Special guest Jordan, Dan and Brandon joined PIM on this investigation.

The group arrived on location at 5:00 pm and unloaded their equipment just outside the Miller Inn. While Gravy was parking the car, Noah went to the security office to get badges for everyone. The badges would allow PIM members seamless access to the Miller Caves and the Miller Inn. At the time of arrival, the remaining groups of people to tour the Miller Caves were still in the Miller Inn along with several bartenders. Gravy, Chris and Noah brought their equipment in and placed it in the room behind the bar for safe keeping until the bar patrons cleared out for the night.

With the crowd diminishing, Gravy took the opportunity to interview a few of the bartenders about recent activity that might have occurred since their last visit. Other than some chairs seen moving in the bar area and balls of light seen floating in the bar area as well, nothing new was reported.

While people were clearing out of the Inn, Gravy, Noah, Chris and Marilsa went into the cave to start prepping it for the night’s investigation. They began by securing the area to make sure no one else could enter. After which, they began to darken the room by turning off lights or covering, with a 3mil black sheathing, the lights that couldn’t be unplugged or turned off by a switch. By 7:00 pm, PIM members left the caves and began to set up equipment and darken the remainder of the Miller Inn.

Every member of PIM was equipped with a Zoom H1 digital audio recorder, as a control recorder, and is on their person everywhere they go. Control recorders are started and time stamped prior to all other equipment being started and time stamped. They are also the last piece of equipment to be turned off. Control recorders are not only used as another recording device but also to discriminate the sound contamination that an investigator might create during an investigation. Control recorders are also placed in a Faraday cage. PIM’s main goal in using these is to block radio signals from interfering with their audio recorders thus causing false EVPs. Time stamps, from a designated atomic watch, are used as a point of reference and make cross referencing easier during evidence review.

Along with control recorders and a UV flashlight, every PIM member is required to be equipped with an Extech RHT50 data logger. The Extech data logger measures humidity, temperature and barometric pressure at one minute intervals. This device allows us to graph these changes and compare data to other devices that might have measured or recorded an event. They are not only carried on each person but placed throughout a location as well.

PIM members began setting up equipment throughout the entire building. While equipment was being set up, started and timestamped, Chris and Marilsa took outside weather conditions and baseline readings. Baseline EMF (electromagnetic field) readings and indoor temperatures were taken with a single-axis EMF MEL-8704R. A Kestrel 3500 weather station was used for outdoor weather conditions.

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A Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum camera was placed in the Miller Caves facing the alter of the cave. A trigger object bank was placed on a bench in the center of the cave. This trigger object bank consisted of the Bible, poker cards, booze, and a cigarette. Trigger objects are miscellaneous items that are strategically chosen in hopes to invoke a response. Placed alongside the trigger objects were a Dark Matter device, a touch flashlight and a geophone.

Custom built by PIM, the geophone senses seismic vibrations and has adjustable sensitivity. It was placed on the bench should any of the trigger objects be moved the geophone would sense the vibrations. The geophone is also used as a trigger object by having questions answered by measurements of the intensity of the seismic vibrations picked up by the geophone.

The Dark Matter device measures EMF, temperature, barometric pressure and has a high quality audio recorder. This device also datalogs these measurements for later review should something have occurred and would need to be referenced.

The touch flashlight, which is activated by two contacts being touched, thus, closing a circuit and turning the light on, was also placed on the round table with the trigger objects. The touch flashlight is used in lieu of a flashlight that has had the battery compartment or on/off switch manipulated to function in a way that is not intended and as a result, can create false positives.

In the High Life Room, a Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum camera and Zoom H1 were placed. The camera was placed in the southwest corner of the room facing the piano.

A Sony HDR-CX550 was placed in the East side of the Champagne Room facing the bar.

A Tascam DR05 audio recorder was placed in the main bar area. A Ghost Pro was also placed in the main bar area facing the East wing seating area of the main bar area. Also placed in this wing were a Tascam DR07 MKII audio recorder and the EDI+. The EDI+ data logs and graphs on a timeline several variables including: EMF, barometric pressure, humidity and ambient temperature. It also has a vibration sensor, similar to a geophone.

Once Gravy was done setting up his equipment, he began to darken rooms and cover lights that couldn’t be turned off or unplugged. Windows are also covered using the same 3mil sheathing when blinds or shades aren’t available.

By 8:45 pm the group finished setting and timestamping their equipment. They met in the Bar Room to discuss the night thus far. At 9:02 pm, Jordan, Dan and Brandon arrived. Noah went over the rules of investigating to get everyone on the same page. Using a selfie stick, the group took some photos using the bar area as a backdrop, before beginning the investigation.


Miller Caves – 9:30 pm

The group spread themselves throughout the Cave. Noah discussed some of the claims of activity in that area for those who weren’t familiar with them. They observed control silence before beginning an EVP session. Control silence is the practice of sitting quietly and getting accustomed to the normal sounds of the building structure. It allows for investigators to get a baseline of normal building sounds. It was noted that there was a “hum” coming from the speakers within the Cave. There was also a fan in the southwest corridor of the Cave and water could be heard dripping from behind a wooden wall to an off-shoot part of the Cave.

