The group arrived at the location at 6:30 pm and the students arrived at approximately 7:00 pm. The group brought equipment into the Cafeteria, which was used throughout the night as a basecamp. The PIM team members unpacked the equipment and began placing them in various locations in the school. Students took outside weather conditions and indoor baseline EMF and temperature readings. Several students were joining PIM for the investigation. After equipment was set up, the class was split into two groups and assigned to investigators. The equipment was turned on at 8:48 pm.

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Claims of Activity

  • There were no known claims prior to the investigation. However, once the team reached the location the group learned that a teacher that worked at the school had reported feeling watched while being by the stage in the Gym.


Before investigating the student were separated into two groups. The first group were under the supervision of John and Gravy, while the second group investigated with Noah.

Gym – 8:57 pm

Group 1 – At 8:57 pm, John and Gravy and their group of students spread out in the Gym. The group first observed several minutes of silence to get accustomed to the normal building sounds in that area. The group then conducted an EVP session with negative results.

No other events occurred and Noah radioed the group to switch locations a short time later.

END TIME: 9:45 pm

2nd Floor – 8:58 pm

Group 2 – Noah and his group took various positions on the 2nd Floor and observed five minutes of controlled silence. At 9:07 pm, a “squeak” sound, as if a doorknob was being turned, was heard from an undetermined location. One of the class members heard a “zapping” noise and simultaneously saw a flash of light in the middle of the hall where the trigger objects were setup. Several other members of the class also heard the sound.

At 9:39 pm, one of the class members again heard a “squeak” noise, described as a sound similar to a chair sliding across the floor. The sound seemed to be coming from a classroom, which was locked. The class member tried to recreate the noise by turning a doorknob and sliding a chair from an unlocked classroom but the sound could not be recreated effectively.

No other events occurred and Noah radioed the Group 1 to switch locations a short time later.

END TIME: 9:46 pm

2nd Floor – 9:50 pm

Group 1 – At 9:50 pm, the group spread out in the hallway of the 2nd Floor. After several minutes of silence, the group began an EVP session. At 10:02 pm, the group heard an unidentified noise which sounded as if it were originating in Room 208. John entered the room but did not hear or see anything out of the ordinary. John then returned to his position in the center of the hallway at 10:10 pm.

At 10:12 pm, Gravy stated he thought he saw a shadow several feet high approximately half way down the hallway.

At 10:26 pm, the toilet automatic flushers activated and approximately eight minutes later, they activated again.

At 10:35 pm, an “electric squeak” sound was heard from an undetermined location on the 2nd Floor. It sounded similar to the sound a smoke detector makes when the battery is low.

No other events occurred during this session and Noah radioed to meet on the 1st Floor a short time later.

END TIME: 10:36 pm

Gym – 9:52 pm

Group 2 – At 9:52 pm, the group spread out in the Gym and remained silent for five minutes to get acclimated to the normal sounds in that area. The group began an EVP session at 9:56 pm.

At 10:08 pm, Noah heard what he said sounded like a voice saying, “Amy”. However, upon review of the audio recorders this was not captured.

A short time later, Noah noticed a hot spot with his thermal imaging camera that seemed to be about two feet up on the cement block wall. Noah sent a class member over to the spot to see if they could feel a temperature difference. The class member did note a slightly warmer spot on the wall. Noah then had the class member go outside into the hallway behind the wall where the hotspot was located to see if there was a piece of machinery or something there that could cause the slight increase in temperature but nothing was found.

No other events occurred during this session and Noah radioed the other group to meet on the 1st Floor.

END TIME: 10:35 pm

Both groups took a break in the Lunch Room from 10:40 pm until 11:05 pm.

During the break, Noah informed the other group about the hotspot he had seen using his thermal imaging camera. Gravy then noted that several of his group members had been leaning up against the wall in certain spots which may have left a residual heat signature behind. Without Noah telling Gravy exactly where the spots were noted, Gravy went and pointed out where other members had been sitting and these spots matched up with the heat signatures. This provides an explanation for these heat signatures.

1st Floor – 11:07 pm

At 11:07 pm, Group 1 and Group 2 spread out on the 1st Floor and observed five minutes of silence.

At 11:15 pm, both groups participated in an EVP session.

At 11:24 pm, Noah and John heard a distinct sound of what appeared to be the end of a wooden dowel sliding in a magazine rack, approximately fifteen feet away from John, outside of Room 1. John and Noah replicated the sound by moving the wooden dowel, which had not been positioned in the corresponding hole. This sound was captured on John’s audio recorder but not on video. PIM can’t see the dowel move in the video and as such can not state that the noise was paranormal in nature. It may simply have been a coincidence.

END TIME: 11:45 pm


The class did an excellent job maintaining proper investigative protocol. Various noises were heard during the night, but nothing that can be conclusively classified as paranormal. No other evidence was found from this investigation. PIM would like to thank the Principal of the school for allowing us to investigate this location.

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