The team arrived at Bobby Mackey’s Music World at a little after 9:00 pm. Wanda Kay, the property manager and guide for the investigation, met the team at the side entrance of the building and let everyone in. The team brought in all the equipment and set everything in the Gift Shop area which would act as base camp for the night.

Everyone immediately started setting up gear. Due to the short investigation time frame (5 hours total) the team had a very detailed plan of what was going where. After Jann and Missy had gotten their cameras setup, they went outside to take outside weather conditions and then Jann began taking baseline EMF and temperature readings on the 1st Floor of the bar.

At 10:03 pm, Jann was taking EMF and temperature readings in the back part of the bar near to where the mechanical bull was situated when she felt like her stomach was twisted and she might throw up and immediately after felt like she wanted to break down and cry. This had not happened to her previously and affected her enough that she called Missy over to see if she would experience the same thing. Missy felt strange in the same location but did not have the same feelings that Jann did. This would be just the beginning of the events that both Jann and Missy would experience on this investigation.

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The rest of the team continued to set up equipment during this time and Gravy and Noah were upstairs in George’s Apartment when Jann came up to take EMF and temperature readings and then decided to tell Noah and Gravy what had happened on the 1st Floor. Jann decided to stay and talk with Wanda while Noah and Gravy headed back to the 1st Floor to continue equipment setup. After talking with Wanda, Jann seemed to feel better and finished baseline readings on the 1st Floor.

On the 1st Floor a Sony HDR-XR200V video camera was setup covering the Stage and Dance Floor area and a touch flashlight was placed on the Dance Floor and a Zoom H2 audio recorder was placed on the Stage.

A Sony HDR-SR5 video camera was placed near a back exit door facing toward the raised seating area and restrooms. A geophone was placed outside the Women’s Bathroom in view of the camera and a Mel-8704REM/ATDD/SDD was placed across the doorway between the Women’s Bathroom and the seating area as shadows have been reported to move through this area. The Mel-8704REM/ATDD/SDD has an EMF, temperature, and shadow detection function.

In the Bull Area, two video cameras were set up and a Zoom H1 audio recorder was placed to cover the area.

In George’s Apartment, a Sony HDR-SR7 video camera was placed on the bar facing the old poker table. The trigger objects placed there were whiskey, a cigar, a deck of playing cards, a Playboy magazine, and a razor blade. There was also a Sony DCR-SR85 video camera placed at the top of the stairs that lead to George’s Apartment shooting towards the bottom of the stairs.

Lastly in this area, in the Cat Walk, a Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum video camera was placed along with a Zoom H1 audio recorder. Also placed in view of the camera were a baby doll, pills, and some jewelry that were placed as trigger objects. Since PIM was not allowed to walk on the Cat Walk, Noah placed the equipment and trigger objects as far down as he could reach while still keeping his feet on the ladder.

After all of the equipment was placed, the team started running everything and then moved to the Basement just before 10:30 pm.

In order to reach the Basement, everyone had to leaveBobby Mackey’s Music World and walk around the outside of the building and entered through a large sliding door. Once everyone had entered the Basement Wanda started giving a quick tour going over the hotspots and what had occurred in the Basement.

While this tour was going on, Michael and Josh were setting up a camera in Johanna’s Dressing Room while Noah, Missy, Marc, Jann, and Gravy were listening to Wanda while standing near the large plastic barrels that hold the empty glass bottles from the bar upstairs.

At 10:31 pm, Missy suddenly felt like she was grabbed by both of her shoulders and pushed backwards by an unseen force and she fell to the ground while standing still. This was witnessed directly by Jann and Marc and indirectly by Noah who had his head down while he was listening to Wanda but could see Missy’s legs and feet. Missy was quite startled by this event and it can clearly be heard in her voice at the time that she did not understand what just happened to her (the audio of this event has been included in the Evidence tab). Noah quickly helped Missy to her feet and inquired if she was ok and Wanda quickly came over to help as well. It was decided by Wanda to remove Missy from the Basement for a short time. Noah accompanied Missy outside with Wanda and the rest of the team stayed in the Basement to continue setting up gear.

