Mary and Tony got up at 8:00 am to leave to head back to Milwaukee. Eric and Noah got up at 8:30 am and started reviewing evidence from the previous night’s investigation.

Eric and Noah reviewed evidence from the previous night’s investigation until 11:45 am. The female client got up at around 9:00 am to do laundry and other household chores. At 12:00 pm, Noah and Eric walked to a local restaurant to get some lunch. They returned to the residence at 12:50 pm where they saw the female client preparing to leave to run errands with a neighbor.

Noah and Eric continued evidence review at 1:15 pm and would continue doing so until Karen and Gravy would arrive, which they did around 4:30 pm.

After they unloaded the vehicle, Karen went around and did sensitive readings of the home, while Gravy documented the outside conditions for the night’s investigation. He then went around and did baseline photos of the house. Per Noah’s request, Karen and Gravy set up their equipment in the same spots Tony and Mary’s were the night before.

After they were done with that, Noah and Eric worked on more audio from the prior night’s investigation. They then took a dinner break as the clients made dinner for the group.

Deciding to head up to the local gas station, the group started their audio recorders and left at 7:50 pm while the clients were getting ready to head into town for a little bit. When the group arrived back at 8:00 pm, they finished getting their equipment ready for the night’s investigation.


At 8:19 pm, the group went into the Son’s Bedroom on the 2nd Floor to see if they could recreate the appearance of a shadow that appeared on camera the night before. It was thought something blocked the IR light that was located on the floor. The group was able to replicate the same affect, but no one was in the room the night before when it was captured.

Beginning the night’s investigation, all group members spread out throughout the 2nd Floor with Karen in the Roommates’ Room, Noah in the Master Bedroom, Gravy on the Stairs and Eric in the Son’s Bedroom. The group started to investigate in silence starting at 8:25 pm and started an EVP session at 8:32 pm.

At 8:35 pm, Karen thought she heard a whisper while Eric was talking. Shortly after that at 8:43 pm, Noah thought he saw a light over by the Master Bedroom closet. Two minutes later, Gravy thought he heard voices talking from downstairs, but none of these voices were picked up on any of the audio recorders.

The group wrapped up the session at 8:53 pm, and had Karen see if she could provoke the negative spirit in the Attic. She stood on a ladder while Eric stood by to make sure she didn’t fall. Noah had to excuse himself for a short while, and Gravy went to the 1st Floor with him. While asking the spirit questions, Karen felt no reaction from him, but she did mention at one point she thought she felt two hands lightly touch her back. She wasn’t sure if it was trying to push her or if it was her imagination playing tricks on her.

Karen and Gravy then switched spots as he attempted to provoke the negative spirit. Again, no activities or reaction occurred and they ended the session at 9:12 pm.

The entire group then headed to the basement at 9:15 pm. Eric sat on the stairs while Gravy sat in the Laundry Room. Noah was in the Daughter’s Bedroom, while Karen was in the Son’s Bedroom. Eric had to excuse himself for a moment while the group conducted an EVP session. The group tried to use a toy that was in the Son’s Bedroom to see if any spirits could move it.

No activities occurred during this time, even after Eric returned, so the group headed to the 1st Floor at 9:32 pm to conduct an EVP session before the clients returned to the house. Both Eric and Noah sat in the Living Room, while Karen was in the Foyer and Gravy was in the Kitchen.

While conducting the EVP session, Gravy thought he saw a light about a foot off the ground shoot from one spot of the Kitchen to another around 9:34 pm. No camera was in view of the area at that time.

The clients then returned to the house at 9:46 pm, and everyone went outside for a bit to talk.

Deciding to investigate the Crawl Space located just under the house, the group grabbed a candy bar to use as a trigger object to see if the gentleman Karen picked up under there (who she felt was locked in there without food for a while) would react. The clients then headed into the house and into the Master Bedroom to conduct an EVP session of their own.

The group went into the space at around 10:00 pm, and spread out. While trying to conduct an EVP session, the group tried to use the candy bar and an empty can, to see if the spirit there could move them. No activities occurred during this session, and the group concluded at 10:20 pm.

