The group got up and reviewed evidence until around noon when they left to get some lunch. When they returned, they continued evidence review until 4:00 pm. At that point equipment was set back up and it was decided to try a daytime investigation.

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Once baseline conditions were taken, the group headed to the 2nd Floor for the daytime investigation. Most paranormal investigations are conducted at night out of convenience since both the client and investigators work during the day. However, there are numerous reports of activity occurring during the daytime hours, so PIM always takes an opportunity to try a daytime investigation when they can.


Attic – 5:36 pm

The group began the daytime investigation in the Attic of the house. They conducted an EVP session until 5:17 pm. No audible responses were heard or recorded during this session. Afterward, the group moved downstairs to discuss the plan for the rest of the day.

END TIME: 5:57 pm

The group setup and restarted all equipment as it was the previous night and left the house at 6:00 pm for dinner. The owner was meeting a friend for dinner and a movie and would be leaving the house shortly after the group had left. He would not return until after midnight. One of the two cats was out of the house, but the other cat which was ill remained in the house. Video review afterward revealed that the cat that remained in the house stayed on the couch in the Family Room the entire time after the owner left.

The group returned at 7:36 pm and entered the house. All equipment was checked and the investigation was begun in the Old Basement.

Old Basement – 7:46 pm

The group spread out in the Old Basement with John sitting on the stairs, Andy sitting just to the west of the bottom of the stairs, Noah sitting to the north of the steps, and Gravy sitting to the east of the steps. A short EVP session was held and no noticeable activity was detected in the Basement. At 8:10 pm the sound of an alarm was heard on the 1st Floor. The group decided to end the EVP session to go upstairs and investigate the noise.

END TIME: 8:15 pm

1st Floor – 9:10 pm

It was determined that the alarm had come from the MEL-8704REM/ATDD/SDD and was due to the sun going down causing a decrease in light in the room which caused the shadow detector to alarm. This is normal operation of this device and is not paranormal.

The group spread out on the 1st Floor of the house. Noah was in the Dining Room, Gravy was in the Parlor, John was in the Living Room, and Andy was in the Family Room. The group conducted an EVP session. This session continued until 9:28 pm when the group decided to move to the 2nd Floor. No audible responses were heard or captured on recorders during this session.

END TIME: 9:28 pm

2nd Floor – 9:32 pm

Noah was in the Northwest Bedroom, Gravy was in the Master Bedroom, John was in the Northeast Bedroom, and Andy was in the Nursery.

An EVP session was started after a controlled silence. Shortly into the investigation, at 9:51 pm John moved into the Northeast Bedroom closet.

At 9:55 pm a noise that sounded like the bark of a small dog was heard. This was captured on the audio recorders, but upon review doesn’t sound like a dog bark but more like a water drip or something similar. Since something similar has been reported and captured multiple times by different teams, PIM has included this clip to the owner for comparison but is not including it in the evidence as the noise could be a normal building noise.

After a few more minutes, at 10:00 pm, John reported that felt his hair was touched twice two minutes earlier. At this time John began shivering, so the ambient air temperature of the closet was taken and was found to be 75 degrees Fahrenheit. At this time John was beginning to get uncomfortable so it was decided to head downstairs.

END TIME: 10:10 pm

The EVP session was ended, and all members went downstairs to take a break and check John’s temperature, blood pressure, and blood glucose. After the check, the group went outside until John felt better. Andy noted that when John started having his experience, the moon had just come out from behind the clouds and tree line; however Noah pointed out that the moon was in fact not full and was waning so it seems that the full moon was not a contributing factor to John’s condition.

The group returned to the Dining Room once John was feeling better and it was decided to head back to the 2nd Floor to see if more information could be gathered about what was affecting John.

2nd Floor – 10:38 pm

Andy was in the Northwest Bedroom, John was in the Master Bedroom, Noah was in the closet in the Northeast Bedroom, and Gravy was in the Nursery.

An EVP session was started after a controlled silence. At 10:40 pm, John heard a creaking noise in the Master Bedroom near the rocking chair. Andy then heard the floor creaking in the hall between the Upstairs Bathroom and the Northwest Bedroom at 10:45 pm.

At 10:50 pm, Andy started coughing and went downstairs to get a drink of water. He then came back upstairs at 10:55 pm and continued with the group in the EVP session as Noah and Gravy traded positions.

At 11:02 pm, John began shivering again. Gravy closed the door to the closet and John immediately stopped shaking. Gravy opened the door again and the shaking continued. He made the sound of closing the door yet left it open; John’s shivering stopped again. At this time it was 11:06 pm, and John and Andy went downstairs to get some water and allow John some time to recover.

Just after John and Andy had gone downstairs Noah and Gravy were discussing what had happened and during this time an EVP was captured of a male voice. The exact nature of what is being said is not able to be determined, but PIM cross-checked all control recorders and stationary recorders and is confident this is not one of PIM’s investigators. This clip is included in the evidence tab for this case.