While Missy, Noah, and Wanda were outside and shortly after Missy had gotten pushed, Jann started feeling angry. Gravy asked her if she was ok, and Jann felt so angry she thought she was going to physically assault Gravy. Jann did not say anything at the time, but this feeling would continue later in the investigation and become worse.

After a few minutes, Missy felt up to returning to the Basement and the tour continued without incident. However, after this event, Noah decided to reshuffle some gear so that he could carry one of his cameras for the remainder of the investigation since nothing was running previously besides audio. The team headed back up to base camp to gather some more equipment and then headed back down to the Basement to finish setup and start everything running.

The team entered the Basement at 10:52 pm and started placing the last of the equipment. While setting up a video camera in the Wall of Faces room, Missy started having a mini EVP session at 11:13 pm, trying to get the child spirits that were reported to reside there to move a ball that was already in the room. Jann, Noah, and Gravy were also in the room setting gear and everyone seemed to see the ball move slightly a few times.

At this time all of the gear had been placed and everything was running. The following equipment was placed in the Basement. A camera was setup shooting into Johanna’s Dressing Room along with a Zoom H1 audio recorder. Also included were a bullet and some make-up as trigger objects.

In the Well Room, a video camera was placed just outside the room shooting through the window that covered the well and jail cell. A Zoom H1 audio recorder was also placed in this room along with a crucifix, cross, Bible, and rosary as trigger objects.

In the Wall of Faces room a video camera was placed along with a Zoom H2n audio recorder. A Mel-8704Vibe which includes a built-in geophone was placed on the table with the toys for the children. Also placed in the room were a toy car and toy cat as trigger objects.

In the main corridor, a camera was placed at the end of the hallway near the dressing rooms pointing toward the front door of the Basement to capture the apparition of “The Cowboy” that is reported to move through that area.


Basement (Main Corridor) – 11:20 pm

Everyone was spread out in the Main Corridor. At 11:24 pm Missy started an EVP session. At 11:26 pm, Jann felt is if something touched her right breast. No one was standing close to her at the time and the sensation could not be explained. No evidence was captured on video, and the team decided to head to the Wall of Faces Room.

END TIME: 11:27 pm

Wall of Faces Room – 11:28 pm

Everyone spread out in the Wall of Faces Room. Michael, Marc, and Wanda sat in chairs in the back of the room while Noah, Missy, Jann, Gravy, and Josh sat in the chairs setup around a table that held toys that were there are trigger objects for the child spirits that are supposed to reside in the room.

The group started with a few minutes of control silence and then started an EVP session. Everyone tried to get the child spirits to move various toys on the table. At 11:29 pm, Noah heard what he thought were quick footsteps which was captured on several audio recorders. However, after listening to the recordings it was decided this could have been someone shifting.

At 11:32 pm, Gravy reported that he felt like his sleeve had been tugged. However, there was a large moth that was flying around the group and it was most likely it brushed up against Gravy’s sleeve while he was sitting in the dark.

The team tried for several more minutes to communicate with anything that might be present but no activities occurred. At 11:39 pm, Michael suggested that everyone move away from the table and see if maybe something might be more apt to interact if we backed away. So at 11:40 pm, everyone who was seated around the table got up and backed away from the table but still stood around it except for Jann who remained seated.

Now Josh was standing up in the middle of the room and Noah, Missy, and Gravy were standing to the right of the table near the Wall of Faces. After a few minutes, Gravy realized that Josh was standing right in the middle of the camera angle for the static camera in the room so that if anything did move on the table he would block the camera from seeing it. Thus, Gravy asked Josh to move and Josh then moved next to Missy.

At 11:45 pm, Josh had just finished asking the child spirits to move something on the table when Missy was violently pushed backwards into the Wall of Faces which was located immediately behind her and then to the floor. Noah, who was standing on the other side of Missy from where Josh was, quickly picked her up and supported her and tried to find out what had happened. Wanda also quickly came over to assess the situation. From Noah’s perspective when he first turned and saw Missy it looked like she was pinned to the wall by her shoulders since her arms were in a very unnatural position. Missy had a dazed look on her face and was not responding to any questions that were being asked to her so it was decided to once again remove her from the Basement. Noah and Wanda helped Missy outside and on the way to the front door, Jann ran up behind them claiming that she was going to be sick. Noah quickly opened the door for her to get outside and then followed her out with Missy and Wanda.

