Noah, Gravy, John and Andy arrived at Willow Creek Farm at 6:30 pm. The owner met them outside and let them into the house. As one enters the house through door from the garage, there is a large open area comprised of the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Family Room. There is a Laundry Room off of the Kitchen and a hallway off of the Dining Room. The hallway leads to the Old Basement and the Downstairs Bathroom. There is another basement that was added in the 1970’s when an addition was built onto the house, it is accessible at the bottom of a small stairwell off of the Family Room. This basement is called the New Basement. Between the Dining Room and Family Room is a door that leads to the Living Room. When walking through the door to the Living Room, the Parlor is located to the left at the opposite end of the room. In the Dining Room between the hallway and the Living Room door is a door that leads to the upstairs staircase.

The upstairs of the house contains four bedrooms and a bathroom. The Bathroom is to the left of the staircase when you reach the top and contains a toilet that is operational; however the room is being renovated and is mainly used for storage at this point. Across from the bathroom is the Northwest Bedroom. Down the hall and on the same side as the Northwest Bedroom is the Northeast Bedroom. This room has been remodeled and has a full sized four poster bed and a dresser. There is a tiny rocking chair with stuffed animals on it near the foot of the bed. Across from the foot of the bed is an empty closet. Across the hall from the Northeast Bedroom is the Nursery which contains some bookshelves and two wooden rocking chairs. A second door to this room leads to the Master Bedroom. On the ceiling of the upstairs hallway between the Bathroom and Northwest Bedroom is a pull down access ladder to the Attic.

Noah, Gravy, John and Andy unloaded gear and set up a base camp in the Dining Room area and placed personal items in the Living Room where Andy would be sleeping. It was established that John would sleep in the Northeast Bedroom, as he had had a personal experience during previous investigations.

Andy went outside at 6:57 pm to take readings of outside conditions using the Kestrel 3500 weather station while Noah, Gravy, and John began to unpack gear and determine where it would be set. Noah took a baseline of John’s fasting blood glucose, blood pressure, and temperature. They set up gear while Andy took indoor EMF and temperature baseline readings using a MEL-8704REM meter for temperature and the Magnii DSP-523 Three-Axis EMF Detector.

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There was a Sony HDR-CX160 camera placed in the Family Room directed at the Dining Room and Kitchen. A Zoom H1 audio recorder, an Extech temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure datalogger, and a single-axis MEL-8704R-VIBE EMF detector was on the Dining Room table. A Paracorder EVP Booster EMF pump was placed on a side table in the Dining Room next to a Sony HDR-XR200V camera facing the hallway and door to the upstairs.

A Zoom H1 digital audio recorder was placed in the Living Room. A motion detector was placed in the entryway between the Parlor and Living Room and a MEL8704 REM ATDD SDD was setup in the center of the Living Room. A Sony HDR-SR10 camera was set up in the Living Room to capture the motion detector and shadow detector, should either go off.

An Extech temperature and humidity datalogger was placed in the Old Basement under the stairs.

A Zoom H1 digital audio recorder was placed in the Northwest Bedroom above the bed as well as a Sony DCR-SR45 camera facing the bed. Trigger objects of a cigar, stethoscope, and booze bottle were set on the bed within view of the camera. Along with the trigger objects, an EMF pump, an Extech temperature and humidity datalogger, and touch activated flashlight were placed on the bed.

A Sony HDR-SR7 camera was placed in the Northeast Bedroom next to the head of the bed, aimed toward the closet. A GQ-GMC300 Geiger counter datalogger was placed on the bed. Trigger objects of a doll, teddy bear, jacks, and piece of candy were placed on the dresser within view of the camera. A geophone, used to detect vibrations, was placed on the floor of the closet also within view of the camera.

During the investigation, when the owner was not sleeping in his bedroom, a Sony HDR-XR200V camera was placed behind the bed in the Master Bedroom facing the door. A Zoom H2n audio recorder was placed on the dresser as was an Extech temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure datalogger.

Once equipment was set up, it was all turned on and everyone, including the owner, left for dinner at 8:38 pm. The equipment was left running while the investigators and owner were gone. At this time the cat was let out of the house until the investigation was over for the night.


