it is claimed that this room was formerly Al Capone’s personal suite back when it was frequently visited by the Chicago mafia. The Bible was chosen because it is claimed that a woman killed herself by jumping off the balcony outside of this room.

After all this was placed, Noah asked Missy to help Tony continue with blacking out windows and covering up lights in the Salon’s. Noah checked camera placements and began setting up IR lights and turning off lights.

Jann finished up with her Baseline readings and took outside weather conditions using the Kestrel 3500 weather station.

By 7:15 pm everything was set up. All equipment was turned on and the group left to go down to The Boundary Waters Sports Bar and Grill in the Resort to eat before beginning that night’s investigation. While in the Bar and Grill the group took note that Karaoke was being set up for the night’s entertainment for the guests of the Resort. After eating it was time to head back up to the 3rd Floor to begin investigating.

Claims of Activity

  • Apparitions of a female and male have been seen in several parts of the building
  • A worker had been touched while in the elevator
  • A worker heard his name being called
  • A rocking chair on a front-enclosed porch area was seen rocking back and forth at 3:00 am
  • Guests have reported seeing shadows in their rooms in the hotel portion of the resort
  • The paper towel dispensers in the Ladies Bathroom on the 1st Floor of the older part of the resort have been reported to go off simultaneously for no reason
  • A water faucet in the Gents Bathroom turned on by itself in the older part of the resort


Autumn Salon – 8:34 pm

By 8:34 pm Noah, Jann, Tony and Missy were well fed and back up to the Autumn Salon to start the night’s investigation. The group spread out and observed five minutes of control silence. It was quickly realized by everyone that the noise coming from the bar downstairs was very loud.

At 8:50 pm an EVP session began. Noah started out by introducing the group and stating that we were invited there by the owner to try and communicate with anyone that would like to communicate with us. The EVP session lasted until 9:14 pm but all the noises that could be heard were coming from the bar downstairs. No observable responses were noted and it was decided to move to the Summer Salon where hopefully it would be quieter.

END TIME: 9:14 pm

Summer Salon – 9:17 pm

At 9:17 pm the group settled themselves around the Summer Salon. This is a much bigger room and noticeably more quiet. It is farther away from the downstairs bar than the Autumn Salon. The group observed five minutes of control silence before beginning another EVP session.

At 9:22 pm EVP session began. This EVP session lasted until 9:52 pm with no apparent activity.

At this time the group stopped for a quick break to have an energy drink. Noah also did a quick sweep of the Spring Salon with his FLIR E40bx Thermal Imaging Camera to check for bats as during the first investigation done by PIM bats were discovered in the Spring Salon. Nothing was detected during this sweep.

END TIME: 9:52 pm

Spring Salon – 10:23 pm

All group members went to the Spring Salon and spread out to do an EVP session. Again five minutes of control silence were observed. The Spring Salon is situated closest to the bar below. Noise contamination was still an issue at this point as the bar was still very busy. The group did try to conduct an EVP session but no audible responses were heard.

At 11:32 pm Noah saw a shadow block light in front of the window at the far end of the Salon. It was not determined where that shadow came from. The group tried to communicate but at 11:44 pm it was decided to wrap up this EVP session. Noah stated that the battery in the shadow detector located in the Autumn Salon would need to be changed. He and Tony took care of that and Missy and Jann went to wait in the Winter Salon.

END TIME: 11:44 pm

At that time the night time custodian came into the Winter Salon and asked if she could do a paranormal tour of that section on the Hotel, which she often does, at midnight. The group agreed that she could. So the group took a break until 12:54 am.

Autumn Salon – 12:54 am

After the break it was decided to revisit the Autumn Salon. This time the group tried a different approach and did a passive investigation. This means the equipment was recording and the investigators were paying close attention but talking in a passive manor to try and capture any activity. The group investigated in this area until 1:25 am. There was no noted activity during this session. It was then decided to investigate the Winter Salon.

END TIME: 1:25 am

Winter Salon – 1:27 am

The Winter Salon is much smaller than the other three rooms so Missy and Noah sat at the bar and Tony and Jann sat in the small seating area. They observed five minutes of control silence and all was pretty quiet. A short EVP session was conducted but no activity was noted during this time. It was decided that the group should venture downstairs to investigate areas on the main floor where there have been other claims of activity.

