All group members but Gravy arrived at the Riverside Theater around 2:50 pm. They waited for Jason, a manager of the location, to arrive in order to be let in even though a worker had the side stage door open into the alley way. Once the worker knew Jason was on his way, the group was given permission to bring their equipment in using the side stage door.

When all equipment was brought into the building Tony, Karen and Stephanie left to drop off their vehicles in parking structures nearby. They arrived back at the theater around 3:45 pm.

Once everyone was together all investigators started to set their equipment that would be placed throughout the building. Gravy would arrive a little after 4 pm and started to help cover lights that the group was unable to shut off.

After all equipment was placed and audio recorders started, the group left with Jason and headed to dinner around 6 pm. Jason went to another location to eat other than PIM, so after he was done he came to get them and headed back into the theater at 7:10 pm.

Given the size of the Riverside Theater, for the duration of, the investigation PIM divided into two separate groups. The group was also awaiting the arrival of two guest investigators who would join Noah’s group for the night’s investigation.

While the group was setting up, Karen at one point while setting up her camera on the stage left stair area thought she heard a couple kids laughing nearby. She at first attributed to it possibly being voices from outside. The doors to the theater were still open and you could hear noises and voices from the street. She had no prior knowledge of knowing children’s laughter was reported previously. It was undetermined if this was a paranormal experience or not.

Allison left at this point of the evening as she had another engagement to attend as it was her birthday that night.

As equipment preparation was completed, Karen and Mary went around and took baseline electromagnetic frequency (EMF) readings around the building. When they were up by the Lighting Room they ventured into one of the smaller rooms to see what they could find. Mary headed into the left smaller room, and at 9:04 pm Karen reported hearing a woman’s voice. She asked Mary if she just said something, but Mary said she didn’t. She thought the voice said, “Holy crap” or something similar. Unfortunately, no recording devices were on at the time and this was not captured. They then returned to the first floor of the theater.

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All equipment was up with only the voice recorders started at 9:45 pm. They all then headed up to the 8th floor (Green Room) of the building to take a mini break. They then headed back to the 1st floor at 10:22 pm.

Jason came down with the group as he was going to help them turn off all of the lights they needed off for the investigation. Gravy and Jason at one point headed upstairs so Jason could show him how to shut the lights off for the upper floors.

After they arrived back, Noah, Gravy, Eric and Susan headed upstairs around 11:10 pm to take care of the upper level lights and get some of the equipment started. Karen and Mary took this time to try their own electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session while in the theater. Shortly after, Noah then called down to Mary to notify her that one of her voice recorders batteries were dead already. She and Karen then started their way back upstairs so she could replace the batteries, and on their way out of the theater they both thought they heard a whispery echo. They had voice recorders going on at this point, but the voice was not captured.

Once they replaced the batteries and the group had all of the lights off, they then headed back to the 1st floor and were ready to begin the night’s investigation.


GROUP 1: Noah, Tony, Gravy, and two guest investigators – Brenda and Andrea – would arrive around 7:45 pm.

Noah, Tony and Gravy proceeded down into the basement. After being down there for a few minutes Noah received a phone call that the guest investigators parked their car and were on their way. The group proceeded outside to await their arrival. Once Brenda and Andrea arrived they proceeded to the stage area to drop of their coats and get briefed on the location.

Basement under seating area – 8:02 pm

The group made their way into the small area under the theater in the basement. Meanwhile Andrea and Brenda practiced their sensitive readings in that area. Once the group got situated five minutes of silence was observed before an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) was conducted. The session was short and no activity was reported during this time.

END TIME: 8:25

The group made their way into the utility room where the mechanics of the building were. After moments of trying to get situated it was determined that it would be too difficult to conduct an EVP session here. The group began making their way upstairs at that time. Passing through the lower level bar area Brenda and Andrea picked up an odd sensation in this area. Gravy also felt pressure in his head which led him to believe the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) levels were high in this area. An EMF sweep was done and it was determined to be normal. The group then continued upstairs.