Dining Room – 10:42 pm

The group began the investigation in the Dining Room. Noah took a second baseline of John’s blood glucose, blood pressure, and temperature after John ate dinner. While they were occupied, Gravy and Andy checked the equipment and infrared lighting. Noah and Gravy turned off the barn lights while John and Andy waited at the table and conducted a passive investigation. During this time, the owner napped on the couch in the Family Room. As the owner was asleep when Noah and Gravy returned, the group decided to go upstairs.

END TIME: 11:04 pm

Noah, Gravy, John, and Andy went upstairs to investigate. The owner remained on the couch in the Family Room.

2nd Floor – 11:16 pm

The group began the investigation on the second floor of the house. Noah was in the hallway with the FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera. Gravy was in the Northeast Bedroom, John was in the Master Bedroom, and Andy was in the Northwest Bedroom.

An EVP session was started after a controlled silence at 11:19 pm. Shortly into the investigation, at 11:23 pm, Noah heard an “ooo” sound. It was determined that the sound came from the owner, who was snoring while he was sleeping on the couch downstairs. At 11:37 pm Gravy attempted to communicate using flash cards with either of the female children that were reported to reside in the Northeast Bedroom.

No activity was noted, and the EVP session ended at around 12:00 am. The group went downstairs for a break after checking that upstairs equipment was still running.

END TIME: 12:00 am

When everyone had come downstairs, Noah asked the owner if he wanted to go upstairs and read a story to the spirits as the owner had mentioned he wanted to do this earlier in the evening. The owner agreed and headed upstairs to read a story while the PIM team remained in the Dining Room.

2nd Floor – 12:00 am

While Noah, Gravy, John, and Andy took a break in the Dining Room, the owner went upstairs to the Nursery to read a book to the spirits believed to occupy the house.

END TIME: 12:20 am

After the owner came back downstairs, the group finished their break and went back upstairs for a second investigation of this space before the owner went to bed.

2nd Floor – 12:35 am

Gravy was in the hallway, Noah was in the Northeast Bedroom, Andy was in the Master Bedroom, and John was in the Northwest Bedroom. The group once again held an EVP session. At 12:49 am Gravy thought he heard a girl’s voice. Upon evidence review this was not captured on any recorders. At 12:56 am Andy attempted to communicate using ASL (American Sign Language). Previously at this location, another group reported communication using sign language and an Ovilus. After Andy finished this experiment, the group continued with the EVP session. At 1:07 am a humming tone was heard followed some time later by a pop sound at 1:25 am. These were determined to be building noises.

The EVP session ended at 1:28 am. The group went downstairs, and the owner went to bed.

END TIME: 1:28 am

Before the owner went to bed, the group shut off the audio and video recording devices located in the Master Bedroom at the owner’s request. The rest of the equipment located on the 2nd Floor continued to run.

Barn – 2:00 am

The group went up into the Hay Loft to do their investigation. The group then started an EVP session. They investigated until 3:00 am with no observable responses. There were birds flying around the lower level of the barn, and it was raining out. As the space was loud and there was no noticeable activity, the group decided to go back to the house.

END TIME: 3:00 am

The group headed back into the house. At 3:00 am the group did battery checks on all equipment that would be left running during the course of the night. At 3:20 am the group moved to the Old Basement.

Old Basement – 3:20 am

The group spread out in the Old Basement with John sitting on the stairs, Noah sitting just to the west of the bottom of the stairs, Andy sitting to the north of the steps, and Gravy sitting to the east of the steps. A short EVP session was held, and after no noticeable activity, the group decided to go upstairs.

END TIME: 3:48 am

1st Floor – 3:53 am

The group investigated the 1st Floor of the house. Andy repeated the ASL experiment in the Parlor. At 4:04 am, a knock was heard, but it was determined that it was caused by the refrigerator kicking in. No other events occurred during this session, and the group decided to end the investigation for the evening.

END TIME: 4:07 am

The group then went to bed. Noah and Andy slept on the 1st Floor with Noah in the Family Room and Andy in the Living Room. John and Gravy spent the night on the 2nd Floor with John in the Northeast Bedroom and Gravy in the Northwest Bedroom.

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