The Modjeska Theatre was a theater built in 1910 as a vaudeville and movie palace, located at 1134 W. Mitchell St. in Milwaukee. The theater was named after Helena Modjeska, a Polish actress of celebrity status. The theater had 840 seats at that time. In 1924, the theater was sold and the new owners demolished the building and rebuilt it, now with 2000 seats and retained the name. In the 1950’s, the pipes were removed from the pipe organ chambers to make room for air conditioner units.

In 1989, the theater closed but was sold and reopened in 1991. The new owner removed two dozen front row seats to make room for a dance and other events. In 1993, the number of seats was reduced to 1700.

In 2007, the theater was sold to the Modjeska Theatre Project. The theater closed in 2010 due to financial difficulties. The theater will be reopening in 2015 under new ownership.

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