The Times opened on June 12, 1935. The Times and another theatre called The Tosa became the first Marcus Corporation theaters in Milwaukee. In 1940 Ben Marcus and a man with the last name of Swirnoff purchased them under the name S & M Theaters.

The Times was purchased from the Marcus Corporation by Vliet Street entrepreneur Sandy Folaron in the early 1990’s. She owned the building and leased the cinema to independent operators until 2005. It was then sold on January 3rd 2007 when David Glazer bought it and operated it until the property fell into foreclosure. On May 7th, 2012, Lee Barczak bought the property out of foreclosure along with the Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse which was also previously owned by David Glazer.

PIM will have the opportunity to investigate this theatre as well in the near future.

The Times is best known for showing Hollywood classics and independent, offbeat films.

PIM was called in because the employees have had some experiences that they have been unable to explain. PIM did a walkthrough of the location several weeks before doing the investigation to view the space and see where the claims of activity were located on the property.

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