Once outside, Missy sat down on the ground next to a fence post to gather her thoughts and Wanda went to check on Jann who had started sobbing uncontrollably shortly after exiting the Basement. After a few minutes, Missy was able to describe what she believed occurred to her.

She stated that she was standing still when suddenly it felt like something pushed her right in the middle of her chest with both hands. After that she doesn’t remember much until after she was brought outside. This event was captured on video but unfortunately Josh was occluding Missy when the event happened and so in the video that was captured only part of Missy can be seen and it isn’t clear from the video what exactly has occurred. Missy’s feet are seen flailing in the air and she does end up on the ground. The video has been included in the Evidence tab for this report not as evidence that she was pushed, since the video is not clear as to what exactly happened, but as the best visual record we have of the event. An audio clip of this event will also be included to provide a clear audio record of what occurred.

While seated outside, Jann described a sensation she was experiencing in the Wall of Faces Room shortly before the incident with Missy. She explained that her right ear was popping and her neck was aching. She also described a feeling of being extremely tired but not sleepy, as though her energy had drained from her. This feeling would reoccur several more times throughout the investigation, along with the feelings of nausea and intense sadness.

After Noah, Missy, Jann, and Wanda had left, the remaining team members continued with the EVP session in the Wall of Faces Room but did not receive any more activity and decided to move to the Well Room.

END TIME: 11:55 pm

After about 10 minutes, Missy was feeling ok and was ready to head back into the Basement. Jann had calmed down as well and was willing to re-enter the Basement as well so everyone headed back into the Basement at 11:57 pm and joined the investigation that the remainder of the team had continued with inside the Well Room.

Basement (Well Room) – 12:01 am

The group spread out inside and just outside of the Well Room. Michael, Josh and Gravy were located inside the Well Room while Noah, Missy, Jann, Marc, and Wanda were just outside the Well Room spread out in the Main Corridor.

The group started an EVP session centered on the activity that has been reported around the well. At 12:14 am, Marc and Jann heard a strange noise behind them coming from somewhere in the corridor. Noah also heard the noise but did not know what it was. A short time later, Jann started feeling nauseous again, so Wanda led her outside to sit down. Marc followed a short time later to check on Jann. At this time Jann was crying because she was concerned for Gravy and Noah’s safety as they investigated the Well Room area, and more specifically the Jail Cell area. She repeated that they “needed to get out of there” because they were making “it” mad. She also expressed that she was feeling intense anger toward Noah and Gravy.

After a few minutes, Jann stated that she felt very disconnected from these feelings, as though they had happened many years before instead of only a few minutes ago. She also reported that her skin felt warm, like sunburn, shortly before she felt nauseous and sad.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the group continued the EVP session. Missy was sitting on a stool just to the right of the window that overlooks the well in the Well Room and Noah noticed that she kept looking behind him to his right. Noah inquired if everything was ok, and Missy stated that she felt like something was staring at her but she couldn’t tell from where it was coming from. Interestingly, during this same period while Wanda, Jann, and Marc were outside, Wanda said that she could see a dark figure standing in the doorway behind her watching us. This doorway would have been behind and to the right of Missy as she stood facing the Well Room. Wanda did not divulge this information while in the presence of Missy, so it is an interesting corroboration of Missy’s feelings of being watched.

Michael, Gravy, and Josh had continued the EVP session inside the Well Room and had decided to enter into the Jail Cell to see if they could elicit any activity. While inside the cell, both Michael and Gravy saw a light coming through the floorboards of the 1st Floor of the bar. However, all the lights had been turned off when the group had left the 1st Floor. When Wanda was asked later about this she did not have an explanation as to why a light was seen.

Missy was still feeling uneasy in the Main Corridor so Noah suggested that they move to inside the Well Room and Missy agreed. Once seated in the Well Room Missy said she felt much better.