After going back inside, the group took a mini break, and then headed back upstairs to investigate further at 10:28 pm. Noah was in the Hallway, while Eric and the clients were in the Master Bedroom, with Gravy in the Roommates’ Room and Karen in the Son’s Bedroom. Karen felt the presence of a boy who was in the Son’s Room, so the group tried contacting him.

No activities occurred during the group’s EVP session, and everyone but the male client went downstairs to take a break at 10:43 pm.

Deciding to go back to the basement, the group and the female client spread out throughout the space at 11:13 pm with Karen on the stairs, Noah in the Left Bedroom, the client in the Front Bedroom and Gravy and Eric in the Laundry Room.

While conducting an EVP session, several of the group members heard what sounded like a voice or a high pitched noise at 11:27 pm (see Evidence). Karen did sense at one point that the negative male from the Attic came downstairs and was standing by her. She noted he would leave shortly after she picked up on him.

No other activities occurred during this time, and the group went back upstairs at 11:47 pm to take another break.

As the group headed back upstairs at 11:13 pm, Eric, Karen and Gravy, along with the clients, were in the Master Bedroom while Noah was in the Roommates’ Room. While conducting an EVP session, at one point Karen became extremely weak and felt dizzy. She wasn’t sure if it was from the energy drink she had a few hours ago or if it was the negative male trying to affect her.

Noah decided to bring out his DAS RT-EVP recorder that has a Frank’s Box option on it to see if the group would be able to have a “live” EVP session to see if they could contact any of the spirits of the house.

NOTE: A “Frank’s Box” is a device that is set up to run through radio stations at half a second each. It is theorized that spirits are able to use these radio waves to speak words through the box which can be heard as full words or sentences.

They tried the first session with Noah listening, but there weren’t any responses he said that were in relation to the questions the group members were asking. He and Karen would switch at 12:47 am, but again, none of the things she said matched up with what the group was asking. The group concluded this part of the investigation at 12:57 am.

The group then took a longer break from 1:00 to 2:17am. The group then headed back upstairs to the Son’s Bedroom at that point to try an experiment by recording an EVP session, and then replaying the session to see if the difference in sound and possibly frequency would have an impact.

No activities occurred at that time, and the group concluded the session at 3:08 am.

Deciding to try to do an EVP session in the hallway by the Stairs, the group asked questions and carried on with casual conversation from 3:10 to 3:40 am. No activities occurred during this time.

The group then decided to wrap up the night’s investigation. Noah and Eric would sleep in the Living Room, Karen was in the Son’s 2nd Floor Bedroom and Gravy was in the Roommates’ Room.

The group woke up around 8 am, packed up and left at 8:45 am to head back to Milwaukee.


While watching this video, keep an eye on the large bucket that is sitting on the bed. A few seconds in, something inside of that bucket appears to be pulled down.

Basement – 11:27 pm

A child’s voice can be heard in this clip amidst the investigators speaking

Basement – 11:27 pm

The same child’s voice, from a different recorder

Foyer – 1:36 am

A very deep hum can be heard

Bedroom – 1:47 am

A knock can be heard in response to a question

Kitchen – 1:46 am

A knocking noise can be heard after Noah completes his question

Kitchen – 1:54 am

A noise can be heard responding to Noah’s question

Living Room – 10:53 pm

A voice can be heard mocking an investigator referring to someone as a “jackass”

Living Room

A whisper can be heard between investigators speaking

Master Bedroom – 2:29 am

A child’s voice can be made out between investigators speaking



This investigation was the second investigation PIM conducted at this residence. It was important to PIM that another investigation be conducted since many experiences were reported after our initial investigation in November 2010, and the group wanted to see if some answers could be found. Although no major events occurred during the investigation, both video and audio evidence was captured. There does seem to be something going on at this residence, though exactly what is not known. PIM does think the temperature changes and shadows noted by the client could be explained and should not be read into too much. PIM is committed to helping this family with any future problems and is encouraged by what was found during the most recent investigation.

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