Noah, Tony, Chris P, and John arrived at the theater at 3:30 pm. They were let in by Jessi, an employee of the Riverside Theater. Everyone present loaded all the equipment onto the stage and started setting up their cameras etc. Jessi went upstairs to the Green Room during this time. At 3:45 pm Marty arrived and Noah let him in. Marty immediately started doing his sensitive impressions and Chris P walked around with him taking EMF readings. Gravy arrived at 3:50 pm and unloaded his equipment.

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A small boom box playing swing music was set up on the stage in hopes that the music might prime the environment and trigger responses. While Chris and Marty were taking readings, Gravy went around blocking out exit signs and covering other lights while Noah, Tony, and John set up and placed equipment. Marc arrived shortly after 4 pm to observe the setup.

Marc is a professor from Ripon College who is conducting research on the people who do paranormal investigation. As part of his research, he wanted to take part in a paranormal investigation.

Marty and Chris finished taking their readings at 4:45 pm and helped to set up the remainder of the equipment. Once all the equipment was in place, all of the voice recorders were started and then all of the lights were turned off on the upper floors.

Trigger objects of a small stuffed cat and a toy truck were placed in the 4th Floor hallway as there are reports of children on that floor.

At 5:30 pm, everyone left the theater except for Jessi to get some dinner. Everyone returned at 6:30 pm and were let back in by Jessi and her boyfriend who had joined her. They retired to the Green Room for the remainder of the evening.

Before splitting off into groups Marty and Gravy smelled something like candle wax burning from the stage area. The group spread out to discover its source but could not find it.

PIM broke into two groups to investigate for the evening. Group 1 was Noah, Tony, Marty, and Marc. Group 2 was Gravy, Chris P, and John. Marc would switch groups half way through the investigation so he could experience how both groups investigated.



2nd Floor – 6:55 pm

Everyone spread throughout the 2nd Floor. Noah was at the far right end of the hallway, Marty next to the bar area, Tony was at the far left end of the hallway near the door to the adjoining building, and Marc was halfway between Marty and Tony. The group began by giving a couple of minutes of control silence to observe the normal sounds for the area.

During this time, it was noticed that the light coming from the doorway leading to the adjoining building was blocked out. Also, voices could be heard. It was determined that there was a stairway just outside the doorway that people were using blocking out the light and causing the voices to be heard.

At 7:00 pm an EVP session was started. At 7:10 pm, Marty commented that he was picking up on a couple who was here to watch a show. He described them as a couple from the 1920’s who were richly dressed. The man’s name was George and the woman’s name was Melinda. Their last name ended in Heimer. Marty thought they came to see a show that had waltzing music in it. We directed some questions to them but no responses were noted during the EVP session or on any recording devices.

The EVP session continued and at 7:21 pm Tony and Noah heard something that sounded like a wallet being dropped on the ground. No people were seen going down the stairs in the adjoining building, but it is still possible that the sound originated from there.

No further events occurred and the session was ended and the group moved to the 4th Floor.

END TIME: 7:28 pm


Basement (Poker Room) – 7:00 pm

Everyone spread throughout the Poker Room. Chris sat by the main table while Gravy and John were near the main duct work going through the room. The group observed a few minutes of silence to get accustomed to the natural sounds.

At 7:09 pm a thump was heard. It was uncertain where it came from but everyone in the group heard it. A minute later there were sounds of conversations coming from above. Gravy radioed Noah to have him check in the theater for people. No one was in there. It was later believed that the sounds of voices were coming from the connected restaurant. Again, at 7:13 pm, two more thumps were heard from above.

No other activity occurred and the session was concluded. The group moved to the basement laundry room. On the way out of the poker room the group tried to find the origin of a loud banging pipe. Though the source was found, there was no way of ceasing the sound.

END TIME: 7:28 pm


4th Floor – 7:30 pm

The group spread out on the 4th floor with Marc at the far right end of the hallway, Noah by the landing, Tony on the far left end of the hallway, and Marty halfway between Tony and Noah in the hallway. The group started out with a couple of minutes of silence to observe the normal sounds for the area.

After the control silence, an EVP session was started. During the session Marty noted that a young boy was there who remembered Noah from a previous investigation. Many questions were asked to the boy but no answers were captured. The boy’s name was “Mark” and he had lost a cat named “Sam” when it was run over by a wagon. Marty thought that the boy wanted some candy and a ball to play with. A note was made for the next group to bring up these items to use as trigger objects.

Later during the EVP session Marty said that there was another person there named “Blaine” who was a heroin addict. Marty said he could hear the song “Inna Godda Da Vita” playing in his head. No other information was determined and no answers were heard or captured to any questions directed toward “Blaine”.

No further events occurred and the group decided to head back to the stage to switch spots with Group 2.