The EVP session continued with no noticeable activity and it was decided to end the session and move to a new location in the Basement.

END TIME: 12:20 am

Main Corridor outside Johanna’s Dressing Room – 12:23 am

Michael, Josh, Missy, Gravy, and Noah gathered around Johanna’s Dressing Room and started an EVP session. No activity was noted and after a short time of further investigating nothing more had happened and Noah decided to end the session and head to the High Voltage Room.

END TIME: 12:31 am

High Voltage Room – 12:32 am

Michael, Josh, Gravy, Missy, and Noah moved into the High Voltage Room to try an EVP session. The room was small, so the group stayed close together and attempted to communicate with anything that might be there.

A short time after starting the EVP session the group heard Wanda, Jann and Marc re-enter the Basement. Josh called out to them so they would know where to go, but shortly after entering the Basement, Jann started feeling sunburned and upset again. She decided to stay in the Basement, but sat near the exit with Wanda beside her and Marc standing behind her.

Marc then asked how much longer the group was planning on staying in the Basement. Noah responded that in five minutes the group planned to head to the 1st Floor. Jann, Marc, and Wanda then exited the Basement to wait for the rest of the team outside.

After the five minutes of further investigating nothing more had happened and Noah decided to end the session and head to the 1st Floor. Michael, Josh, Noah, Gravy, and Missy then exited the Basement and met with the rest of the team and Wanda outside.

END TIME: 12:49 am

As the group that was in the Basement exited outside, Marc warned Noah, Missy, and Gravy to stay away from Jann as she was afraid that she would physically attack them if any of them came too close to her.

Everyone made their way back to the 1st Floor of Bobby Mackey’s and prepared to spend the remainder of the investigation there.

When Missy entered the building she again looked very uneasy but once she had left the Gift Shop area she said that she felt better.

1st Floor – 12:53 am

The group spread out on the 1st Floor in the bar area. Marc, Jann and Wanda were sitting on the side of the bar closest to the Gift Shop area, Noah and Missy were sitting behind the mechanical bull, and Michael, Josh and Gravy were on the Dance Floor.

After a couple of minutes of control silence, and EVP session was started at 12:56 am.

During the EVP session a white light was seen that appeared to be coming from the ceiling, but it was determined that it could have come from a passing car on the road outside (the road is literally 10 feet out the front door).

No other events occurred during this session and at 1:30 am Wanda called an end to the investigation as the investigation officially ended at 2:00 am and the team still needed to gather up all of the gear.

END TIME: 1:30 am

The team started to break down all the gear on the 1st Floor, George’s Apartment, and the Cat Walk.

Throughout the EVP session, Noah felt like the floor beneath him was vibrating. Noah described the feeling like if he was standing on one end of a suspension bridge that would be found on a playground and someone was at the other end jumping up and down. Noah estimated that he was depressed 1/2″ to 3/4″ and the sensation occurred eight total times during the course of the EVP session on the 1st Floor. Noah could not connect the events with anything such as passing cars and the events occurred on an irregular basis with some events seemingly stronger than others. Noah asked Missy, who was sitting one foot away from him, if she could feel the same vibrations and Missy stated she didn’t feel anything. Noah didn’t say anything during the EVP session since he figured there was probably some machinery in the Basement for the bar that was causing the vibration to occur. However, when he asked Wanda about it she said that there was no machinery underneath him and the only thing that could cause the floor to vibrate there was when the mechanical bull was in operation.

After all the gear had been packed up on the 1st Floor the team then headed to the Basement to finish packing up. On the way out the door Jann, who had been outside, started to become irate when she learned that Noah and Gravy would be returning to the Basement. Jann repeated several times that Noah and Gravy should not be allowed to return to the Basement. When asked about it later, Jann stated that she felt a combination of anger that Noah and Gravy were going to go back down to the Basement and fear for Noah and Gravy’s safety.

However, Noah, Gravy, and Josh were able to retrieve all of the gear in the Basement without incident.

While in the Basement, Wanda took the opportunity to show Noah the area in the Basement that was directly below where he was sitting on the 1st Floor when he experienced the vibrations. The area was empty and did not contain any equipment at Noah could see that might cause the vibrations that he experienced.