END TIME: 1:54 am

Women’s Locker Room/Men’s Locker Room – 2:03 am

As the group was getting off the elevator on the Main Floor the owner of the Four Seasons informed them that one night at closing time, he and the night custodian were walking by the Woman’s Locker Room and the very heavy door leading into it opened and closed by itself. Then the night custodian told the group that she feels very uneasy in the general area of the Men’s and Woman’s Locker Room. One particular night she was cleaning the handicap bathroom stall in the Men’s Locker Room when she began to feel as though someone was standing behind her. She turned around and saw a dark shadow behind her and it disappeared seconds later. Both of these rooms have only one way in and do not have windows.

It was then decided to first investigate the Woman’s Locker Room. They tried to debunk the door opening and closing on its own but there didn’t seem to be any way to make it happen. The group spread out around the Locker Room and tried an EVP session. The downstairs bar was just around the corner from the locker room so the audio from this session is very contaminated with outside noises. No audible responses were heard or recorded from this EVP session. It was then decided at 2:11 am to check out the Men’s Locker Room.

They entered the locker room and Missy began to do an EMF sweep of the area. The EMF is low in this area except for near the Handicap Stall. In the Handicap Stall it was ranging around 15 mG. It is theorized that some people may be more sensitive to high EMF causing them headaches, hallucinations, feeling nervous and or uneasy, and in some cases even sick to their stomach. PIM notes that this will only occur when certain frequencies of EMF are experienced and simply measuring high levels of EMF may not explain the phenomena reported. As such we cannot be certain this is the cause for the uneasy feeling or the black shadow but it is a possibility.

The bathroom stall is on an outside wall so the group went out to the hallway to see if there was anything on the wall that could be causing the high EMF. In the area of that stall there is a reading of over 65 mG which is quite high.

The group then went back into the locker room to do a short EVP session. Since the music from the bar was so loud they decided to leave this area at 2:26 am and go to Lillie’s Ice Cream Parlor on the other side of the Resort.

END TIME: 2:26 am

Lillie’s Ice Cream Parlor – 2:28 am

In the Ice Cream Parlor there are reports of the juke box turning on by itself and the last time PIM visited the resort an EVP was caught in this area. It seemed to be a female or child voice but unfortunately what the voice was saying could not be determined.

The group arrived at 2:28 am and spread out around The Parlor. Five minutes of control silence was observed. It was much quieter in this area of the resort.

An EVP session began at 2:33 am. They tried to communicate with whoever created the EVP the last time they were there but nobody responded. The group also asked if anyone was able to turn on the juke box. The machine did not turn on at any point during this EVP session.

Since there was no activity at the Ice Cream Parlor it was decided to move on to The Porch where the rocking chair has been observed rocking on its own.

END TIME: 2:45 am

Porch – 2:53 am

The rocking chair that is seen rocking on its own is located in the enclosed porch in the front of The Resort. So the group decided to find the chair and investigate in that area. They were also informed that a woman, which the employees have named Laura, has been seen in this area as well, always around 3:00 am.

At 2:53 am the group spread out around the expansive porch area. Shortly after starting both Jann and Missy heard a female voice but it was determined that it was someone in the downstairs bar.

The group then began an EVP session. It was now very quiet in this area. The group tried very hard to communicate with “Laura” or anyone else that would be willing to communicate with them but no audible responses could be heard and the rocking chair never moved. A group of people were then heard outside talking loudly. At that time the group decided to move on to the Main Floor Bar to try an EVP session.

END TIME: 3:03 am

Main Floor Bar Area – 3:04 am

The group decided to do one last EVP session in the Bar Area. An apparition of a female and male have been seen in several parts of the building and voices have been heard in different parts of the main floor so it was decided to do an EVP session in here as well.

The group spread out in the bar and observed five minutes of control silence. At 3:09 am an EVP session began. This session lasted until 3:17 am with no apparent activity.

At this time the group decided to go back to the 3rd Floor, collect their equipment, and end the investigation for the night.


No evidence was captured during the investigation.

The Four Seasons Resort is a beautiful place with breath taking views of the Menominee River. It is a very luxurious vacation spot with rich history and many reports of paranormal activity. The claims are very playful making this place perfect for holding public investigations as well as a private investigation.

It is somewhat difficult to control the noise contamination from the downstairs bar and unfortunately we were not able to get any evidence during either the public or private investigations.

This was PIM’s third time investigating this location and again had a fantastic time. The food and accommodations were wonderful. PIM certainly looks forward to their fourth trip for both their own investigation and public investigation as well.

PIM would like to thank Lloyd and the team at The Four Seasons Island Resort for hosting this event. We can’t wait to come back!!

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