The group woke up the next morning and checked the equipment. The group started charging batteries that needed to be charged and then decided to head out for lunch. Before leaving the group decided to start a voice recorder on each floor while the building was empty in case anything occurred. Noah started his Tascam DR-07MKII recorder in the Cafeteria and his Zoom H1 recorder outside the Nurse’s Office. Gravy started his Zoom H1 recorder in the Attic, and John moved his Zoom H1 recorder from the Boy’s Bathroom into the Kindergarten classroom and started the recorder in there. At 11:37 am, the group left for lunch and to run various errands.

The group returned at 3:20 pm. The group then discussed and planned out the evening’s investigation for several hours. The group also ensured all of the equipment was ready to go and finished charging the batteries.

At 6:30 pm, the group started all of the equipment and then left the building for dinner at 7:00 pm. The group returned at 8:15 pm to start the investigation. At this time, Noah took outside environmental condition readings while John took inside EMF/Temperature readings.

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Once these readings were complete, the group decided to start the investigation in the Kindergarten Classroom.



Kindergarten Room – 8:45 pm

At 8:55 pm, our group conducted an EVP session in the 1st Floor without anything out of ordinary occurring. The EVP session was ended at 9:10 pm. John was unable to obtain some temperature readings due to Gravy’s temperature device malfunctioning.

END TIME: 9:10 pm

Cafeteria – 9:14 pm

At 9:14 pm, Noah, Gravy and John proceeded to the Cafeteria and conducted an EVP session there. We ended the EVP session at 9:56 pm without any incidents occurring.

END TIME: 9:56 pm

Nun’s Room – 9:58 pm

Noah and Gravy entered the Nun’s Room while John sat outside the room at the Halloween card table display set up. At 10:59 pm, John heard what sounded like an object falling on the floor above him. We were unable to determine the cause of the sound.

At 10:06 pm, an indescribable sound was heard coming from outside the room and again, we were unable to determine the cause of it.

No other events occurred and the session was ended.

END TIME: 10:10 pm

Family Room – 10:13 pm

Noah, Gravy and John spread out in the Family Room to conduct an EVP session. Nothing of interest occurred during this time.

END TIME: 10:37 pm

Cafeteria – 10:45 pm

Since many claims of the activity seemed to occur while people in the building were not actively investigating and just going about their business, our group decided to conduct a passive investigation, where we had casual conversations while in the Cafeteria and did not conduct a formal EVP session, in an attempt to capture evidence using this method.

END TIME: 2:15 am

Nun’s Room – 2:23 am

The group returned to the Nun’s Room at 2:23 am. Noah and Gravy again sat inside the room while John sat just outside the room.

At 2:35 am, Gravy heard what described as a voice stating, “Shh”, however this was not captured on audio.

At 2:29 am, Noah indicated that it felt as if his glasses were touched, but stated it was possible the sensation was caused by moving his head and his cap making contact with the glasses. Noah had removed his glasses to rub his eyes and while holding his glasses in his left hand it felt like something had brushed against the left side of the glasses. Noah initially thought Gravy was standing close enough to him that Gravy had accidentally brushed against Noah’s glasses but that was found to not be the case. In the end, the most likely explanation is that the bill of Noah’s hat hit the glasses causing the sensation.

A short time later, John indicated that he began to have a severe headache while sitting outside the Nun’s Room. After a short time the headache lessened and eventually went away.

No other events occurred during this session and the group moved upstairs.

END TIME: 3:32 am

Family Room – 3:35 am

The group moved up to the Family Room at 3:35 am to conduct an EVP session. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred during this time.

END TIME: 3:44 am

At 3:55 am, it was decided to end the investigation. Noah, Gravy and John collected the equipment and packed everything up in the Kindergarten Room. The group went to bed at 4:14 am. Noah, Gravy and John woke up at 7:00 am on September 15th, packed up the car and left the building by 7:30 am.


This was another great investigation at First Ward School. PIM wanted to see if it could replicate some evidence that was obtained during the last investigation held on May 4th, 2013. One such event that occurred was the shadow detector on the 2nd Floor landing outside of the Nurse’s Office going off by itself. Last time, we did not have any video evidence to show why they event occurred. This time, we again had the shadow detector go off on two separate occasions and no evidence of shadows was captured on video. Thus, the alarm cannot be taken as evidence, since there is nothing to show why the alarm went off. PIM is still evaluating this piece of equipment and it is possible it was malfunctioning.

Although we did not obtain any evidence during our investigation, we would be very interested in returning at a later date to investigate again, especially since the group did obtain paranormal evidence during the investigation there on May 4th, 2013. This is a very historic building and based on the investigations that PIM has done, is worth continued study in the future.

PIM would like to thank Justin Libigs and his family for allowing us to again investigate the building. PIM hopes that they will be invited back again to continue our study of the building.

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