Missy, Noah and Gravy arrived at the Miller Inn at 6:00 pm. They were greeted by Cat who is a representative for MillerCoors that would be staying during the investigation. Immediately the group began to bring in equipment. Once all equipment was brought in Cat offered pizza and refreshments to the group. While they were eating Jarod arrived. This investigation is different than others that PIM traditionally would do because MillerCoors asked a film crew to follow PIM during their investigation. They planned to put together a short video about the paranormal activity and history of the Miller Caves and the Miller Inn.

Allison Jornlin is a local Milwaukee woman who runs Milwaukee Ghost Tours. She was asked to come and speak about the folklore and paranormal history of the location. At 6:30 pm Allison was interviewed in the Miller Inn so the members of PIM decided to wait outside until she was done.

At 6:55 pm Allison’s interview ended and the PIM members came back inside the Miller Inn. Noah, Gravy and Missy then got microphones placed on their person by the film crew. At 7:00 pm Noah instructed everyone to get their Zoom H1 control audio recorders running, time stamped and attached to their person along with their personal data loggers. Every member of PIM is equipped with a Zoom H1 digital audio recorder, which is used as their control recorder, Extech RHT50 datalogger, and UV flashlight. Control recorders are not only used as another recording device but also to discriminate the sound contamination that an investigator might create during an investigation. Control recorders are started and time stamped first before any other equipment is started and they are turned off last to ensure any anomalous noises can be cross checked. Control recorders are also placed in a Faraday cage. PIM’s main goal in using these is to block radio signals from interfering with their audio recorders thus causing false EVPs. The Extech RHT50 datalogger takes a temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure reading once a minute and is used to try and correlate environmental data with any personal experiences an investigator might encounter during an investigation.

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Everyone then began to set up equipment on tri-pods to make set up easier and faster. Once Missy had her equipment set up and ready to be placed she walked around the building taking baseline temperature and EMF (electromagnetic field) readings using a TriField 100XE EMF Detector and indoor temperature was taken with a Single-Axis EMF Mel-8704R Meter.

The team did not need to block any windows. There are no windows in the Caves and there are shutters on the windows. They did need to cover the exit signs and some of the lights that would not turn off with heavy black plastic. Any windows, doors, or cracks are always covered to avoid light contamination from outside sources.

Several high definition camcorders were placed in select areas of the building.

First the team began setting up equipment on the 2nd Floor. A Sony CX160 full spectrum camcorder was placed in the High Life Room. A Sony HDR-SR5 camcorder was set up in the Champagne Room. Lastly a Sony HDR-SR10 high definition camcorder was set up in the 2nd Floor Hallway in the area where the person was chased through the hallway and then disappeared through the back door. Zoom H1 audio recorders were set up in each of these room to accompany these camcorders.

A Sony HDR-XR220V camcorder was set up on the Bar on the Main Floor along with a Zoom H1 audio recorder.

After these were set Missy went outside to record outside weather conditions using a Kestrel 3500 Weather Station. The Kestrel Weather station is used to measure temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure and humidity.

The team then took equipment to the Miller Caves to set up there. A Sony HDR-CX610 full spectrum camcorder was placed on the Alter in the Miller Caves. A geophone was also placed in the Caves on a bench that was placed in the center of the Cave. The geophone was custom built by PIM and has adjustable sensitivity. The geophone senses seismic vibrations. It was placed there because of the claims of footsteps and also because of several trigger objects placed on the bench as well. If any of these trigger objects would be moved the geophone would sense the vibrations. PIM uses trigger objects to try and provoke interest and activity from entities. The trigger objects that were used were antique bottles of Miller beer, a hammer, hook for picking up barrels of beer and a bung barrel screw. All trigger objects were things that would have been found or used in the Caves while it was in operation. An EMF Pump was also placed on the bench along with an Extech RHT50 data logger. An EMF pump emits electromagnetic fields into the atmosphere which is believed to be a great energy source for spirits to manifest. A touch flash light was placed on the bench as well (which can only be turned on if the side is touched completing the circuit).

Another Sony CX160 full spectrum camcorder was placed facing the bench and the Alter. In addition to video a Zoom H1 audio recorder was placed on the bench.

Once all the equipment was set, the team started and time stamped all the equipment in both the Caves and the Inn. Time stamps, from a designated atomic watch, are used as a point of reference and make cross referencing easier during evidence review. All lights were turn off at this point to set illumination with special infrared lights so the camcorders are able to record while it is dark. Once this was done the team was ready to begin the investigation.

The film crew then set up to record the first EVP session for the night. At 8:44 pm everyone was ready and excited to begin the night’s investigation.


Miller Caves – 8:44 pm

It was decided that the first EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session of the night would be held in the Miller Caves. An EVP session is conducted by asking several questions but leaving a minimum of ten seconds between each question in the event a response is captured on a nearby device. Investigators speak in full voice and tag any abnormal noises they might make or hear during an investigation. Common noises that investigators tag are stomach growls, accidental whispering and shifting or moving noises they might create that could be mistaken as something paranormal during evidence review. A fan was heard running somewhere in the brewery, which is just outside of the caves. Noah located the fan but was unsuccessful in turning it off.

Everyone took a seat throughout the Cave including the film crew and Cat. Noah sat on the steps to the Alter, Missy on a bench against the wall close to the Alter. Gravy sat on a bench against a wall closest to the trigger objects and Jarod sat on the opposite end of the Cave from the Alter.

Noah called for five minutes of controlled silence so everyone could get accustomed to the natural sounds of the Cave. At 8:48 pm the first EVP session began. A refrigerator and a fan could be heard in the distance but otherwise it was very quiet in the Cave.