END TIME: 7:52 pm


Basement (Laundry Room) – 7:34 pm

The group spread out through the laundry room. John sat by the offices. Gravy sat between the freezer and East door while Chris sat close to the washing machines. The group observed silence while taking in the sounds of the room. The banging that was heard in the Poker Room could also be heard in the laundry room.

Nothing had happened during their EVP session so they concluded the session and met with Group 1 on the main stage for a short break and to discuss possible findings.

END TIME: 7:54 pm

It was discussed that Marty had sensed a young boy on the 4th floor that didn’t like the truck or kitty trigger objects that were there for him to play with. So a small ball was made out of duct tape. Group 2 then placed the ball, along with candy and a can of soda, on the 4th floor as trigger objects.


Basement (Laundry Room) – 8:14 pm

Everyone sat in front of Simon Bundy’s Office to see if they could communicate with the man that Marty sensed in the office. There was a lot of noise from the compressors in the room and after a short EVP session the group moved to the Poker Room.

END TIME: 8:29 pm


4th Floor Hallway – 8:16 pm

Gravy, Chris, and John spread out through the 4th floor. Gravy sat in the East wing of the hallway. Chris situated himself in the main lobby area at the top of the stairs. John sat in the West wing of the 4th floor.

Silence was observed before an EVP session was started. At 8:27 pm Chris heard the sounds of shuffling come from the stair well. Please note that sounds can travel from the 4th floor down to the basement lobby so any sounds made on each of the floors can travel and possibly become distorted. It was uncertain where the shuffling came from at that point.

The session was ended and the group moved to the light booth.

END TIME: 8:46 pm


Basement (Poker Room) – 8:32 pm

The group spread out in the area with Marty near the entrance, Noah sitting in a chair in front of the doorway to the back part of the room, Tony sitting next to the duct opening, and Marc sitting at the table on the other side of the pipes. Control silence was observed for a couple of minutes and then an EVP session was started.

Attempts were made to communicate with the “Fat Man” sitting in near the entrance to the room but no responses were noticed at the time or captured on any recording devices. During the EVP session it was thought that voices could be heard but they were fleeting and hard to determine where they were coming from. These voices were not captured on any recording devices.

No further activities occurred and the group wrapped up the EVP session and moved to the Mechanical Room.

END TIME: 8:47 pm


Light Booth – 8:50 pm

The group spread out through the Light Booth room and began observing silence. The group tried to provoke the man that had passed away in the light booth some time ago. At the time, nothing was heard or seen and the session was concluded.

The group made their way down to the main stage to meet with Group 1.

END TIME: 9:13 pm


Basement (Mechanical Room) – 8:51 pm

The group went to the Chiller Room to see if they could contact the teenage boy that Marty had picked up on earlier. On the way there, Tony heard a woman’s voice coming from the far back part of the room at 8:54 pm. The sound of chairs being moved was also heard. Noah and Tony headed upstairs to the first floor to see if they could determine what part of the building the noises had come from. Nothing seemed to match up so it was decided to head outside to see what was next to the theater that may have caused the noise. Noah radioed Gravy to have his group come down to the stage so they could head outside to take a look.

END TIME: 9:12 pm


Noah, Tony, Marty, and Marc headed outside and looked to see what was next to the theater above where they had heard the chair moving and the woman’s voice. They determined that a cigar shop was directly next to the theater and that a portion of the basement of the theater was actually under the cigar shop. This also helped to explain the cigar smell that people had reported in the basement and portions of the theater. It was assumed that the chair noises and woman’s voice had come from the shop.

Once everyone came back inside, a brief break was taken. Music was played in hopes to positively charge the surroundings and elicit a response. At the end of the break, Marc switched groups so he could observe how the other group operates. Group 1 then went back up to the upper floors and Group 2 went back to the Basement.


Light Booth – 9:50 pm

The group spread out in the light booth with Noah and Marty on the couch and Tony sitting near his camera by the old bathroom. After the control silence, an EVP session was started. The old man Marty picked up on was attempted to be contacted along with the possible spirit of the man who died of a heart attack in the booth. Unfortunately no responses were heard or recorded during this session.

They ended the EVP session and decided to move back down to the 4th Floor.

END TIME: 10:22 pm


Basement (Laundry Room) – 9:43 pm

The group started the session by playing music for a few minutes, after which, they began their EVP session. Chris sat by the washing machines, Gravy by the East door, and Marc and John sat near the offices. At 9:53 pm, there was a pop or tapping sound that originated near the office area. Since the door that the noise originated behind was locked, it was impossible to determine what caused the noise.

The group ended the session and moved to the Basement Lounge.

END TIME: 10:04 pm


Basement (Lobby/Bar) – 10:08 pm

The group spread out through the lounge area. Gravy stood behind the bar where in a previous investigation Karen had sensed a bartender. Marc sat on the bottom steps. John and Chris sat by the bathrooms. Music was, again, played for a few minutes.

