The team arrived at 6:45 pm on Monday, August 17th, 2015. Since the team arrived before they would be allowed to enter the building, at 7:00 pm, they began taking outside weather readings using a Kestrel 3500 Weather Station.

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Since there are claims of people being scratched on their backs, the group also took baseline photos of everyone’s back in case scratches were later found on one of the teams back during the investigation. At 7:00 pm they were met by two tour guides for Whispers Estate. These two guides stayed during the entire investigation in a small room off the Kitchen that they refer to as their “Harry Potter Room”. Everyone began unloading the van and setting up Base Camp in the Dining Room. Once all the equipment was brought in Noah instructed everyone to get their Zoom H1 control audio recorders running, time stamped an attached to their person along with their personal data loggers.

Every member of PIM is equipped with a Zoom H1 digital audio recorder, which is used as their control recorder, Extech RHT50 datalogger, and UV flashlight. Control recorders are not only used as another recording device but also to discriminate the sound contamination that an investigator might create during an investigation. Control recorders are started and time stamped first before any other equipment is started and they are turned off last to ensure any anomalous noises can be cross checked. Control recorders are also placed in a Faraday cage. A Faraday cage is able to block certain wavelengths of EMF, such as radio and CB signals. The size of the holes in the materials used to construct the Faraday cage determine which wavelengths are blocked. PIM uses the Faraday cage to block the radio and CB waves to eliminate these frequencies as possible contamination from our audio recordings. The Extech RHT50 datalogger takes a temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure reading once a minute and is used to try and correlate environmental data with any personal experiences an investigator might encounter during an investigation.

At 7:58 pm everyone sat down in the Parlor while the tour guides gave the team a brief history of Whispers Estate and a tour of the building. They also recounted the various paranormal claims, stories and “hot spots”. At first one of the tour guides seemed very anxious and had a hard time settling down to go over the various rules of the building. She claimed that she thought the entities in the home were very worried and upset about the amount of equipment that the team brought into the home. She claimed they didn’t know what it all was and it made them upset. After a few moments she was able to recount the rules and begin the tour.

After a detailed tour of the 1st Floor the team headed to the 2nd Floor. When the team and the tour guides walked into Rachael’s Room strings were found scattered all over the floor. The guides claimed to have just been up there and finished cleaning up strings that were on the floor before the team’s arrival. They claim that this happens all the time and believe it is Rachael pulling them off a throw pillow that is currently on the bed. They say that they used to find doll hair scattered on the floor from a doll that is currently on the bed as well. There is an air vent under the bed that could kick up enough air to blow strings around on the floor if strings were already under the bed. The team helped pick up all the strings and then continued on with the tour.

The tour lead them to the Servant’s Quarters. Shortly after walking in Noah asked one of the tour guides if she hit him. She was standing approximately two feet behind him. She curiously and with surprise said “No”. Noah then reported that he felt as though something lightly tapped him in the back. It is possible that something in the back of his vest he was wearing shifted causing that sensation. His vest has a zippered pocket in the back of it that contains a cross that Noah keeps in there. To him it felt as if someone had flicked the cross that was in the pocket causing the cross and his vest to move slightly. Noah also had Gravy check his back to ensure there were no marks on it and there were none.

Everyone then began to set up equipment on tri-pods to make set up easier and faster. Once Missy had her equipment setup and ready to be placed she walked around the building taking baseline temperature and EMF (electromagnetic field) readings using a TriField 100XE EMF Detector and indoor temperature was taken with a Single-Axis EMF Mel-8704R Meter.

The team was very fortunate that the windows were already blocked out from an event that was recently held at Whispers Estate. Any windows, doors, or cracks are always covered to avoid light contamination from outside sources. This saved the team a lot of time.

Several high definition camcorders were placed in select areas of the building. A Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum camcorder was placed in the Foyer along with a geophone. The geophone was custom built by PIM and has adjustable sensitivity. The geophone senses seismic vibrations. It was placed there because of the claims of footsteps being heard on the Front Staircase in the Foyer.

A Sony HDR-SR10 was placed in the Parlor. In addition to video a Zoom H1 audio recorder was placed in this area. The H1 audio recorder is used by PIM because of its high quality and sensitive stereo X/Y mic configuration that captures clear stereo audio.

A Sony HDR-CX150 full spectrum camcorder was placed in Dr. John’s Waiting Room. It was placed in a way to also capture the Examining Room. A Zoom H1 audio recorder was also placed in this area. A Play Boy magazine was also placed in the Examining Room as a trigger object based on the claims that Dr. John was known to be a pervert. PIM uses trigger objects to try and provoke interest and activity from anything that might be present.

