Noah, founder of PIM, introducing the CBS58 crew to the basics of a scientific paranormal investigation

Halloween is always a fun and spirited (pun intended) time of the year. As paranormal investigators, we also find ourselves busied with a plethora of interesting opportunities to help the community celebrate. We were delighted when we received a call from our friends at CBS58 and found out that they were looking to do a paranormal investigation of one of our favorite haunts, the Brumder Mansion. PIM was happy to guide a short investigation with the pair of reporters, Chris and Andy, who would later spend the night.

Undoubtedly selected for its storied history, the mansion was center stage for a walkthrough while owners Tom and Julie discussed its various tales and haunts.

To learn more about the building and previous owners, check out our article on the history of the mansion.

After filming the walkthrough and a short interview with PIM members about the nature of the paranormal and evidence captured within the building, it was time to begin the investigation. Lead by Noah, Gravy and Brandon the team first headed to the mansion’s basement theatre.

After a brief introduction to the ways that PIM conducts a paranormal investigation, the cameras were set rolling and the team begin an EVP session. Tensions ran high as Chris sat on the stage and mentioned seeing something move past him, a claim that mirrored a personal experience held by Noah, in the exact same spot, on his first investigation of the Brumder Mansion.

The left wall is the sealed entrance to what was supposedly a tunnel for smuggling rum during prohibition times.

After concluding in this location, the team moved to the tunnel area – supposedly an avenue for running booze while the building was a speakeasy during the prohibition era. While in separate rooms in the hallway, Andy reported feeling a vibration in the chair he was seated in and Chris mentioned feeling a slight tingle near the top of his head when next to the supposed old tunnel closure. We would be remiss not to mention here that there is some older wiring at just about head height near the tunnel’s mouth, and close proximity to unshielded wiring can cause a tingling sensation. However, when measured, the wiring did not give off the expected EMF spike that is commonly associated with older wiring.

Upon conclusion of the EVP session in the basement, the team moved up to the second floor, into George’s Suite, named for the original owner of the mansion. Claims in the room range from whispering to knocking and flickering lights up to items being moved while patrons are out of the room. Having set up another EVP session, everyone settled in to try to communicate with anything that may be lurking in Andy’s accommodations for the evening.

George’s Suite; claims in this room range from whispering to knocking and flickering lights all the way up to items being moved while patrons are out of the room

During the course of the session, a loud knock was heard between the suite and the Green Room, attached by an adjoining bathroom. The team investigated the sound, but were unable to say definitively what caused it. While reviewing evidence after the investigation, PIM members found a whispering and knocking sound in this room while none of the investigators were present. Although this is interesting, PIM members and guest investigators were moving through the building and talking at the time the clip was captured, and there is no accounting for other guests in the active bed and breakfast. PIM cannot label this clip as paranormal, but have a listen for yourself.

George’s Suite – 12:59 am

Listen about halfway through this clip for a possible whisper

Our investigation came to a close in the Marion Suite, which was to be Chris’ room, shortly after Gravy felt what he described as a cool breeze from above, as though the air conditioner had kicked on – very similar to something Chris had experienced earlier on the tour of the building. The air conditioner was, of course, disabled for the purposes of the investigation, as well as it being the chilly fall night. Having concluded the final EVP session, PIM members broke down all of the equipment set up for the investigation and wished the now thoroughly unnerved Chris and Andy a pleasant stay in their rooms before heading out to get some rest and review captured audio and video from the night.

Both Chris and Andy survived their night in the purportedly haunted mansion and had great things to say about the stay and the investigation.

We would like to thank the CBS58 crew for inviting us to help them with their Halloween special and for being great guest investigators. We also would like to thank Tom and Julie at the Brumder Mansion for being as fantastic as ever, they run a wonderful bed and breakfast, please consider staying the night if you’re looking for a potentially spooky experience while enjoying an extremely classy and relaxing stay. Want to visit and investigate for yourself? PIM will be hosting a public investigation at the Brumder November 9th and 10th of 2018, and limited tickets are still available. Check out our events page for more details.

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