Sound/Light Booth – 8:52 pm
The group situated themselves and again observed five minutes of silence in order to get a feel for the natural sounds of this part of the building. During the moment of silence at 8:55 two chirps, one after another, were experienced. The chirps were thought to sound like crickets but it was uncertain were they would have come from.

After this, an EVP session was conducted. During this time, Andrea felt like someone was looking at her. Brenda felt it was possibly a female by the name of ‘Nancy’. Shortly after, she also reported feeling as if her cheek was touched.

After wrapping up the EVP session the group began to move downstairs. While doing so, Tony heard a growl around 9:15 pm. The group tried to recreate this sound by opening and closing doors and walking up and down the stairs. The sound was unable to be recreated, but it is believed to be the groups’ movement that caused it.

END TIME: 9:14 pm

4th Floor – 9:21 pm
The group situated themselves across the entire floor. After a few minutes of silence they began an EVP session. Not much was heard during this time, but Andrea picked up the name of “Amy” for the little girl who stays near the east 4th Floor closet. The group tried to communicate with the girl with no known success.

END TIME: 9:39 pm

There was a switch of group members. Brenda and Mary switched groups at this time.

Laundry Room – 10:25 pm
The group situated themselves in the laundry room and silence was observed again. An EVP session was conducted, and Andrea claimed not to sense anything in this area at the time. Due to the nature of the area and the many sounds coming from surrounding pipes and coolers running, it was hard to determine if there was any activity.

END TIME: 10:48 pm

Basement: Small Room under Stage – 10:56 pm
The group visited this area for the second time during the investigation. Andrea sat in the little room that is filled with mostly duct work, Mary and Tony sat around the table in the larger room while Gravy and Noah spread out in the room with Noah sitting within sight of Andrea.

At 11:01 pm the group heard what sounded like chairs being moved across the stage – the recorder on the stage did not pick these sounds up. The sound possibly came from a water pump that was in the main hallway that at times was extremely loud.

At 11:10 pm there was a “HMMM” sound heard by a few of the group member. While the group tried to figure where it came from there was another “HMMM” sound. Several recorders, along with the video camera in the room, caught these sounds. Where it came from was not determined, and was not heard at any other time during the investigation. Due to the many mechanical noises coming from the basement area, it was decided that this noise was too ambiguous to include as evidence.

END TIME: 11:12 pm

Basement Mechanical Room – 11:15 pm
The group moved into this area to check on the equipment and again decided that due to the nature of this room it would be difficult to do an EVP session.

END TIME: 11:18

Theater – 11:24 pm
The group spread themselves out in the seats and observed five minutes of silence. From the left side of the theater at 11:30 pm Tony heard dragging sounds. It was thought to have been the restaurant next door cleaning up for the night, which was never confirmed.

Gravy sat back right area of the seating area again where he experienced a strange sensation the last time PIM investigated Riverside. Hoping the sensation would occur again he reported the feeling that someone pulled on his sleeve – he did not experience the similar type of feeling previously felt.

The group then asked Andrea to go up on stage and dance as a possible provoking/triggering measure. During her time on stage at 11:47 pm there was a loud banging noise that came from the stage. The origin of the noise was never determined.

END TIME: 11:50 pm

GROUP 2: Karen, Stephanie, Mary and John

Sound/Light Booth – 7:39 pm
The group took about five minutes of controlled silence to observe the normal sounds of the building – all members spread out within the space.

At 7:40 pm the group started an EVP session directing their questions to any spirit that might be there. Shortly after they started Noah radioed the group and let them know that the special guest investigators arrived and that they were going to show them the Basement and Theater levels first and then head up to the upper floors.

After trying for several more minutes, the group concluded this session and moved down to a different floor.

END TIME: 7:50 pm

4th Floor – 7:52 pm
Once all group members spread out throughout the space they once again sat in silence to observe the normal sounds of the building.

At 7:56 pm the group started an EVP session. Shortly after both Karen and Mary thought they heard mumbling. This was not captured on any of the recording devices.

While aiming their questions to the ‘little girl’ Karen picked up in the closet at the end of the hallway Stephanie reported that the name ‘Mary’ popped in her head as to what the girl’s name was. It was not known if it was a subconscious thought because Mary, the investigator, was there.