A Polaroid audio recorder was placed outside on the Front Porch to capture outside sounds. This is done to easily dismiss any audio contamination from outside noise: people, animal, and natural sounds.

In Jessie’s Room, a Sony DCR-DVD610 camcorder was placed along with a Zoom H1 audio recorder. The video camera was strategically placed so it would also capture Gary’s Closet.

In the 2nd Floor Hallway a Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum camcorder was set up to cover the hallway and the Bathroom where it is claimed that a man passed away and was not found for three days back in the 1950’s.

In Rachael’s Room a Sony HDR-XR200V was placed facing the bed and the area of the floor where the strings from the pillow were found. An H1 audio recorder and Extech RHT50 datalogger were also placed in this room.

A Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum camcorder was placed in the Nursery facing the stairs and rocking chair that has claims of rocking on its own. A Rocking Chair Device was also placed under the chair to alarm the team should the chair begin to rock on its own. This device is custom built by PIM and contains a sensor that sounds an alarm and shines a light if the rocker moves slightly. A Zoom H1 audio recorder was also placed in this room.

A Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum camera was placed in the Servant’s Quarters along with a Dark Matter Detector that was placed in Virgil’s Closet. A Dark Matter Detector measures EMF, temperature, barometric pressure, and has a high quality audio recorder. Several trigger objects were also placed in the closet including: a cross, bottle of whiskey, rosary, cigar and Bible. If Virgil is still in the closet the team hoped to peak his interest with these items. A Ouija board was already in this room so the team decided to include some religious items of their own along with a touch flashlight (which can be turned on by touching the side to complete the circuit).

In the Red Room in the Attic a Sony HDR-SR7 camcorder was placed along with a Zoom H1 audio recorder. On a table in this room a touch flashlight, Extech RHT50 datalogger, Bible, cross, rosary, and inverted pentagram were placed as trigger objects. The Attic has many claims of evil entities being present. That is why the team chose the religious items as trigger objects along with the inverted pentagram. A Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum camcorder along with a Zoom H1 audio recorder were placed in the Seance Room in the Attic as well.

Lastly a Zoom H1 audio recorder was placed in the Basement.

Once all the equipment was set, the team started and time stamped all the equipment in the entire building. Time stamps, from a designated atomic watch, are used as a point of reference and make cross referencing easier during evidence review. The team then took a short break before beginning the investigation. During the break Gravy took the dolls from the Parlor that allegedly bring bad luck to anyone who touches them and rubbed them on his arms. No one else in PIM touched the dolls during their stay at Whispers Estate. Update on Gravy. it is nearly three years later and he is still alive and has had no bad luck since touching the dolls.


Parlor – 10:34 pm

It was decided that the first EVP session of the night would be held in the Parlor. The Parlor is located in the front of the home closest to the street. There has been reported that there is a vortex in one corner of the Parlor according to a TV show that filmed there previously. The street that Whispers Estate is located on is very quiet with very little traffic. The only noise in the room was coming from a clock that makes a loud ticking noise approximately every fifteen seconds.

Everyone took a seat throughout the Parlor on the two couches in the room. Noah called for five minutes of controlled silence so everyone could get accustomed to the natural sounds of the room. At 10:39 pm the first EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session began. An EVP session is conducted by asking several questions but leaving a minimum of ten seconds between each question in the event a response is captured on a nearby device. Investigators speak in full voice and tag any abnormal noises they might make or hear during an investigation. Common noises that investigators tag are stomach growls, accidental whispering and shifting or moving noises they might create that could be mistaken as something paranormal during evidence review.

Noah began the first EVP session by asking if anyone would like to come forward and communicate with them. Everyone took turns asking questions and trying hard to communicate and reassure that they were not there to do harm or make anyone leave. No activity was experienced. It was then decided to end the EVP session at 11:04 pm.

END TIME: 11:04 pm

Dr. John’s Waiting Room- 11:06 pm

The second EVP session of the night was held in Dr. John’s Waiting Room which is also known as “Big Black’s Room”. This is the location where guests claim to see a large black shadow figure that has been giving the name “Big Black”. Located in this room there is a glass cabinet that contains many objects that have been found either in the home or buried outside. There is also books in the cabinet that belonged to Dr. John. Many guests claim to see light anomalies in this room as well. The team tried to find a reason for these anomalies and a cause for the large shadow but no explanation was found. As stated previously in this report the windows were already blocked out when PIM arrived due to an event that was recently held at Whispers Estate. It is uncertain what shadows or light play would occur on a normal evening without the windows blocked out.

At 11:06 pm Noah asked for controlled silence. During this time some cricket noises could be heard from outside. All else was quiet.

