The team arrived at 8:25 pm and were met outside by the client. PIM began their control H1 Zoom recorders at 8:35 pm. A brief walkthrough of the location was given by the client.

At the bar was a bartender that works at the location. She gave a description of her experiences including shadow people seen while working at the bar and a general feeling of dread while in the Basement. Also described was a “heavy” feeling while in the Basement. Shortly after, the bartender left and the client closed the business and locked the door for the night. Client went on to describe her experiences.

At 8:56 pm PIM investigator Gravy was standing by the bar facing the client who was in front of a framed picture. Gravy saw a shape in a reflection move across the glass in the frame. PIM determined this was the result of the client moving her hand and the angle Gravy was facing and not paranormal.

Client went outside to the back patio to wait while PIM did their investigation. PIM began equipment setup.

Every member of PIM was equipped with a Zoom H1 digital audio recorder, as a control recorder, and is on themselves everywhere they go. Control recorders are started and time stamped prior to all other equipment being started and time stamped. They are also the last piece of equipment to be turned off. Control recorders are not only used as another recording device but also to discriminate the sound contamination that an investigator might create during an investigation. All recorders, including control recorders, are also placed in a Faraday cage. PIM’s main goal in using these is to block radio signals from interfering with their audio recorders thus causing false EVPs. Time stamps, from a designated atomic watch, are used as a point of reference and make cross referencing easier during evidence review.

Along with control records and a UV flashlight, every PIM member is required to be equipped with an Extech RHT50 data logger. The Extech data logger measures humidity, temperature and barometric pressure at one minute intervals. This device allows us to graph these changes and compare data to other devices that might have measured or recorded an event. They are not only carried on each person but placed throughout a location as well.

Chris and Gravy took outside weather conditions and baseline readings. Baseline EMF (electromagnetic field) readings and indoor temperatures were taken with a single-axis EMF MEL-8704R. A Kestrel 3500 weather station was used for outdoor weather conditions.

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PIM uses trigger objects which are placed in front of a camera equipped with night vision. Trigger objects are miscellaneous items that are strategically chosen in hopes to invoke a response. It is thought that some trigger objects such as religious or other items entities had a connection to in life may garner a response. Items could be moved or an entity could manifest itself nearby.

For this investigation, PIM placed a rosary, Bible, crucifix, bullet, poker cards, cigarette, cigar, booze, and harmonica on the pool table. PIM member Chris also placed a cue ball on the pool table directly on the break dot. A Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum camera was placed to record the pool table along with an EM pump. The EM pump emits multiple frequencies of EMF and goes with the theory that entities use the energy emitted to manifest or manipulate objects. A Zoom H1 audio recorder was also placed on the bar.

In the Suicide Room in the Basement, a Ghost Pro full spectrum camera was placed covering the doorway along with a Zoom H1 audio recorder placed on the counter on the Southwestern wall.

Gravy also had a touch flashlight on his person to be used throughout the investigation. The touch flashlight, which is activated by two contacts being touched, thus, closing a circuit and turning the light on, was also placed on the round table with the trigger objects. The touch flashlight is used in lieu of a flashlight that has had the battery compartment or on/off switch manipulated to function in a way that is not intended and as a result, can create false positives.

Claims of Actvitiy

  • Electrical anomalies reported in the bar area. Electrician could find no faulty wiring. Loud crashes and booms have been heard in the unoccupied Attic.
  • Dart Machine comes unplugged reportedly unassisted
  • Strange knocks and noises heard in the building
  • Shadow figures observed both in the corner of the eye and straight on
  • Client heard a disembodied voice say “earthquake” friend had just been in an earthquake
  • Customers of the business claim to have “weird feelings”
  • Water faucet in wash area turns on and off by itself
  • Client was touched between the shoulder blades while in the Basement
  • Basement feels “strange” altogether
  • Reportedly a prior owner committed suicide in Basement by hanging
  • Client hears a word then, a life event happens pertaining to that word
  • Clock at the bar stopped at 2:17, the exact time a friend died


Basement Suicide Room – 10:31 pm

Andy, Chris and Gravy set up in the Basement Suicide Room this is the room it is claimed a previous owner hung himself due to poor finances. Andy was located in the Southeast corner, Chris was in the South corner and Gravy was located in the western wall area by the door. Next control silence was observed. Control silence is the practice of sitting quietly and getting accustomed to the normal sounds of the building structure. It allows for investigators to get a baseline of normal building sounds. After noting any noises heard during control silence, the team started an EVP session. Gravy placed his touch flashlight on a box in front of him and explained how it worked.

