The group arrived at the residence/bar around 10 pm – this would be the group’s second investigation at the location. They unloaded their equipment and headed up to the 2nd floor residence. Once, there, Noah and Gravy started to set up equipment while Karen did outdoor readings. She met them on the 3rd floor after she was done where the client was letting the group know what activities have happened since the previous investigation back on March 6th.

At 10:32 pm, Gravy thought he felt his shirt get pulled. He asked Karen if there were any spirits up there with them, and she stated there was a “male” who was following her that was behind them. No equipment was running at that time to capture any evidence of it happening. This is considered to be a personal experience.

Karen then headed down to the 2nd floor at 10:45 pm to grab some equipment to do baseline electromagnetic field (EMF), temperature and sensitive readings. Gravy would then take baseline photographs. All residents from the 2nd and 3rd floors would leave shortly after so the group could investigate.

Once all equipment was set up on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building, the group headed down to the bar level to do baseline readings as well as to see if there were any locations they should place equipment.

The owner of the bar was there at the time, and let the group know he never experienced anything in the bar or basement – only heard footsteps on the floor above him when no one was living up there at the time. He did mention some of his female bartenders reported seeing an older woman in the back northwest corner of the basement. Although Karen didn’t pick up on any spirits on either the bar level or basement, the group set up a video camera pointing toward that corner.

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All equipment was fully set up at 12:37 am, and the investigation was ready to begin.


Beginning the night’s investigation on the 2nd floor, Noah was in the Living Room, Gravy the Son’s Room and Karen was in the Master Bedroom. They started the session at 12:44 am – taking five minutes for observational silence.

After controlled silence was established, the group started an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session to see if they could contact any of the spirits Karen felt earlier in the evening. No unusual noises were noted at that time, and no personal experiences were had.

At 1:11 am, one of Karen’s voice recorder’s batteries needed to be replaced, and the group took that opportunity to end the EVP session.

Once the batteries were replaced, the group headed up to the 3rd floor. All group members spread out in the space with Gravy by the bar, Karen by the middle bed and Noah by the bed in the front of the building. They started the session at 1:14 am with five minutes of controlled silence.

When the controlled silence was completed, the group once again tried and conducted an EVP session. No activities occurred during that time, but it was noted that voices could be heard from outside as the clients returned earlier than expected. However they remained outside during the rest of the investigation.

The group then concluded this EVP session at 2 am and headed back to the 2nd floor.

Deciding to take a break while actively investigating, all group members sat in the living room. They did an EVP session for about 15-20 minutes before taking a break and carried on with normal conversation to see if it would cause any activity to pick up. No activities occurred at that time, and the group concluded the session at 3:35 am.

To end the evening investigation, the group headed back up to the 3rd floor at 3:37 am. The group spread out once again with Karen at the bar and Noah and Gravy over by the bed near the front of the building. The group conducted an EVP session in the hopes that any of the spirits in the building would act out or do anything. No activities occurred, and the group wrapped up the investigation at 3:50 am.

All members gathered their equipment and packed up. They called the client to let them know they were done for the night and would open the back door to let them in. After the group brought all of their equipment down, they spoke with the client about how things went.

They left the location at 4:20 am.


This investigation allowed PIM to conduct a more thorough investigation than was done previously. Unfortunately, PIM was not able to document any evidence of paranormal activity during their investigation. Based on the claims of activity, PIM believes that much of it may be residual in nature. This means that the activity doesn’t have any intelligence and is just energy that is trapped in the location and can’t be interacted with. This would explain the lack of evidence that was gathered. That being said, there are some claims that sound intelligent in nature, which can yield evidence when interaction is attempted. Further investigation would need to be conducted to try and flesh out what is going on at this location. PIM would like to thank the clients for allowing us total access to their home during the investigation on short notice, and to the owner of the building for closing down the business early so we could have a controlled environment for the investigation.

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