The group hosted two shifts of public investigations during this evening. Afterward it was decided that the Autumn Salon should be revisited as there seemed to be some activity during the public event. There was no evidence captured during the public investigations.

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Autumn Salon – 2:25 am

The group spread out in the Autumn Salon for an EVP session. There were no audible responses during this time. During this session, there were what appeared to be dark shadows, about 3.5 feet tall moving in the area. The Geophone that was in the room did light up, but the group suspects that this was caused by music coming from downstairs. Noah and Gravy both reported seeing a red light that was unexplainable, however they were not certain if this was caused by eye fatigue.

END TIME: 3:19 am


Control Recorder – 1:17 am

A strange noise that sounds, possibly, like a voice can be heard


The Four Seasons Island Resort is a beautiful and luxurious vacation spot. It has a rich history and many reports of paranormal activity which makes it a great place to investigate. We were able to captured what sounds to be the voice of a female or child in Lillie’s Ice Cream Parlor after an investigator offered a dime for ice cream to anyone who wanted to take it. PIM is unsure what the voice is saying, but we are fairly convinced it is something paranormal in nature that caused it.

During the public investigation there was more perceivable activity, however because during such an event it is difficult to control the environment it is also difficult to determine if the cause is paranormal. Unfortunately we were not able to get any evidence during this portion of the investigation.

PIM had a great time investigating this location for a second time, and this time we were able to come away with some evidence of what might be lingering there. PIM looks forward to it’s next trip to the Four Seasons Resort in early 2013.

PIM would like to thank Lloyd and the team at The Four Seasons Island Resort for hosting this event and helping us with our fundraising efforts. This is a great place for rest and relaxation in a beautiful area of Northern Wisconsin. The great accommodations and the amazing food were all very much appreciated. We cannot wait to come back!

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