The group arrived at the location at 7:00 pm along with the students who would be participating in the investigation. The group brought equipment into the science classroom which would be used throughout the night as a basecamp.

Noah informed the group that the following areas would be investigated: Gym, Auditorium (2nd Floor), Basement, 3rd Floor Hallway, and 3rd Floor classroom 300. The group unpacked equipment and placed it in the desired areas. Students took outside weather conditions and indoor baseline EMF and temperature conditions.

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Once equipment was set up, the class was split into two groups and assigned to investigators. Noah took a few minutes and answered some questions from his class, and at 8:40 pm the groups split up and began the investigation.

Claims of Activity

  • A woman’s voice has been heard in the Basement
  • A shadow figure has been seen sitting in the Auditorium seats and someone has also been touched while on the Stage
  • Footsteps have been heard on the 1st Floor and in the Attic
  • A computer on the 3rd Floor went on and off by itself at the same time someone heard footsteps
  • A custodian has heard doors to the Cafeteria open on their own when no one else is in the building


3rd Floor – 8:47 pm

Group 1 – The group spread out on the 3rd Floor in the hallway. Two students sat in Room 300 where it has been reported that a computer has turned on and off by itself. Five minutes of silence were observed so the group could make note of ambient noises. At 8:51 pm, an EVP session was started by Noah introducing us and stating that we were not there to hurt anyone or to make them leave, but merely to try to communicate.

The EVP session was conducted in this area during which a knock was heard as were two low thuds. These noises were not in response to any questions. At 8:56 pm, Noah asked if anyone was able to finish a familiar pattern of knocks and received no response. The EVP session ended at 9:10 pm, and there were no audible responses heard or recorded during the first group’s investigation of the 3rd Floor.

Prior to moving to another area, Noah demonstrated the FLIR thermal imaging camera for his class. He pointed out that it is easy to get false positive hits while using the camera if the user isn’t aware of how body heat can be reflected in shiny surfaces. The group then moved to the Auditorium.

END TIME: 9:10 pm>

Auditorium – 9:20 pm

Group 1 – Everyone took seats in the Auditorium except for Noah who was seated on the Stage. The class held an EVP session in the Auditorium during which Noah used a modified inductive amplifier. This piece of equipment is used by telephone companies to detect wires within the walls and essentially converts sound into EMF. In paranormal investigation it is modified by increasing the gain to make the output noise louder. The theory is that since it can convert EMF to sound, it might be able to pick up voices that are generated using EMF. Also, the Zoom H1 recorder that was on the stage was equipped with a Raudive Diode which makes it sensitive to EMF.

An EVP session was held until 9:45 pm. Noah noted seeing the emergency lights flicker; however this was not captured on camera. At the same time, Noah noticed the emergency lights flickering, there was the sound of three taps that came from the middle section of seats near where one of the students was sitting. The student sitting in the area where the noises are believed to have come from stated she could feel the taps on the back of her seat. Unfortunately, the sounds were not captured and no other activity was witnessed concurrently so this will remain a personal experience rather than being deemed evidence.

No audio or video evidence was captured during this portion of the investigation. At this point all groups gathered at the basecamp area for a break.

END TIME: 9:47 pm

Basement – 8:44 pm

Group 2 – The group spread out in the basement area and at 8:46 pm they remained silent for five minutes to take note of ambient noises. During this time Gravy heard what sounded like footsteps near where he was seated. At 8:51 pm, noises resembling footsteps were heard from above.

Group 2 began an EVP session at 8:51 pm that ran until 9:47 pm. During the session at 9:02 pm, a student heard what he described as footsteps near the stairway. At 9:08 pm the same student stated he heard shifting noises and at 9:25 pm he believed he heard the voice of a male child.

At 9:27 pm the group heard a dull thud from the stairway, and at 9:28 pm John and Marc heard a noise coming from the area between them. There were many noises noted during this part of the investigation, however, none of the noises noted were in response to questions asked during the EVP session, and no evidence was captured on audio recorders.

The group joined Group 1 in the basecamp area for a break.

END TIME: 9:47 pm

Basement – 10:05 pm

Group 1 – The group was seated throughout the Basement with Noah on the steps. There was five minutes of silence so ambient noises could be noted. During this time a noise like metal being dragged was heard by several of the group. This noise was not determined to be paranormal but mechanical in nature.

At 10:10 pm an EVP session was started. At 10:20 pm some members of the group stated they heard a noise that sounded like a snore. Noah asked if it was anyone in the group; no one came forward to tag the noise. At this time Noah began to inquire about the female voice that had been heard in this area on a previous investigation. At 10:35 pm Andy and Noah went outside to test whether it is possible that the voice was from outside. The group could hear them talking, but one of the members who was in the Basement when the female voice was heard said that it was much clearer than Noah and Andy sounded when they were outside.

Andy and Noah returned to the Basement at 10:42 pm. Noah took the camera from the Basement at this time as the battery was dead. The group then moved to the Gym.

END TIME: 10:45 pm

Auditorium – 10:02 pm

Group 2 was seated throughout the Auditorium and had a period of silence from 10:05 pm until 10:08 pm. At 10:08 pm and EVP session was started. At 10:10 pm one of the students reported hearing a whisper that sounded like a child’s voice. This was not captured on any of the audio equipment. At 10:29 pm a student stated that he saw a shadow moving near the open door at the back of the Auditorium. Nobody else witnessed this and it was not captured on video.

At 10:42 pm a “ping” sound was heard from the back of the Auditorium, but it was determined that it was most likely the sound of a chair settling. The EVP session ended at 10:43 pm and the group decided to move to the 3rd Floor.

END TIME: 10:43 pm

Gym – 10:47 pm

Group 1 seated themselves throughout the Gym. At 10:50 pm Noah heard what sounded to him like a door closing. Andy also said he heard the sound of a door moving. They determined that the noise was coming from the Cafeteria which is next to the Gym. At 11:03 pm the group moved to the west hallway on the opposite side of the building. One of the schools custodians had reported hearing doors open and close in this area. Noah experimented by opening and closing doors to see if this would cause the other doors to move. When Noah did the experiment it did not cause the other doors to move.

Group 1 investigated in the hallway until 11:28 pm when the investigation was concluded.

END TIME: 11:28 pm

3rd Floor – 10:48 pm

Group 2 – When the group reached the 3rd Floor they spread out and had three minutes of silence. They conducted an EVP session from 10:52 pm until 11:09 pm when they moved to Room 300.

John and three of the students went inside Room 300 and the rest were seated in the hallway. At 11:17 pm an EVP session was started. At 11:19 pm, John reported hearing a creaking sound as if someone was walking. This was not captured on any audio recorders.

The group investigated the 3rd Floor until 11:29 pm when the investigation ended.

END TIME: 11:29 pm


No evidence was collected during this investigation

The class did a great job on what was for many their first investigation. There were many noises heard, but unfortunately they will remain personal experiences as no evidence was captured during the investigation.

The school has some strange claims from staff members who are in the building alone and at odd times and PIM plans on continuing to study this area to determine the nature of these claims.

PIM would like to thank Diane for allowing us access to this location and we look forward to our next investigation soon!

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