The group arrived at 12:00 am to set up equipment in the upper floors before the bar closed. Jay showed the group to the 2nd Floor and then returned to the bar to continue serving his customers.

The group unpacked their equipment and then covered up the windows on the 2nd and 3rd Floors, and also covered up a couple holes in the floor on the 3rd Floor. The group then set up cameras and voice recorders on those levels, which was finished by 2:00 am.

The group then took a break in the 2nd Floor Living Room and talked about the investigation plan. At 2:30 am the bar closed and at 2:45 am everyone went downstairs to set up equipment in the Bar and in the Basement.

At 3:00 am everyone left the bar except for PIM. PIM then split into two groups.

Reported Activity

  • Apparition seen in the bar area near pool table
  • Footsteps heard on the 3rd Floor above owner’s bedroom


Group 1: Noah, Gravy and Eric Group 2: Tony, Mary

3rd Floor – 3:15 am

Group 1 – The group spread out on the 3rd floor with Noah in the West Room, Eric on the east side and Gravy sitting outside the West Room. The group started by having five minutes of silence to get used to the building noises. Some pops were noted but probably were due to the temperature change outside. No events occurred during the session.


Group 2 – Tony and Mary spread out in the Basement and started an EVP session. At 3:25 am a thump was heard from the 1st Floor. No reason for this was found upon evidence review. No other activities occurred during this session.

END TIME: 3:45 am

The group then decided to switch locations. Group 2 did not go to the 3rd Floor as Group 1 mistakenly went there originally (they were suppose to go to the 2nd Floor), so Group 2 went to the 2nd Floor.

Basement – 3:50 am

Group 1 – The group spread out with Gravy in the liquor room, Eric on the stairs and Noah was sitting between Gravy and Eric. The group then started an EVP session. It was difficult to hear due to the different compressors in the Basement.

At 3:55 am Eric said he heard movement on the 1st Floor. There was nothing on video to explain this. At 4:10 am both Noah and Eric reported hearing someone sigh in between them in the Basement. Unfortunately the audio recorders going did not pick up this phenomenon. No other events happened during this session.

2nd Floor – 4:16 am

Both groups then took a small break, and then went to different parts of the building.

Bar – 4:21 am

Group 1 – The group spread out throughout the Bar. Noah sat near the gaming machines, Gravy sat near the stairs to the 2nd Floor and Eric sat near the back door. After five minutes of silence the group started an EVP session. Although the group tried to get the bar glasses to move, nothing occurred during this session.

3rd Floor

Group 2 – The group spread out on the 3rd Floor with Mary in the West Room and Tony in the main area. After five minutes of silence, the group started an EVP session. At 4:43 am a woman’s voice was heard. Later analysis determined it came from the drive thru of the McDonalds next door. No other events occurred during this session.

END TIME: 4:45 am

Once again taking a quick break, the groups then switched locations.

3rd Floor – 4:53 am

Group 1 – The group once again spread out on the 3rd Floor. Eric was in the West Room, Gravy near the east end of the room and Noah was sitting outside the doorway to the West Room. After five minutes of silence the group started an EVP session. No events occurred during this session.


Group 2 – The group spread out with Tony sitting near the gaming machines and Mary sitting at the other end of the bar. The group started an EVP session and at 4:55 am a bump was heard by the pool table. At 5:00 am the “ting” of a bottle was heard and it sounded like something fell in the Basement. No other events occurred during this session.

END TIME: 5:17 am

At this time it was decided to switch up the groups. Noah, Eric and Mary went to the 2nd Floor and Tony and Gravy went to the Basement.

2nd Floor – 5:33 am

Group 1 – The group spread out on the 2nd Floor with Noah sitting in the Living Room, Mary in the Bedroom and Eric sitting in the Office. An EVP session was started, but then noises were heard by the window in the Living Room. The group then saw a squirrel entering a hole between the window and the brick.

The group then decided to head to the 3rd Floor to see if the squirrel was up there, too. Upon looking at the edges of the building, daylight could be clearly seen on the south side and a squirrel could be seen on the edge of the building. No other events occurred and it was decided to end the investigation at this time.


Group 1 – Tony and Gravy went into the Basement and could hear sounds from outside. At 5:35 am they decided to see how much sound could come from outside so Gravy went outside to test it out. It was found that a lot of sound could travel from outside into the Basement and make it sound like the noise was coming from in the Basement and not outside. No other events happened and the investigation was concluded.

END TIME: 5:45 am

The group then broke down their equipment and called the owner to come back. The group left Sabbatic at 6:00 am.


This investigation was very interesting. Though no evidence was found, one investigation is not enough to draw any conclusions. The first investigation is always a learning experience about the challenges that a given location can present. PIM was able to come up with a few possibilities to explain some of the reported activity. The squirrel infestation in the attic could explain some of the reports there. Also the sound bleeding in from the outside into the basement could also explain some of the claims there as well. PIM isn’t saying these are explanations but are POSSIBLE explanations for the reported activity. PIM would welcome the opportunity to return to conduct another investigation in the future.

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