Noah , Gravy, and Chris arrived at the location at 6:45. After bringing in their equipment, they took a quick tour of the location. The shop owners left the location shortly after. PIM members began to set up their equipment, taking outside environmental readings, and taking interior EMF and temperature readings. It was noted that there was high fluctuations of EMF throughout the entire building. During setup, two personal experiences occurred. First, while Noah was showing other group members the basement, Gravy heard a mechanical voice. Upon back tracking through the basement, he heard the same voice but recognized what was being said and traced it back to a landline phone on the desk. As if the phone was on speaker mode it was saying “if you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again”. After looking at the phone, the desk and many other factors, it was undetermined how this could have happened. Unfortunately, no equipment was running yet and this event wasn’t caught on any device.

Chris witnessed the second personal experience. Again no equipment was set up and recording yet and the event wasn’t documented. While Chris was performing baseline readings of temperature and EMF, he was in the room at the bottom of the stairs from Carol’s shop in the basement. Something had caught his eye in the laundry room. When he turned to look through the doorway he saw a black mass standing there that then moved to the right and out of sight. He asked if Noah or Gravy were down there with him but no one was there.

During setup, the iOvilus was used with a H1 voice recorder used next to it. Several words and names were produced by the app including that of one of our investigators, Noah. This has been one of the claims before but no real correlation to questions asked, at this time, could be made.

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By 9:00, set up was complete, the group tried to debunk several claims, and the investigation started.

Claims of Activity

  • Objects being removed from the walls and placed on the floor undamaged.
  • Object manipulation of books from a shelf to the floor.
  • Maintenance man reported seeing a female apparition in the basement.
  • Carol’s shop – reels of thread being removed from wall and being placed on floor in a neat line.
  • An application called the iOvilus for iPods and iPhones had many responses to questions asked.


Sweeney Todd Salon – 9:00 pm

The group took a short break while taking into account several uncontrollable factors that could hinder evidence. Considering the location of the shop, on the corner of a five street intersection, car traffic, pedestrian traffic, and street lights were a few concerns of the group.

END TIME: 9:15 pm

Basement below Salon – 9:19 pm

The group situated themselves throughout this portion of the basement and observed 5 minutes of silence to get accustomed to the natural building sounds and exterior sounds. It was noted throughout the night that the building, itself, did not make very many sounds and was quiet for most of the night. Noah did a thermal sweep of the room with normal results. During this time, the iOvilus app was used again. Among the responses, Chris’s name was produced but not in correlation to any questions asked. An EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session was then conducted. No evidence has been caught at this time and the EVP session was ended.

END TIME: 9:54 pm

Laundry Room – 9:55 pm

The group spread out surrounding the laundry room. Chris was in the laundry room and Noah and Gravy sat in rooms on both sides of the room. Noah performed a thermal sweep of the room before an EVP session was conducted. At 9:58 pm, an unknown cat or female sound was heard while Chris was talking. No other events occurred during this time.

END TIME: 10:11 pm

Carol’s shop – 10:15 pm

The group made their way into Carol’s shop. After attempting to debunk the thread moving onto the floor, the group spread out in the shop with Gravy in the front of the shop and Chris and Noah in the back. An EVP session was started after 5 minutes of silence was observed. At 10:25 pm, Noah heard a two syllable high pitched noise but its origin couldn’t be determined. The EVP session was ended shortly after.

END TIME: 10:39 pm

Sweeney Todd Salon – 10:43 pm

The group decided to take a break. Meanwhile, at 10:43 pm, Gravy connected the ES to his phone and played music while they went outside for fresh air. The ES device converts audio into EMF signals. The hypothesis is that if entities communicate via EMF, then maybe the chance for getting a reponse would be better if we communicated via EMF as well. While the group was outside, Annie the shop owner came over to talk for a while. Annie lives across the street from the salon. While the group was talking with Annie, it was discovered the phone in the basement would ring but there would be no one there and nothing on caller ID. The group then went back inside and continued the investigation.

END TIME: 11:30 pm

11:30 pm

Sweeney Todd Salon – 11:30 pm

The group decided to investigate the Salon now that traffic outside had become quieter. Noah did a thermal sweep of the area. There was nothing noted that was out of the ordinary. An EVP session was then conducted. No known events occurred in this area at this time. It was noted that the hair washing sink had a constant leak that would cause random noises.

END TIME: 11:56 pm

Carol’s Shop – 12:05 am

The group situated themselves in the front portion of Carol’s shop. Both an EVP session and the use of the iOvilus occurred during this time. No known events occurred during this time and the group decided to move to the basement.

END TIME: 12:27 am

Basement below Salon – 12:32 am

The group slowly moved through the basement. Noah did a thermal sweep and an EVP session was conducted. The group stopped at the incinerator and used the iOvilus. There had been claims that it would give direct responses to questions in the area surrounding the incinerator. No responses could be correlated to questions asked. The group then spread out from there and continued the EVP session. Around 12:40 am Gravy, standing at the bottom of the stairs, heard light footsteps coming from the Salon. Chris also noted this too. No one was in the shop at this time. The group then moved to the basement under the shop to continue the EVP session. No known events occurred during the remainder of their time in the basement.

END TIME: 1:04 am

Sweeney Todd Salon – 1:07 am

One final thermal sweep and EVP session was conducted of the shop before the night was wrapped up. Again, no events occurred during this session.

END TIME: 1:22 am

The group concluded their investigation. After gathering their equipment and packing it up, the shop owners were contacted so the shops could be closed up for the night.


No evidence was captured during the investigation.

PIM was very thankful for the opportunity to investigate this location. The night started out promising during setup and was fairly quiet throughout the night. There were several personal experiences had throughout the investigation, but unfortunately they were not captured during evidence review. It was an interesting location and we hope we can return in the future to continue the attempt to document the paranormal events occurring here at the Sweeney Todd Salon.

PIM would like to thank those who made this investigation possible and hopes that they will be invited back to do a follow-up investigation at a later date

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