At 8:02 pm more mumbling was reported by the group.

3rd Floor – 8:11 pm
Since the group knew Group 1 would be on their way shortly, they spread out on the 3rd Floor and only took a few short minutes for controlled silence. They started the EVP session at 8:14 pm.

At 8:22 pm a loud band was heard down the right part of the hallway toward where Mary was sitting. The group tried to evaluate what could have caused it but came to no conclusion.

After no other activities occurred they ended the session.

END TIME: 8:27 pm

After meeting with Group 1 briefly on level 2, Karen recommended Gravy go back down to the theater level and bring up a few trigger objects for the possible children on the 4th Floor. Trigger objects are used to try to entice any spirits to play or tamper with the objects that they might find of interest; in this case it was a mini truck and a stuffed animal.

After taking a mini break on the stage while Gravy got the trigger objects, Group 2 headed down to the basement level of the theater.

Laundry Room – 8:35 pm
The group members spread out near the front of the room as some of the pipes and machinery in the room were quite loud. They took a brief amount of time to observe the sounds of the room.

At 8:58 pm as the group was preparing to do an EVP session Karen reported hearing a voice in the hallway, which was not captured on any audio. No Group 1 members were near the stage at that time.

The group attempted to continue the EVP session, but because of the loudness of the ice machine and appliances the group concluded the session.

END TIME: 8:46 pm

Basement (Small Room under Stage) – 8:50 pm
SUBGROUP: Karen and Stephanie

Karen and Stephanie took a few minutes of silence to observe the noises of the room. At one point they heard what sounded like a chair moving, but realized it was John moving the chair he was using in the other room.

They started an EVP session at 8:55 pm but no other activities occurred at that time.

LOCATION: Basement – Chair Storage Room under Stage

SUBGROUP: Mary and John

John sat down near the doorway while Mary stood in the back. They couldn’t hear the other sub-group conducting an EVP session, but heard the pump in the hallway making a lot of noise.

No activities occurred at that time.

SWITCH TIME: 9:04 pm

LOCATION: Basement – Chair Storage Room under Stage

SUBGROUP : Karen and Stephanie

Without taking additional time for controlled silence, the duo started an EVP right away. At 9:07 pm Stephanie reported hearing movement in the room, which was not captured on audio. At 9:15 pm Karen reported hearing a voice which appeared to come from the right side of the room.

No other activities occurred at this time.

LOCATION: Basement – Small Room under Stage

SUBGROUP: Mary and John

They sat around the table that was in the back corner of the room. At one point Mary thought she heard a woman’s voice say, “Mmm” or “Ahh,”

John felt that there was an ‘angry man,’ in the room, which Karen previously picked up on the last time the group investigated Riverside. They conducted an EVP session addressing ‘him,’ and provoked a little bit as well. Mary tried to use herself as a trigger object saying she was alone and vulnerable.

No activities occurred at this time.

END TIME: 9:16 pm

Both subgroups met and stood in the hallway to talk about what happened during each of their small investigations. At 9:20 pm it was noticed by several of the investigators the sounds of shuffling and of keys rustling. No one else was in the hallway, and Group 2 was still on one of the upper floors. This was not captured on any voice recorders.

Because the Mechanical Room was very loud and full of water the group decided to head to the theater level.

Theater Seating Area – 9:27 pm
The group sat in silence for a short while and started an EVP session. It was noted by the group that it was hard to hear each other because of the distance in between each other.

At 9:36 pm Karen reported hearing movement on the right-side seating area near Stephanie, which Stephanie did not hear.

The group continued to do an EVP session for a little while until Group 1 came back down.

END TIME: 9:44 pm

After both groups took a break, Mary and Brenda switched groups.

Theater – 10:19 pm
Deciding to stay in the theater for a little longer, the group members spread out in the middle sections of the seating area in rows G and N – two members sat in each section.

After completing their controlled silence the group started an EVP session at 10:29 pm. The group continued to ask questions in the hopes of getting any type of response. No activities occurred, and the group decided to head up to the 4th Floor since John had to reset his Full Spectrum camera.