Noah began the first EVP session by asking if anyone would like to come forward and communicate with them. Everyone took turns asking questions and trying hard to communicate and reassure that they were not there to do harm or make anyone leave. Noah heard what sounded like shuffling behind him on the Alter at 8:50 pm. He asked for it to be repeated but nothing was heard.

Gravy then walked over to the bench with the trigger objects on it and pointed out the objects and the geophone. He explained how a geophone worked and explained that it would not cause harm to anyone who touches it. Noah then heard a lot of dripping behind him but it was determined that it was water that was constantly dripping from the ceiling of the cave.

At 8:58 pm Noah heard the sound of a woman’s voice. He immediately got up to investigate and found that there was no one around in the attached brewery area. Although this was captured on Noah’s control recorder, it was very faint and it wasn’t captured on any other recorder. Shortly after at 9:00 pm Gravy heard what sounded like a giggle or laugh coming from the direction of the Alter.

The team then directed their attention to the Alter since it seemed as though there was something possibly trying to get some attention. It didn’t take long and at 9:05 pm Noah heard what he described as a growl. He asked for the sound to be repeated but it was not. At 9:08 pm Missy was looking in the direction that Noah said he heard the growl sound come from and she witnessed a shadow dart through a doorway on the east side of the Alter and dart back the way it came. It was tall and very quick and no one was moving at the time that could have caused the shadow. The team tried to recreate the shadow but had no luck in doing so.

At 9:21 pm the team decided to move to the Miller Inn to continue the investigation. Before leaving they recounted their experiences to the film crew.

END TIME: 9:21 pm

The film crew decided to pack up their equipment and let the PIM team continue on with their investigation without them. The team took this opportunity to take a break while the film crew packed up. The team then helped carry out the film crew’s equipment, said their goodbye’s and continued on with the investigation.

Miller High Life Room – 10:56 pm

The second EVP session of the night was held in the Miller High Life Room. This is the room that the piano is located in that was heard playing by itself by an employee. The phones between this room and the Champagne Room have rung on their own as well. At 11:00 pm Noah asked for controlled silence. During this time, at 11:03 pm, Missy heard a sigh coming from somewhere near her. Shortly after at 11:05 pm everyone heard a loud thump coming from the middle of the room. Upon inspection nothing appeared to have moved that could have caused the thump sound. All else was quiet.

Once everyone was settled they began an EVP session at 11:06 pm. The team began by introducing themselves and making clear that they were not there to harm anyone or make anyone leave. The team asked many questions and tried to communicate with anything that might stay in that room.

At 11:19 pm Gravy and Noah heard a snapping noise somewhere near the bar. No one else in the room was able to hear the noise. Shortly after, at 11:21 pm, everyone heard a loud noise that sounded like a chair being moved in the middle of the room. The floor in this room is wood and the chairs are heavy, high quality solid wood. Although the noise did not sound like a contraction noise, PIM could not rule out that possibility. When asked if the noise could be repeated, nothing happened.

At 11:22 pm Gravy, who was sitting nearest the door to the hallway, heard a loud sound coming from outside of the room. Shortly after he heard the noise again. He left the Miller High Life Room to investigate the source of the sound. He found an icemaker in the kitchen area which was making ice at the time causing the noise that Gravy was able to hear.

Once Gravy was back and settled the team continued on with the EVP session. At 11:24 pm everyone heard a noise that seemed to come from a chair being moved. Everyone assumed it was Missy moving her chair because the sound came from her direction. Missy said “that wasn’t my chair” and Noah heard a voice immediately after Missy said “chair”. He was unable to tell what the voice was saying. Unfortunately, this was not captured on any of PIM’s audio equipment either.

At 11:26 pm it was decided to end this EVP session and move over to the Champagne Room.

END TIME: 11:26 pm

Champagne Room – 11:27 pm

At this time they began the next EVP session. Although they made many attempts to communicate there was no activity. It was then decided at 11:40 pm to end this session and move to the hallway where the night guard chased the “black figure” to the back door.

END TIME: 11:40 pm

2nd Floor Hallway – 11:42 pm

At 11:42 pm they began the next EVP session. Noah started off the EVP session by asking if there was anyone there that would like to communicate that the team would not harm them or make them go away. The team then asked many questions about the mysterious person who was seen running through the hallway and out the back door but never seen again. No activity occurred so it was decided to pack up the equipment in the Miller Inn and do one final EVP session in the Caves.

END TIME: 11:50 pm

Miller Caves – 12:12 am

After all the equipment from the Miller Inn was packed up the team walked over to finish the night in the Miller Caves. The team each chose a place to sit around the Cave and began the last EVP session at 12:12 am. At 12:17 am Noah heard what he described as the sound of shuffling feet.

No other activity occurred so at 12:24 pm it was decided to end the investigation for the night and pack up.

END TIME: 12:24 am


The claims of activity at the Miller Caves and the Miller Inn have been around for a long time. To date, no one had been allowed to investigate the claims first hand to see if there was any truth to them. PIM was honored to be asked to help try and solve the mystery of these claims. Though none of the activity was captured via equipment the night of the investigation, it is the professional opinion of PIM that further research would need to be conducted before any conclusion could be made about the paranormal activity in this location. One investigation is not enough to draw any hard conclusions regarding the claims of activity at this location.

PIM would like to first thank Cat and the film crew for such an amazing experience! Everyone was fun and very professional making the whole night run smoothly. PIM would also like to thank MillerCoors for entrusting us with this investigation. We at PIM take our investigations very seriously and we were honored to be asked to investigate these locations! It was a fantastic experience and we hope to return someday soon to continue our research. We believe there is much to be discovered at the Miller Inn and Miller Caves!

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