All group members arrived at the location at 7 pm. Once the owner opened the back door for them, they unloaded their equipment and brought it into the building.

After talking with the owner about any new activities that may have occurred in the building, Noah gave Gravy a tour of the building as he wasn’t there on PIM’s prior investigation – the owner would leave at that time. Karen then started to do outdoor readings. Once she was done with that, she started to document her sensitive impressions along with baseline electromagnetic field and temperature readings.

Once the tour was done, Gravy left to grab some supplies for the night’s investigation quickly, while Noah started to set up some of his equipment for the night’s investigation. When Karen was done with her readings, she and Gravy helped to set up equipment for the night’s investigation.

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At 9:54 pm, all equipment was set up and the group took a mini break before starting the night’s investigation.


10:16 pm – 1st Floor

The group decided to start the investigation on the 1st Floor with Gravy sitting in the Dining Room, Noah by the Dining Room area nearest the Bar with Karen sitting at the Bar. After sitting in silence for five minutes to observe the building’s normal sounds, the group started an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session.

Per Gravy’s suggestion, Noah brought out a plasma ball to see if any spirits would interact with it – it was placed on the bar. A plasma ball is a battery operated device that produces plasma from a diode in the middle of a plastic ball. Anything that gets close to the outside of the ball attracts the plasma to it and anything that touches the ball causes the plasma to intensify in luminosity. This can be used to try and communicate with any spirits in the building.

During this time, Karen also picked up on a “male” who was in the Kitchen who didn’t want the group to go to the 2nd Floor. After trying to make contact with the “male”, the group moved the plasma ball into the Kitchen to see if “he” would interact with it.

After no activities occurred, the group decided to take a break at 10:51 pm and headed outside for some air as it was very hot inside.

11:21 pm – 2nd Floor

After taking their break, the group headed to the 2nd Floor to see if they would be able to interact with any of the spirits that were possibly up there. Noah sat on the couch outside of the Master Bedroom; Gravy was in the Massage Room while Karen sat at the top of the stairs.

The group took five minutes to observe the normal noises of the building. The group then started an EVP session.

No activities occurred during this time, and the group concluded the session at 11:54 pm.

12:42 am – Basement

The group then headed to the Basement hoping to contact any spirits of the building that wanted to communicate. All of the members spread out in the main portion of the Basement.

No activities occurred during this EVP session, and the group headed back upstairs at 1:17 am.

Karen then left early for the night as she had other responsibilities to take care of early in the morning. She packed up her equipment and left the location at 1:30 am.

After Karen left, Noah and Gravy walked around the 1st Floor and Kitchen to get a feel for the place once the only woman left. Not hearing or seeing anything out of the ordinary, they decided to do one last EVP session.

1:45 am – 1st Floor

Noah sat at a table by the wall dividing the Bar and Dining Room seating areas while Gravy sat at a table in the back of the Dining Room. An EVP session was conducted in an attempt to interact with any spirits present. Unfortunately, nothing happened during this time, and it was decided to wrap the investigation.

Noah and Gravy went around and returned the building to how it was before PIM arrived. Noah then called the owner so she could come back. Noah and Gravy packed up their equipment and left On the Right Track at 2:45 am.


It was great to be able to come back to On the Right Track for another investigation. The owner was wonderful in allowing us full access to the building. This investigation was not as eventful as the first one and unfortunately after going over the evidence we were not able to come up with any concrete proof of the paranormal. However, PIM would love the opportunity to return to On the Right Track again in the future to continue gathering a body of evidence on the location. PIM wants to thank Gloria, the owner, for her hospitality and willingness to allow us to investigate her building.

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