The group arrived at the location at 6:30 pm and the students arrived at approximately 7:00 pm. The group brought equipment into the Science Classroom, which was used throughout the night as a basecamp. Our group unpacked the equipment and began placing them in various locations in the school. Students took outside weather conditions and indoor baseline EMF and temperature conditions.

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After equipment was set up, the class was split into two groups and assigned to investigators.


Claims of Activity

  • A woman’s voice has been heard in the Basement
  • A shadow figure has been seen sitting in the Auditorium seats and someone has also been touched while on the Stage
  • Footsteps have been heard on the 1st Floor and in the Attic
  • A computer on the 3rd Floor went on and off by itself at the same time someone heard footsteps
  • A custodian has heard doors to the Cafeteria open on their own when no one else is in the building
  • Figures have been observed in the Health Room by students in the Suspension Room


Before investigating students were divided into two groups. The first group was lead by Noah, Tea, Diane, while the second was headed by Chris and John.


Basement – 8:46 pm

Group 1 – The group spread out in the Basement. At 9:02 pm, one of the students heard the sound of what sounded like an object shifting weight. At 9:09 pm, Noah heard a high pitch noise. They were unable to determine the source of the sounds.

No other events occurred during this session and it was ended.

END TIME: 9:20 pm

Auditorium – 8:45 PM

Group 2 – The group proceeded to various locations in the Auditorium. We observed several minutes of silence to get accustomed to the normal building sounds in that area. At 8:50 pm, John began an EVP session.

At 8:47 pm, Chris heard a “creaking” sound, which seemed to be coming from a location to his right, while he was seated in the top center row.

At 8:59 pm, our group began hearing sporadic tapping sounds, which was decided were most likely normal building sounds.

At 9:05 pm, a faint whistle sound was heard by Chris and a student from an unknown location. At 9:01 pm, a faint “shuffling” sound was heard by Chris, which seemed to be originating from the hallway, outside the Auditorium.

At 9:03 pm, one of the students heard a “snapping” noise coming from behind her, while she was seated in the Auditorium.

At 9:12 pm, Chris stated that it felt like someone had grabbed his seat and moved it slightly. All the chair seats in a row are connected to each other.

At the end of the EVP session, one of the students indicated she was feeling claustrophobic sitting in the dark and requested to be escorted out of the building so she could leave. Chris then escorted her out of the building.

END TIME: 9:21 pm

Suspension/Health Room (1st Floor) – 9:26 pm

Group 1 – At approximately 9:31 pm, Noah began an EVP session after observing five minutes of silence. During this EVP session, no unusual noises or responses were heard.

It was noted that the server room for the school was located in a room that shared a wall with the Health Room and a high EMF field was measured on the wall that the bed for the Health Room was against. This could explain any strange feelings or even shadows that may be seen by people located in the Health Room.

END TIME: 10:00 pm

3rd Floor – 9:28 pm

Group 2 – At 9:28 pm, the group spread out on the 3rd Floor and remained silent for five minutes to get acclimated to the normal sounds in that area. The group began an EVP session at 9:33 pm.

At 9:54 pm, one of the students and John heard what sounded like an object being dragged a short distance from above. We were unable to determine the cause of the noise. At 10:00 pm, both groups returned to the Science Room for a break and to discuss the investigation thus far.

END TIME: 10:00 pm

Auditorium – 10:40 pm

Group 1 – At 10:40 pm, Group 1 began an EVP session in the Auditorium after several minutes of silence. Nothing out of the ordinary was heard or experienced.

END TIME: 11:02 pm

Basement – 10:40 pm

Group 2 – After five minutes of silence, the group began an EVP session at 10:45 pm in the Basement. At 10:46 pm, one of the students heard the sound of someone breathing near her, which she stated was not caused by a member of the group.

END TIME: 11:02 pm

Computer Lab/3rd Floor Hallway – 11:07 pm

Group 1 – At 11:12 pm, Group 1 began an EVP session after five minutes of silence. During this EVP session, nothing unusual was heard or experienced by the group.

END TIME: 11:30 pm

Suspension/Health Room (1st Floor) – 11:08 pm

Group 2 began an EVP session at 11:11 pm, after three minutes of silence. While in the Health Room, no one in the group heard or experienced anything unusual.

END TIME: 11:30 pm


No evidence was captured during the investigation.

The class did an excellent job maintaining proper investigative protocol. Various noises were heard during the night, but nothing that can be conclusively classified as paranormal. No other evidence was found from this investigation. New claims of activity in the Suspension Room were investigated for the first time and will be followed up on in the future. PIM plans on continuing to investigate this building if they are allowed to do so.

PIM would like to again thank Diane for allowing us to continue to investigate this location.

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