At 11:13 pm, John was feeling better, so he and Andy went back upstairs. When they got back upstairs, Gravy asked John how he felt as he got closer to the closet. John could not see the closet, and Gravy asked if John thought the door was open or closed. John said that, as he was not feeling the effects any more, he thought the door was probably closed. At this time Gravy showed John that the closet was in fact open. This experiment illustrates the fact that there is a psychological aspect to John’s symptoms. Although PIM believes the symptoms are real in the sense that an elevated temperature and blood pressure were noted during John’s episodes, PIM also believes that John has a psychological connection between the closet and his symptoms. Although the moon being full or close to full may have a role in these phenomena, no other physical cause has been found for John’s episodes. Another investigation is scheduled for later in the year which also features a full moon. PIM is eager to see the results of this investigation in order to compare to this one.

After this Noah, Gravy, John, and Andy all congregated in the Northeast Bedroom. At 11:25 pm, Andy went into the closet, and John lay on the bed in the Northeast Bedroom. Since the symptoms John were experiencing seemed to lessen when either Noah or Gravy were in the Northeast Bedroom closet, it was decided that Gravy and Noah would go downstairs, leaving John and Andy on the 2nd Floor alone.

At 11:28 pm, Andy closed himself in the closet. At 11:30 pm, John asked Andy to check the window for a draft, and John and Andy traded places. No events occurred during this session, nor did John’s symptoms return. At 11:46 pm, John and Andy went downstairs to meet Noah and Gravy so the group could wait for the owner to return.

END TIME: 11:46 pm

The group gathered around the dining room table while they waited for the owner to return. The owner returned at 12:06 am and the group visited with him about the movie he saw and some other topics before moving up to the 2nd Floor with the owner to continue the investigation.

2nd Floor – 12:51 am

Gravy was in the Northwest Bedroom, John was in the Master Bedroom, Andy and the owner was in the Northeast Bedroom, and Noah was in the hall. At 12:55 am, noise that sounds like a bark was heard. Unfortunately, this was not captured on our audio devices and it was noted that it sounded differently than the noise that was captured earlier in the evening.

The group then started an EVP session with the owner. Andy asked questions using ASL in the direction of the closet. Following this, Andy repeated the questions in ASL in the direction of the bed.

The owner then moved to the Northwest Bedroom to attempt to communicate with any spirits located there. No events happened and the owner then moved to the Nursery and Master Bedroom to attempt communication once more. No further events occurred and it was decided to end the investigation.

END TIME: 1:20 am

The investigation was ended, and the group started shutting down and packing equipment as the owner prepared to go to bed. Noah, Gravy, John, and Andy packed up the truck and headed back to Wisconsin.


Control Recorder – 11:06 pm

A male voice was captured in this audio clip


On this investigation, PIM set out to scrutinize several hypotheses about activity at this location. Chiefly among them was whether the full moon or the use of sign language impacted the level of paranormal activity. In both of these cases, no evidence was found that would corroborate these hypotheses. Activity seemed to actually increase on the second evening (the night after the full moon), and after several replications of a sign language experiment, no EVPs, disembodied voices, or other intelligent communication was detected. In addition to sign language, flash cards were also employed, yielding no result.

PIM also set out to test the health effects of the location on John, a PIM Investigator. On previous investigations, John has exhibited symptoms of headaches and shivering when near the 2nd Floor closet in the Northeast Bedroom. When he left the house or went downstairs, the symptoms lessened. In order to test this, PIM took baseline readings of John’s temperature, blood pressure, and blood glucose so that it could be compared to readings to be taken if John experienced the headaches and fever again.

When testing the effects on John, it was found that he experienced a 2.3 degree Fahrenheit raise in body temperature and his blood pressure rose from 160/98 to 220/130 while under distress from the experience.

It was also hypothesized that physical barriers, such as doors, were able to stop John’s symptoms. During an instance of these symptoms, the closet door was repeatedly opened and closed so that this could be tested. It was found that the symptoms stopped when the door was closed and began again upon opening the door. It was also found that if John was told the door was closed the symptoms would also stop, even if the door was in fact open. This neither proves nor disproves that any of John’s experiences were paranormal in origin; however it does open up the possibility that they were a psychologically induced phenomenon linked to John’s perception of the closet and what may or may not be contained within it. PIM fully believes that John was experiencing what he reported and will continue to study this on future visits to this location.

PIM was able to obtain some audio evidence from this investigation, although it is not known what is being said in the clip. This is not the most impressive piece of evidence that PIM has captured at this location, but it does add to the body of data that PIM has collected to date.

PIM would like to thank Al for once again opening his home to us and allowing us to have the pleasure of investigating this magnificent property. Willow Creek Farm is a very interesting place and we are grateful for the experiences we have had there. PIM looks forward to its next investigation.

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