Once everyone was settled they began an EVP at 11:11 pm. The team asked many questions and tried to communicate with anything that might stay in that room but no activity occurred.

At 11:19 pm it was decided to end this EVP session and move over to Dr. John’s Examining Room.

END TIME: 11:19 pm

Dr. John’s Examining Room- 11:20 pm

Missy and Noah had a seat on the bed that is now in the Examining Room while Tony and Gravy sat on chairs. This room is also very quiet except for the cricket sounds outside.

At this time they began the next EVP session. At 11:25 pm, Noah noticed Missy had frozen in place on the bed and he asked Missy what was the matter. After a few seconds Missy responded that she thought she has seen something very dark move in front of her face. Since the room was very dark to begin with, it is very possible that this was simply a trick of Missy’s eyes and the EVP session was continued. Although they made many attempts to communicate there was no activity. It was then decided at 11:43 pm to end this session and move upstairs to the Servant’s Quarters which is also located on the 2nd Floor.

END TIME: 11:43 pm

Servant’s Quarters/Virgil’s Closet – 11:47 pm

Once everyone was in the Servant’s Quarters Noah decided to sit in Virgil’s Closet. They observed controlled silence. During this time Noah heard what sounded like whispers. Without telling Gravy what he had experienced, Noah asked Gravy to switch places with him to see if Gravy would hear the same thing. Gravy was unable to have the same experience.

At 11:57 pm they began the next EVP session. Shortly after beginning a strange noise was heard by everyone that almost sounded like music being played. At 11:58 pm a tapping noise was heard.

They continued on with the EVP session but at 12:04 am another series of noises were heard. The noise sounded like it could be a cat outside but it was hard to tell where it was coming exactly from. It was then decided that Noah and Gravy would go outside to try and determine the origin of the noise. Missy and Tony stayed in the Servant’s Quarters.

While Noah and Gravy were outside Missy and Tony heard a sound coming from Virgil’s Closet. There is a Ouija Board that is glow in the dark in the closet that causes it to emanate a small but visible amount of light. Right after the sound caught both Missy and Tony’s attention the light coming from the Ouija Board was blocked out as though someone walked by it. They both got up to examine the closet but they saw nothing in the closet that could have blocked out the light. This was not captured on the camera in the room so it is uncertain what caused the phenomena that was witnessed.

Noah and Gravy came back from outside and reported that they saw a cat outside and heard music coming from a neighboring house.

Missy and Tony explained what they heard and saw in the closet so Noah decided to again sit in the closet. At 12:20 am Noah heard a scratching noise coming from behind him in the closet. It is very possible that it could be an animal making the noise.

At 12:22 am Tony, who was sitting on a church pew located in the Servant’s Quarters, felt as though something touched his elbow. He had his arm stretched across the back of the pew when it occurred. He asked for it to happen again but he felt nothing.

At 12:27 am the team decided it was time to end this EVP session and move on to Rachael’s Room.

END TIME: 12:27 am

Rachael’s Room – 12:33 am

The very first thing the team did upon walking into Rachael’s Room was check the floor for pillow strings. But unlike earlier in the evening there were no strings to be found.

The team then situated themselves around the room for an EVP session. Many attempts were made to communicate with Rachael or anyone else but no activity happened during the EVP session. It was decided to take a quick break and continue the investigation in Jessie’s Room.

END TIME: 12:58 am

During the break Missy was sitting in the Parlor area talking with the rest of the team. She got up to go into the Dining Room to get a drink when at 1:45 am Missy felt a burning sensation on the left side of her back near her arm pit area. Upon checking it, the area was red and irritated but not scratched. It is uncertain what could have caused this to happen but it only lasted for approximately twenty minutes before it was completely gone.

Jessie’s Room – 1:49 am

The team spread themselves out throughout Jessie’s Room with Gravy sitting in a chair in Gary’s Closet. Missy placed a small toy car in the doorway of Jessie’s Room and Gary’s Closet hoping it would get Gary’s attention and he would want to play with it. Unfortunately, it did not work even though the team did try to communicate with both Gary and Jessie. They did not experience any of the scents that are reported to occur in this room or the heavy feeling in the chest as though one might have pneumonia. It was then decided to head into the Nursery at 2:06 am.

END TIME: 2:06 am

Nursery – 2:06 am

The team decided to head across the hall to the Nursery. This room comes with a warning from the owner and staff of Whispers Estate that no person should be in this room alone. People have been scratched and pulled down the stairs in this room. The staff feel this room holds a very evil presence and guests should be very cautious of spending time here.

Upon arrival Noah went to check his video camera that was set up in this room. He found the camera was not working and had to reset it.

