Thornhaven Manor’s mysterious glare gives it the feeling of something out of a classic horror movie


Simon T. Powell, one of the wealthiest men in the area, built what is now called Thornhaven Manor in 1845. Built on hundreds of acres, this home is now surrounded by a mere fraction of the original acreage. It was the home of his wife and several of her children from her previous marriage to the late Jacob Thornburg. It was soon to become the home to four children of their own. One of which would pass away in the home at the young age of two. The third oldest, Ester Catherine or Katie, would later pass away in the home at the age of 27 just six years after her marriage to William Elliot in 1869.

A shabby room in the interior of Thornhaven Manor
A shabby room in the interior of Thornhaven Manor

Simon Titus Powell was born August 21st, 1821 in Cambridge City. He became crippled from Palsy at the age of 14 and later lost the use of his left leg in the Civil War. Powell married Elizabeth Thornburg in 1841 and then married Melvina Conway two years after Elizabeth’s death in 1881. Powell eventually died in his own home on October 5th, 1901 from a long battle with an illness. His will left his fortune to his son Henry and his at the time wife Melvina.

In 2012, the current owner, Steve, purchased the property and named it Thornhaven Manor based on the numerous thorn trees found on the property.


  • Hearing the sound of a chair dragging upstairs from the 1st Floor
  • Hearing the sound of footsteps upstairs from the 1st Floor
  • Shadow seen blocking a light source in the Servant Quarter’s*
  • A thermal imaging figure seen through a window outside**
  • Object manipulation of a chair*
  • Claims of light headedness and dizziness while climbing main staircase
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