Farrar Schoolhouse History

Before 1919, Farrar School was nothing more than a plot of farm land. The Washington County School District decided it was time to merge all the areas “one room school houses” and build a much more modern school for the area children. So in 1921 the school was built with a large $100,000 price tag and included boiler heat, electric lights and indoor bathrooms. It was a very lavish school for its day and some people in the district disagreed with the building of such an expensive and lavish school.

For eighty years class after class was educated in this school but after time the walls began to crumble and the school closed its doors in 2002. Over the decades employees and students alike reported having had experienced things they could not explain.

The school was bought in 2006 by Jim and Nancy Oliver. It has become their home while they slowly restore it to its original appearance. That is when PIM decided it was time they visit the school to conduct their own investigation.

Reported Paranormal Activity

  • The current owner Nancy Oliver stated having seen the figure of a young boy while standing on stairs near the Gym
  • She also stated that in one of the classrooms the figure of a young girl with a long, frilly dress and curly hair was seen. The giggle of a child was also heard during the incident
  • Former Janitor Bill Webb stated that he would frequently find the Gym lights on after hours even though he was sure he had turned them off
  • He also heard noises that sounded like people were walking around on the lower floor
  • People have claimed to see a shadow figure coming down the steps out of the Principal’s Office
  • A boy was seen exiting the closet in Room 206
  • The sound of voices has been heard throughout the school
  • Slamming doors have also been heard while nobody else is in the building
  • Unnatural figures have been seen walking the halls, including a 9 foot tall shadow figure that roams the third floor
  • Balls have been seen rolling around on their own in a classroom on the 3rd Floor that is now labeled the Ball Room
  • A paranormal team claimed to hear music being played while in the Gym. It was hard to tell where the music was coming from
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