In 1899 Dr. John and Jessie Gibbons purchased Whispers Estate from the original owners, Dr. George and Sarah White. Dr. John and Jessie reportedly adopted abandoned/orphaned children. Legend says a family was riding their carriage past the Gibbon’s home one day in the early 1900’s and had an accident. The father died instantly and the mother died soon after so the Gibbon’s adopted the children. One of these children was allegedly a 10 year old girl named Rachael (adoption papers were not always filed during this time period so evidence of legal adoption is very difficult to find). It has been said that Rachael started a fire in the front Parlor around Christmas time in 1912. She was supposedly taking a peek at the presents under the tree when she knocked over a candle on the Christmas tree and started the room on fire. There still is evidence of a fire on the woodwork in the Parlor. Rachael was badly burned and died 2 days later in her upstairs bedroom. It is said that Dr. John administered an overdose of morphine to Rachael because he viewed her as damaged goods and didn’t want her ruining his reputation.

Another alleged daughter, a 10 month old infant named Elizabeth, died in the Master Bedroom of unknown causes. Jessie died in that same bedroom in 1933 after a bout with double-pneumonia.

Dr. John was a prominent doctor in town, having his office in the 1st floor rooms in the house. Given the time period and medical field, it is likely many patients died there during his practice of 26 years.

It is documented that Helen (the only documented adopted daughter of the Gibbons) tried to have Dr. John committed into an insane asylum. It is said that Dr. John was a pervert and inappropriately touched some of his female patients. He was also known to do gruesome abortions on some of his patients. Some believe that there are four graves in the backyard along with a pit-grave containing amputated limbs, internal organs, aborted fetus’ and who knows what else.

After his death in 1944, 10 years after his wife Jessie, the house was given to Helen. It is said the Helen promptly sold the house, having absolutely no interest in having any ties to the house anymore.

Stories of subsequent owners/occupants suggest others have encountered their own demise, such as a gentleman in the 1950’s who died in the upstairs bathroom and was not found for three days. It is also said that a young special needs boy named Gary died in the home. Gary’s family was renting out the 2nd floor of the house. Some say he died from falling down the front staircase but others suggest it was from his shunt malfunctioning. After Gary died the family moved and his father, Virgil, came back to get some items from a closet and suffered a fatal heart attack in the closet.

In 2006 the house was sold to the current owners after it sat vacant for a few years. They claim that during restoration strange activity started to occur. They gave the house the name “Whispers Estate” after guests repeatedly reported hearing voices whispering in their ears.

The Parlor

  • Dolls on the piano usually bring about bad luck in 3’s if they are touched
  • Guests claim to be scratched, pushed and bitten
  • There is a mirror in this room that guests claim to see strange things in
  • The chandelier in this room has been known to shake violently
  • The piano has played twice on its own
  • Full bodied human and non-human apparitions have been seen

Dr. John’s Waiting Room (aka Big Black’s Room)

  • A big black shadow has been seen
  • Light anomalies have been seen
  • Women have claimed to be touched inappropriately

Dr. John’s Examination Room

  • Women have claimed to be touched inappropriately in a violent manner
  • A candle was thrown violently
  • Vintage crutches have moved on their own
  • Guests claim to feel nauseous, taste blood in their mouth and get migraine headaches
  • Mini-mag lights have been manipulated

Jessie’s Room

  • The scent of rotting flesh and baby powder have been smelled
  • Door opens on its own
  • Entity named “Gary” supposedly stays in the closet in this room
  • Toy cars in the closet move on their own. Some claim “Gary” is playing with them
  • Door to closet opens on its own
  • Guests claim to be touched

Rachael’s Room

  • Beach balls on bed move on their own
  • Two dolls on the bed that make sounds, operate on their own without anyone touching them
  • Pillows get tied together by their strings
  • Strings from the pillows on the bed can be found pulled off the pillows and spread around on the floor
  • Doll hair from a doll on the bed can also be found spread around on the floor


  • Sconce on the wall has fallen to the floor without anyone touching it or moving in the room
  • A nine year old girl was scratched on a tour of the home
  • Somehow a man was pulled down the stairs in this room causing him to need nine stitches
  • A mother and daughter were coming down the steps during a tour. The woman was lifted up and over her daughter and thrown down the stairs
  • A rocking chair in this room has moved on its own

2nd Floor Hallway

  • Unusual sounds and feelings have been claimed by guests who sit in this hallway
  • Footsteps can be heard coming up the Front Staircase
  • Guests have claimed to be pushed

Servant’s Quarters/Virgil’s Closet

  • A girl was choked in the closet
  • A large horned entity has been seen in the closet
  • A staff member was locked in the closet. The lock is located on the outside of the closet doors
  • Guests claim to be pushed/attacked in the quarters

Seance Room in Attic

  • An EVP was captured of a man saying “Get Out”
  • A pair of eyes were seen in the dark

Red Room in Attic

  • Nightmare/night terrors have occurred to guests that sleep in this room
  • Guests have been bitten in this room by an unseen force

Middle Room in Attic

  • Demonic voices have been heard
  • A pair of eyes have been seen in the dark


  • Guests claim to be touched in this area
  • A dark entity has been seen across from the chimney stack
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