At 10:14 pm, John felt a finger brush his arm. Please note that Gravy saw an insect flying around the bar area when the group first arrived in that area. John claims it wasn’t an insect.

At 10:19 pm, Marc heard a female screech come from up the stairs. Again, due to the travel of sound through the lobbies on all floors, this could have resonated from outside pedestrians or traffic.

At 10:28 pm, Noah radioed Gravy. Group 1 was hearing voices on the 4th floor. It was determined that they were hearing Group 2 talking from the Basement Lobby. Group 2 concluded their session in this area and moved to a room connected to the Poker Room.

END TIME: 10:30 pm


4th Floor – 10:24 pm

The group spread out on the 4th Floor with Tony on the far right end of the hallway, Marty on the far left end of the hallway and Noah sitting on the landing. After control silence, and EVP session was started.

We attempted to contact “Mark” again or anyone else that may be present but no activities were noted during this EVP session.

The group decided to switch with Group 2 and went down to the stage.

END TIME: 10:41 pm


Basement (Equipment Storage Room) – 10:37 pm

The group spread out in this small room and played music for a few minutes. Nothing happened and the group was summoned to the stage soon after.

END TIME: 10:47 pm

Once everyone had returned to the stage, a short break was taken. After the break, the groups switched locations and continued the investigation.


Basement (Chair Room) – 11:14 pm

Noah, Marty, and Tony spread out in the room each sitting on a chair. After our control silence, an EVP session was started and at 11:24 pm Noah and Marty thought they heard a male voice talking. Group 2 was radioed to see if they were talking and they had been. However, when they started talking again to see if we could hear them, we couldn’t. Throughout the rest of the EVP session no other voices were noticed and the group ended the EVP session at 11:30 pm.

END TIME: 11:30 pm


Upper Balcony – 11:12 pm

The group spread out through the balcony seats. At 11:20, Chris heard a clicking noise to his left. At the time he was sitting near the West side of the balcony. It was not determined where the sound came from.

Shortly after, the group was radioed by Group 1 to see if they were talking. When it was decided that Group 2 might be contaminating Group 1’s EVP session, they decided to move to the 4th floor.

END TIME: 11:27 pm


Basement (Poker Room) – 11:32 pm

The group spread out in the room and conducted and EVP session. At 11:40 pm, something that sounded like a throat being cleared and a chair moving was heard. Group 2 was radioed to see where they were at but it was determined that the noises did not come from them, nor did they hear it themselves. Unfortunately because the noise in the room, this was not captured on any of the recording devices.

No other activities occurred during the EVP session and it was ended at midnight.

END TIME: 12:00 am


4th Floor Lobby – 11:34 pm

The group spread throughout the wings of the 4th floor and began an EVP session. With no activity occurring, the group concluded this session and moved down to the 3rd floor lobby.

END TIME: 11:59 pm


3rd Floor Lobby – 12:03 am

Again the group spread out through the 3rd floor wings and began an EVP session. Shortly after, the group was summoned down to the stage area to meet with Group 1. Nothing was reported to happen in this area.

END TIME: 12:11 am

Both groups met on the stage area for a short break before continuing the remainder of the investigation.

Main theater seats – 12:30 am

To end the evening, it was decided to do a full group session in the main house of the theater with everyone spread out throughout the seats. After control silence, an EVP session was conducted. Marty thought he heard talking to his left, but that is something we had experienced before coming from the restaurant next door. At 12:34 am, Marty thought he saw a glowing exit sign get blocked from view. No cause for this was found and it was not captured on any video cameras.

After some more time had passed it was decided to play some music using a cd player that was on the stage. Different music had been played throughout the evening to see if it could stir up any activity. Some swing music was played for 3 minutes and then stopped and the EVP session was continued. No activities occurred during this session and it was decided to end the investigation for the evening and to start cleaning up.

END TIME: 1:30 am

The group packed up all their equipment and uncovered/turned on all the lights in the building. The group let themselves out at 2:05 am and headed home.


Stage – 11:00 pm

A female voice can be heard whispering from the stage


PIM had another great investigation at the Riverside Theater. We tried using music during this investigation to attract attention to our investigation. Unfortunately, we did not have any recordable results of this experiment. However, we have several other experiments we would like to try in this location to see what we might get. We were able to get another EVP, although we couldn’t make out what is being said. This is another piece to the puzzle to what is occurring at the Riverside Theater.

Each investigation that PIM does at the Riverside gives us more insight into the workings of the building and helps us to better understand what is normal and what isn’t. This helps us to conduct a more streamlined investigation each time we come back. PIM looks forward to their next investigation at the Riverside Theater to continue their ongoing study of this location.

PIM would like to thank the Riverside Theater for allowing us to investigate this historic location once again. PIM would also like to thank Jason for setting up the details for the investigation and Jessi for being available for us to investigate.

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