No activity was reported to have occurred during this time and nothing was capture via audio or video recording devices.

END TIME: 9:52 pm

Bar Room – 9:55 pm

The group situated themselves throughout the Main Bar and east wing sitting area on the main floor. After discussing some of the claims in this area and observing control silence, an EVP session was started. An EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, session is the practice of asking questions in hopes of getting a response to the question via audio recorder. Rarely is a response heard by the investigator’s ears and when a response is heard by human ears it is called a disembodied voice.

At 10:10 pm, Gravy asked for three knocks and shortly following his question there were three consecutive “squeaks” noises. Each squeak got fainter as they progressed. The noise sounded as if it were coming from the east wing sitting area. It was asked for again with no response and was dismissed as a coincidence.

Due to the abundance of noises coming from the east wing, Noah moved to the other end of the wing in an attempt to find a source for all the noises. It was PIM’s assessment that the noises were a cause of the contracting of the wood and other materials in the building as it was cooling down for the night.

No other activity occurred during this time and nothing was capture via audio or video recording devices.

END TIME: 10:15 pm

High Life Room – 10:18 pm

The group sat at various tables throughout the room. Once again, claims were discussed and after observing control silence for several minutes, the group began an EVP session. It was noted there were windows that would rattle, the heat turning on and off was easily heard, a cooler in another room was heard, traffic was easily distinguished and the large chandelier in the middle of the room could also be heard rattling.

No activity occurred during this time and nothing was capture via audio or video recording devices.

END TIME: 10:36 pm

At 10:41 pm, Noah asked Jordan if she would like to do an isolation session in the Miller Caves. Isolation sessions are not a common method practiced by PIM but is sometime used to study the effects on a person when isolated in an area. Jordan agreed to try the isolation session. Noah equipped her with a walkie-talkie and instructed her to stay in an area of the cave that would keep her in front of the camera at all times. Since she was going to be alone, no one else was going to be able to corroborate her story should something happen. Jordan’s isolation session ended at 10:51 pm. She reported no substantial activity during her time alone in the Miler Caves.

Bar Room – 10:43 pm

While Jordan was in the Miller Caves, the rest of the group situated themselves in the main bar area and began an EVP session. No activity occurred during this time. Noah radioed to Jordan her session time was up and he went to get her from the Cave.

END TIME: 10:51 pm

The group took a short break and discussed some of the events of the night thus far.

Miller Caves – 11:07 pm

The group situated themselves throughout the Cave. Noah instructed everyone to sit somewhere different then where they were earlier in the evening. Since control silence was already observed during the first EVP session, the group began asking questions.

At 11:08 pm, everyone heard what sounded like a foot shuffling on the floor of the Cave. It was asked for again with no response. It is believed that one of the investigators there might have moved their foot but didn’t realize doing so.

At 11:14 pm, Noah described hearing a Velcro sounding noise just feet in front of him where no one else was situated. No source of the sound was found nor could it have been replicated. The noise was not captured via audio recorder during evidence review.

At 11:20 pm, both Dan and Noah saw a quick moving shadow in the vicinity of Gravy who was sitting by the water fountain of the Caves. Noah described it as a four foot in height shadow that darted quickly from his left to right towards the main entrance of the cave. Dan, on the other hand, described the shadow as six feet in height but also darted quickly and in the same direction as described by Noah. Unfortunately, this was just out of view of the camera. Gravy attempted to replicate the shadow but was unsuccessful.

No other activity occurred during this time. Nothing was captured via audio or video recording devices.

END TIME: 11:28 pm

At 11:30 pm Brandon was asked if he would like to do an isolation session in the Caves. He agreed and the rest of the group left the Caves. At 11:40 pm, Noah returned to get Brandon form the Caves who reported hearing strange noises but could not find sources for the noises. He also claimed the water noises from behind the wall in the cave were different than previously noted.

Bar Room – 11:33 pm

The rest of the group situated themselves on the 1st Floor and began an EVP session. No activity occurred during this time and the EVP session ended when Noah returned with Brandon form the Caves.

END TIME: 11:42 pm

Champagne Room – 11:45 pm

The group situated themselves in the Champagne Room and observed control silence before starting an EVP session. It was noted the heating system and a cooler compressor form behind the bar could be easily heard.

No activity occurred during this time and nothing was captured via audio or video recording devices.

END TIME: 11:55 pm

At this time, the investigation was called to an end.

PIM broke down all their gear, stopped their control recorders and packed their equipment up before leaving the premises for the night.


The claims of activity at the Miller Caves and the Miller Inn have been around for a long time. This was PIM’s third visit to the Miller Inn and Miller Caves. During our first investigation, there was some activity noted in the Cave that was not replicated during this investigation. No new activity was reported. PIM hopes to return in the future to continue the study of the location.

PIM would like to thank MillerCoors for entrusting us with this investigation, especially Kindra, who helped organize this investigation. We at PIM take our investigations very seriously and we were honored to be asked to investigate these locations. It was a fantastic experience and we hope to return someday soon to continue our research. We believe there is much to be discovered at the Miller Inn and Miller Caves!

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