At 2:10 am the team positioned themselves for the next EVP session. Gravy sat in Rachael’s Room, Noah and Tony in the 2nd Floor Hallway, and Missy in the Nursery sitting on the steps alone.

Noah asked for five minutes of controlled silence. After five minutes, at 2:16 am, they began an EVP session by Noah explaining that PIM’s intent is not to harm anyone or make anyone go away but asked for a sign anywhere on the 2nd Floor.

At 2:19 am Missy heard what sounded to her like faint whispers coming from the 3rd Floor. Noah and Tony also heard noises coming from the hallway but they were uncertain what the noises were from. Noah got up to see if any animals could be roaming around but there was nothing to be found. Again at 2:21 am Missy heard two small noises coming from the 3rd Floor. She asked for the noises to be repeated but her request was not granted.

No other activity happened so the team decided to investigate the 3rd Floor at 2:30 am.

END TIME: 2:30 am

Red Room, Attic – 2:32 am

The team all headed upstairs to the 3rd Floor. There are three main rooms in the Attic. The Red Room, Seance Room and the Middle Room. The team decided to start out in the largest of the three, which is the Red Room. This room has a couch and some chairs along with a bed. Several years ago guests were allowed to sleep in this room. That is no longer allowed but during that time guests would experience nightmares and disrupted sleep while sleeping in this room. Some guests have also made claims of being bitten in this room. The most common claim is just feeling very “creeped out” in this room. The room is very warm (it is an Attic in August), dark and small which can give a creepy or unsettling feel to any room. The two tour guides left PIM with the impression that they felt the room had an evil presence, so it was decided to use a cross, rosary, and inverted pentagram as trigger objects for this room.

At 2:32 am the team spread themselves out around the room for an EVP session. They gave themselves time to grow accustomed to the natural sounds of the room through control silence. This room is very quiet and given the time of day there was no street noise to be heard.

At 2:35 am they began the first EVP session in the Attic. They asked many questions and given the alleged nature of the room, they tried a little provoking but no activity it was detected or recorded.

At 2:52 am the team decided to move across the hall to the Seance Room.

END TIME: 2:52 am

Seance Room – 2:52 am

The Seance Room is very small and has a small round table with some various items scattered on it left from other guests that have investigated Whispers Estate. One guest claims to have gotten an EVP saying “Get out” during their investigation. PIM has not heard this EVP nor do they know what type of recorder it was captured on.

The team sat around the room for another EVP session. It is also very quiet in this room with very little light. PIM tried again asking many questions and tried a provoking style of investigation but it proved to not be affective. No activity occurred so it was decided at 3:06 am to move down to the Basement to continue the investigation.

END TIME: 3:06 am

 Basement – 3:12 am

The final EVP session of the night occurred in the Basement. Having just been in the Attic the Basement was a welcomed change in temperature. In this room guests have claimed to see a dark entity near the chimney stack that is located in the Basement. Guests also claim to get EVP’s out of this room as well. With this being one of the claims from this area of the house the team had an H1 audio recorder documenting the sounds of the Basement throughout the night. PIM used this type of recorder throughout the house during their investigation along with each investigator wearing one on their person (control recorder) in a Faraday Cage.

At 3:12 am the team began with controlled silence. It is very quiet in this room except for the sound of some water dripping somewhere in the Basement. After a short EVP session it was decided to take a break from investigating since the team was not experiencing any activity. At 3:26 am the team headed back upstairs and began to break down the equipment except for the control recorders which is always the first piece of equipment to be turned on and the last to be shut off.

END TIME: 3:26 am

At 4:30 am all the equipment was broken down and packed away. Control recorders were then turned off and the team decided to take a rest until 5:30 am. At that time they loaded equipment back into the van. By 6:00 am they said their goodbyes to the two tour guides and headed on their way.


The claims of activity at Whispers Estate were very interesting. It was great to be able to investigate directly the claims of activity that have been reported over the years. This is a place that PIM has been looking to investigate for a long time. Though none of the activity was captured via equipment the night of the investigation, it is the professional opinion of PIM that further research would need to be conducted before any conclusion could be made about the paranormal activity in this home.

One of the interesting claims at Whispers Estate is the dolls on the piano in the Foyer usually bring about bad luck in 3’s if they are touched. Gravy was the only one in PIM to touch these two dolls. At the time of the completion of this report, on September 15th 2015, Gravy has not been able to report any abnormal or “bad” luck from touching the two dolls in the Parlor.

Another claim on the property was hearing growls or screams. The cats that Gravy and Noah saw outside could easily create these noises and may explain some of these claims.

PIM would like to thank our two tour guides for staying so quiet for us during our investigation. You told us we would not even know you were there unless we needed you and you kept your word. It was a fantastic experience and we hope to return some day to continue our research.

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