By 2:20 am everything had been removed from Bobby Mackey’s and packed back into the car. The team bid farewell to Wanda and headed back to the hotel.

END TIME: 2:30 am


Perhaps our most compelling piece of evidence ever, this video was taken moments after Missy was pushed to the ground in Bobby Mackey’s basement

Control Recorder – 10:30 pm

Audio from the first instance of Missy being pushed

Wall of Faces – 11:45 pm

Audio from the second instance of Missy being pushed


This investigation was hands down the most active investigation that PIM has ever been on. The events that are known to have occurred at Bobby Mackey’s historically combined with the stories and claims of paranormal activity make it a very interesting location to investigate. To be frank, PIM did not expect this location to be any different than other “famously” haunted locations that the team had already visited earlier in the Expedition. Many places have many claims but few locations actually live up to the billing.

There were three main occurrences that happened during the investigation. First, and most obvious, was the pushing not once but twice of Missy during this investigation. Second, was the emotional distress that Jann experienced starting during the baseline readings and continuing throughout the entire investigation. Third, were the vibrations that Noah reported while sitting behind the mechanical bull on the 1st Floor.

However, PIM has very little evidence to show for the investigation that was conducted at Bobby Mackey’s other than the audio and video documentation of the events that happened to Missy. So what does PIM conclude?

In regard to what Noah experienced the conclusion is PIM is uncertain what happened. Noah could not find a logical explanation for what he experienced but there is also no visual or audible evidence to back up his claim and there wasn’t even a geophone there to confirm there was an actual vibration. The event is especially suspect since Missy, who was sitting very close to Noah, did not report the same vibrations Noah reported. Could it have all been in his head, or was Missy not being as observant as usual due to the events that she had experienced that night? It is impossible to know and at best the vibrations Noah reported can be considered a personal experience. It is interesting to note that the location where Noah and Missy were sitting was almost the exact location where Jann had her experience in the very beginning of the investigation.

In regard to what Jann was experiencing the conclusion is harder to draw. Jann 100% believes that she was being affected by something outside of herself and the members of PIM that were present truly believe that she was not making anything up. Everyone present can attest that Jann was not acting like herself during the investigation. However, it is still possible that the stress of the situation (lack of sleep and other issues) combined with what she experienced while taking baselines behind the mechanical bull early in the investigation, and then witnessing Missy get pushed down not once but twice, could have sent Jann to an emotional space she is not familiar with. Since we have no audio or video evidence to back up any claims that Jann was being affected by some outside force, PIM cannot conclude that Jann was affected by an outside force.

Lastly, what does PIM conclude about the assertion by Missy that she was shoved to the ground on two separate occasions in the Basement? These events happened over one hour apart in two completely different spots in the Basement. The events were witnessed by no less than three people other than Missy each time they occurred. The shock and hurt that can be heard in Missy’s voice and seen in her face after each event would require years of acting classes to procure unnaturally. Missy was not under the influence of any balance altering chemicals during this investigation nor is she a clumsy person that randomly falls down. This event is unexplained and it is PIM’s unequivocal opinion that Missy was physically pushed two separate times while investigating Bobby Mackey’s by something paranormal.

Does that mean that PIM believes that Missy was attacked by a ghost? No, it simply means that the nature of the event is not easily explained. PIM uses the term paranormal as it is defined, which is an experience or event that cannot be explained by current science.

PIM wants to learn more about this event and so a return trip has been scheduled for late September. PIM hopes that during this return investigation some of the questions that the first investigation have raised might be answered. PIM plans to test some hypotheses about what might have been going on during the first investigation and will be revisiting the three events described above.

PIM’s overall conclusion about Bobby Mackey’s is that there is definitely something occurring there that is not readily explained. PIM hopes to get closer to finding out what exactly is going on there during the next investigation.

PIM would like to thank Wanda Kay for her help and guidance during this investigation. PIM looks forward to working with Wanda again soon when PIM returns for the second investigation at Bobby Mackey’s Music World.

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