The group arrived early in the afternoon to review evidence. Their equipment was brought in and placed in a secure area. After evidence review, the group left for dinner then returned around 6:30 pm to start preparing for set-up of equipment. Prior to closing time, the group began to place equipment and darken areas of interest by pulling light bulbs or covering Exit signs, etc.

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While John was doing his sensitive impressions on the 4th Floor, he thought he saw a shadow move towards the stairs while he was facing the quiet study room. Immediately after he saw this he heard a two note whistle. It sounded to him like it came from a few feet from where he was standing. John immediately went down and informed Noah what he had experienced and they immediately turned on their control recorders and went back up to the 4th Floor to investigate further. The shadow and whistle were not heard again. Noah then asked the students working at the circulation desk if they had heard a whistle and one of them had but had disregarded it as someone whistling. They did not know where it might have come from, nor were there any doors or other items that they knew of that would create such a noise normally. Unfortunately, this was not caught on any recording devices at the time, and it wasn’t captured later in the investigation either.

By 8:00 pm, the first wave of students arrived for the investigation. The group made final rounds to finish darkening, turning off lights, securing the building and placing last minute equipment before beginning the investigation.


Floor 1A – 8:29 am

The group spread throughout the entire floor. After observing moments of silence to get accustomed to the normal sounds of the building, they began an EVP session. The laser grid began to dim and brighten randomly. Since this was an electronic failure and not paranormal, Noah turned the device off for the remainder of the night. No activity occurred during this time and the group ended the EVP session.

END TIME: 8:52 pm

Floor 2 – 8:56 pm

The group situated themselves throughout the Floor 2 and observed silence before beginning an EVP session. At 9:18 pm, Noah heard a sigh or exhale to his right. Unfortunately this was not captured on any audio recording devices. No obvious cause was found for this sound. No other activity occurred during this time and the EVP session was ended.

END TIME: 9:20 pm

Main Floor/Periodicals – 9:24 pm

The group spread throughout the Main Floor near the periodicals. After observing a few moments of silence, an EVP session began. No activity occurred during this time and the session was ended.

END TIME: 9:39 pm

4th Floor – 9:42 pm

The group spread out on the 4th Floor. Several members of the group sat in the study while others sat in the hallway. After several minutes of silence, the group began an EVP session. As the ten o’ clock hour approached, the next group of students were arriving and making very noticeable noises from outside. The head of the paranormal club on campus went down to ask the students to be quiet until our session was concluded. After he returned the group resumed the EVP session. No other events occurred and the EVP session was ended.

END TIME: 9:58 pm

The first group of students left the library and the second group of students entered. While in the main lobby area, Gravy went over the rules of investigating before the group went to the 1st Floor to begin the investigation.

Floor 1A – 10:17 pm

The group spread throughout the floor. Before the EVP session started, they observed silence for a few minutes for the new group to get accustomed to the normal sounds of the building. At 10:18 pm, Gravy and a student, sitting down the main aisle by the exit door, heard a loud sound of someone falling on the floor above. Noah went to the second floor to see of anything had fallen and to duplicate the sound. The sound was unable to be replicated by anything that Noah tried and he returned to Floor 1A.

At 10:19 pm, Gravy heard a female “Hmmm” and at 10:33 pm, Mark and Noah heard a male “Hmmm”. During this time, several students were experiencing shuffling or footsteps that were moving past one student towards another. No cause was found for this noise and it was not experienced again. No other activity occurred and the EVP session was ended.

END TIME: 10:44 pm

Floor 2 – 10:47 pm

The group spread out on the floor and observed silence before starting an EVP session. At 10:52 pm, several students heard the sound of two footsteps on the floor above them or in the stairwell. It was described as if someone were walking on tile. Then at 10:56 pm, several members heard a loud thump coming from upstairs. This sound was different than the one heard by Gravy and the student previously. It was thought that a machine turning on had caused it but no known cause was found. The EVP session was ended shortly after.

END TIME: 11:00 pm

4th Floor – 11:05 pm

Gravy led the group to the 4th floor while Noah stayed behind to pack some of the equipment. The group spread out in the study room and the hallway. After observing a few moments of silence, they began an EVP session. Gravy, knowing that is was quiet earlier, decided to use a provoking method during this EVP session. At 11:20 pm, a student heard a metallic click sound from behind the locked door leading to the attic. This noise could not be further investigated.

At 11:24 pm, a student in the study room felt a pinch on his shoulder. Gravy used his Mel-Vibe to see if there was any EMF in the area. There was little to no EMF surrounding the student at that time. No other events occurred and shortly thereafter, the investigation was called to an end.

END TIME: 11:25 pm

The students left the building and the group packed up their equipment, locked up, and left for the night.


No evidence was collected during this investigation.

This was PIM’s second time investigating Lane Library. PIM was interested in returning since Lane Library had recently undergone some renovations and it is believed that any changes to a building can increase any paranormal activity. Unfortunately, we were not able to document any paranormal activity during our investigation. PIM would always welcome another opportunity to investigate Lane Library again in the future to continue their study of the location.

PIM would like to thank Andy Prellwitz and Marc Eaton for allowing us to investigate the library and David Jewett and the rest of the PSS group for sponsoring our return trip to Lane Library. PIM looks forward to future investigations at Ripon College.

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