The group arrived at the location at 7:00 pm along with the students who would be participating in the investigation. The group brought equipment into the science classroom which would be used throughout the night as a basecamp.

Noah informed the group that the following areas would be investigated: Gymnasium, Attic, Auditorium (2nd Floor), Basement, 3rd Floor Hallway, 3rd Floor classroom. The group unpacked equipment and placed it in the desired areas. Missy took outside weather conditions and when she returned, she and Jann took indoor baseline EMF and temperature conditions while John recorded his sensitive impressions.

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While taking baselines and impressions John, Jann and Missy were in the 3rd Floor Hallway in front of room 312. John stated that he sensed an undefinable energy in the doorway to the room. Jann and Missy went to check it out and both could feel some cold air and a cobweb-like feeling in the area. No changes in EMF or temperature were noted and no explanation for the draft could be found.

Claims of Activity

  • A woman’s voice has been heard in the Basement
  • A shadow figure has been seen sitting in the auditorium seats and someone has also been touched while on the stage
  • Footsteps have been heard on the 1st Floor and in the Attic
  • A computer on the 3rd Floor went on and off by itself at the same time someone heard footsteps


3rd Floor – 9:31 pm

The group spread out on the 3rd Floor in the hallway near Room 312. Five minutes of silence were observed so the group could make note of ambient noises. An EVP session was started in the usual fashion by introducing ourselves and stating that we were not there to hurt anyone or to make them leave, but merely to try to communicate.

The EVP session was conducted in this area during which no audible responses were heard or recorded. At 9:43 pm a knocking noise was heard, however it was uncertain if it was in response to a question.

The group ended the EVP session at 9:45 pm and decided to move to the hallway near Room 300.

END TIME: 9:45pm

Basement – 9:31 pm

The group spread out in the Basement area with Noah seated on the steps.

Group 2 began an EVP session at 9:34 pm that ran until 9:50 pm at which time they decided to move to the Gym as they were not getting any responses.

END TIME: 9:50 pm

3rd Floor – 9:50 pm

The group moved to the hallway near Room 300 with two of the class members in Room 300. This is the room where the computer reportedly turned on by itself.

The group held an EVP session in this area until 10:04 pm. During this time there were many knocks that were heard. Jann tracked the time and noted that the knocks occurred consistently every four minutes. This noise was debunked as being caused by something mechanical within the building. During this time, one of the students in Room 300 reported hearing a voice. Unfortunately this was not captured on a recording device so it cannot be analyzed.

END TIME: 10:04 pm

Gym – 9:53 pm

Group 2 did a brief investigation of the Gym from 9:53 pm until 10:00 pm. No activities were reported during this time.

END TIME: 10:00 pm

At this point Noah contacted Group 1 via walkie talkie and told them it was time to meet at the basecamp area. Everyone took a quick break in the science classroom. After about ten minutes, Noah assigned groups to the next areas they would investigate. At 10:12 pm the groups split up again and made their ways to the next areas to be investigated.

Basement – 10:14 pm

Group 1 seated themselves throughout the Basement for an EVP session. The session ran from 10:14 pm until 10:22 pm with no perceivable responses. The group then decided they would move to the Gym since no activity was occurring in the Basement.

END TIME: 10:00 pm

Auditorium – 10:13 pm

The group scattered throughout the Auditorium and seated themselves for an EVP session. At 10:19 pm Noah and Missy both heard a noise that was described as a “squeak.” This was followed shortly afterward by another noise. Subsequently, Noah also reported hearing a popping noise. It was undetermined whether these noises were in response to any questions.

END TIME: 10:28 pm

Gym – 10:24 pm

The group sat on the floor of the Gym and settled in for an EVP session. During the session the group could hear talking coming from the hallway, but it was debunked as the other group talking. This session lasted until 10:41 pm with no reported activity. At this time Randy began collecting his equipment as he had to leave the investigation early.

END TIME: 10:41 pm

3rd Floor – 10:31 pm

Group 2 investigated the 3rd floor hallway from 10:31 pm until 10:41 pm. During this time, they reported hearing noises that sounded like a door opening and closing. The night custodian was in the area so it was concluded that this was the cause of the noises. Just prior to concluding the investigation of this area, Missy felt a tap on her left shoulder. Unfortunately this was not caught on camera so it is difficult to say with certainty what caused this sensation.

END TIME: 10:41 pm

Noah called everyone back to the basecamp area for a short break and to decide where everyone would go next.

Auditorium – 11:02 pm

Group 1 seated themselves throughout the Auditorium and began an EVP session. The session ran from 11:02 pm until 11:14 pm. No activity was witnessed during this session.

END TIME: 11:14 pm

Basement – 11:03 pm

Group 2 went down to the Basement to do an EVP session. Andy, one of the student participants, went in the room behind the fire door by himself while the others were in the main basement area. He reported hearing a female laugh while he was in this area; however it was not captured on a recording device so it cannot be analyzed.

During the EVP session at 11:12 pm. Missy reported hearing a loud gasp. This too was not captured by a recorder. No other events occurred during this session.

END TIME: 11:20 pm

3rd Floor – 11:20 pm

Group one went to the area around Room 300. The majority of the group was in the hallway; Jann and two of the student participants were in Room 300. An EVP session was conducted until 11:30 pm with no audible or recorded responses.

END TIME: 11:30 pm

Gym – 11:23 pm

Group 2 investigated the Gym until 11:30 pm. No activities were reported from this session.

END TIME: 11:30 pm

Everyone gathered at the base camp area one last time before heading to the final areas to be investigated.

Basement – 11:36 pm

The group held an EVP session until 11:45 pm. There were no activities witnessed or recorded.

END TIME: 11:45 pm

Auditorium – 11:37 pm

Group 2 seated themselves in the Auditoriumfor a final investigation of this area. There were no intelligent responses to any inquiries during the EVP session, though at one point everyone heard what sounded like a chair moving. Unfortunately this noise was not picked up on anyone’s recorder.

END TIME: 11:46 pm

Gym – 11:50 pm

Group 1 investigated the Gym until 12:01 am. During this session they made multiple attempts to draw attention to the touch flashlight and the small ball that was placed in the Gym as trigger objects. During this session there were some taps heard but whether they were responses to questions was undetermined.

END TIME: 12:01 am

3rd Floor – 11:50 pm

Everyone spread out in and around Room 300. During this session there were several noises that were heard. The noises were described as follows: Missy heard an undefined noise coming from behind the teacher’s desk; a thump was heard coming from the hallway; footsteps were heard in the classroom; Noah heard a second thump coming from the hallway; a knock was heard coming from the classroom; and Noah reported hearing voices in the hallway.

This is the same area where Group 1 had heard noises at four minute intervals earlier in the night. Noah was familiar with the noises that are common for this area and it seemed the noises that were heard were different. However, it can’t be known for certain that any of the noises were caused by anything paranormal.

No other events occurred and the investigation was ended.

END TIME: 12:00 am


No evidence was collected during this investigation

The class did a great job on what was for many their first investigation. There were many noises heard, but unfortunately they will remain personal experiences as no evidence was captured during this investigation.

The activity on this night was slow, but because there have been a variety of claims associated with this building, PIM was grateful to have had the opportunity to investigate it.

A special thank you goes out to the client in this case for allowing us once again to investigate this school. We love this site as it has many great claims of activity, and we hope to revisit it in the future!

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