END TIME: 10:41 pm

After his camera was reset the group decided to sit over by the 4th Floor closet to see if they could have direct contact with the little girl.

START TIME: 10:51 pm

To see if they could stir up any activity the group had Stephanie sit in the closet while it was locked from the outside.

After the group started an EVP session Stephanie reported hearing a high pitched sound and then a humming noise in the closet at 10:56 pm. They continued the session and again shortly after at 10:59 pm Stephanie thought she heard a male mumble come from the closet.

At that time Karen and Stephanie switched spots to see if having someone else in the room would make a difference.

No other activities occurred at that time and the group concluded the session.

END TIME: 11:07 pm

Sound/Light Booth – 11:10 pm
Deciding to head back up to the booth room the group spread out and conducted an EVP session.

No activities occurred at that time, and the group decided to head back down to the 4th Floor.

END TIME: 11:30 pm

Left hallway of 4th Floor – 11:30 pm
The group spread out throughout the hallway on the left side of the level. At 11:36 pm Brenda reported seeing a shadow on the left side of the recorder she had with her. No video footage was captured during that time.

After asking additional questions, Brenda noted to Karen it was about time that she and Andrea had to leave. Karen radioed Noah and let them know they were heading down.

END TIME: 11:45 pm

At this time, both groups met back up on the stage. Gravy also had to leave and started to pack his equipment for the night. At around midnight Gravy, Andrea and Brenda left for the night.

The rest of the group decided to take a quick break and headed up to the 8th Floor Green Room to talk with Jason for a while. They then headed back down to the stage level at 12:47 am.

To continue investigating as a larger group all members headed up to the 2nd Floor and spread out throughout the entire floor.

2nd Floor – 12:53 am
The group took a few minutes to observe the normal sounds of the level and then started an EVP session.

At 12:56 am Tony reported hearing what sounded like someone wearing socks walking on the carpet. It was not captured on audio. Shortly after at 12:58 am Karen thought she heard a loud whisper come from the balcony seating area since the doors were open into the hallway. A clip of this audio evidence has been submitted.

The group continued to direct their questions toward any spirits that might respond to the investigators.

Similar to before, at 1:03 am Tony heard walking in the hallway heading toward the theater. The group also then decided to try to do a knocking exercise to see if any spirits might respond to the knocks. At 1:10 am there did appear to be responses to the knocks the group did, but it was not confirmed to be paranormal in nature or not.

Deciding to end the session, the group head up to the 3rd Floor.

END TIME: 1:15 am

3rd Floor – 1:17 am
With all group members spread out the group continued to do an EVP session in the hopes that they could elicit any type of response.

When no activities occurred, the group concluded the session and headed down to the basement level.

END TIME: 1:33 am

Small Area under Stage – 1:38 am
The group tried to conduct an EVP session, but no activities occurred at that time. They decided to try to carry on a casual conversation to see if any spirits would want to interact.

No activities occurred at the time, and the group decided to conclude the investigation and began taking down equipment.

END TIME: 2:05 am

The group put everything back as they found it and uncovered all of the lights they covered. Karen and Stephanie then left to grab the vehicles. At 2:45 am the group loaded the vehicles and thanked Jason for staying there during the duration of the investigation.


2nd Floor – 12:58 am

A voice within the theater was captured on a control recorder placed on the second floor.


This was another great investigation at the Riverside Theater. Although we didn’t experience any definitive activity there were a number of questionable noises that occurred during the investigation that left us wondering what they could have been. It is evident that more investigations are needed to determine which noises are normal and which ones aren’t.

We were able to capture one bit of evidence this time that turned out to be a disembodied voice. Karen heard this whisper coming from what seemed to be the theater area while we were on the second floor. We cross checked all of our equipment and could not debunk this whisper so we believe it to be evidence of the paranormal. This clip is yet another example of the activity that is present at the Riverside Theater.

PIM would like to thank Jason and the Riverside Theater organization for allowing the group to reinvestigate the building. We look forward to coming back in the future.

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