At 11:00 pm, Andy heard a noise that was determined to me a rodent in the room. There was no response or other activity so, the crew moved to another location.

END TIME: 11:05 pm

Main Bar Area – 11:07 pm

The group moved downstairs to the Main Bar Area and spread out. The team then, began control silence that lasted several minutes. There was a sound of a rattling freezer and humming machines in the bar area.

Gravy again explained his touch flashlight and placed it on the bar.

Gravy then heard a sound in the kitchen that sounded like water spraying. This was determined to be machinery kicking in. This could also be a possible explanation to the claim of water being heard spraying in the kitchen. The ice machine was also found to be leaking water into a back, unused room in the Basement. The leak was substantial, however unlikely related to the water running sound.

In the dark, Gravy did notice a colored light that was determined to be a reflection of a dart machine. After an otherwise uneventful session, the group wrapped up in the bar area and decided to head up to the 2nd Floor.

END TIME: 11:37 pm

2nd Floor Office area – 11:54 pm

PIM then moved upstairs to the apartment area that is currently being used by the client as an office. There were no substantial claims in this area but PIM decided to do an EVP session.

PIM spread out with a Chris, Gravy and Andy claiming a room for themselves. At 11:54 pm, PIM conducted control silence. After several minutes, they began the EVP session.

At 12:02 am, Gravy heard a loud pounding sound downstairs and went to investigate. Gravy did not find a source for the noise. However, the client may have been getting a drink.

No further activity occurred and the group decided to head to the Basement Suicide Room once more.

END TIME: 12:26 am

Basement Suicide Room – 12:31 am

The group situated themselves in the same area as before. Control silence was conducted again and at 12:31 am, PIM conducted another EVP session.

No activity occurred and the team decided to return to the 1st Floor for one last session.

END TIME: 12:59 am

For the last session, the client asked if she could be a part of the investigation. While clients are usually not part of an investigation, an exception was made in this instance.

Main Bar Area – 1:05 am

The session began with control silence. The client noted the bar has never felt as ’empty’ as it did when PIM was there. During the course of this session, the client reported the hair on her arms stood up, the hair on her head was pulled and she felt a general tightness in her chest. The client also said if a candle was placed on the bar, the flame would flicker when certain things were said, as if to respond.

PIM decided to test this and allowed the client to place a candle on the bar.

It should also be noted that the client asked PIM to remove some of the religious trigger items from the pool table. No immediate reason was given for this request. The Bible, rosary and crucifix were removed. These items are not meant to offend but rather to invoke a response from any entity that may be residing in the building. PIM has members of many religions and these are used purely for scientific reasons.

While the candle was burning, the flame did flicker. There could be numerous reasons a candle flickers, one possible explanation could be that the breakdown of the wick or inconsistencies in the paraffin (wax) disrupts the burning of the paraffin, causing a disruption to the flame. Although there were no noted moving air currents caused by an HVAC system, even in a closed environment air does move which could also cause the candle to flicker.

The client then stated that she heard a “giggle” while the flame flickered. Unfortunately this was not captured on audio.

No other activity occurred during this session and it was decided to end the investigation.


PIM was unable to capture any evidence of paranormal activity at this location. However, one investigation cannot be conclusive. With that said, PIM did note some things that might help explain some of the claims of activity at this location.

First, the dart machine getting unplugged. PIM checked the plug and it was a tight fitting outlet so vibration could not be a cause of this claim. However, there is a sign that said “Do Not Unplug”, which may result in patrons noticing and then unplugging the machine as a joke. The only real way to find out would be to have video surveillance of the area and the next time the machine is found to be unplugged check the video. PIM would suggest an outlet cover box that would remove this possibility.

The other thing that was noticed during PIM’s investigation was the extremely high EMF that was measured in the Basement. Normal EMF readings should be 1.0 mG (milliGauss) or less. Readings of up to 40 mG were noted in certain areas of the Basement. There has been some research showing that certain frequencies of EMF can cause some people to hallucinate. Since the Basement is an area that seems to have more claims than others, once possible explanation is the level of EMF that people are exposed to when in the Basement.

In closing, PIM was happy to have had the opportunity to investigate this location. We would like to stress that even if paranormal activity is occurring at this location, that it is not trying to hurt anyone and there should not be worry of that occurring.

PIM would like to thank the client and owner for allowing us access to this property. We would be happy to help and assist the client going forward if continued activity is experienced.

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