SPECIAL GUEST: PIM was joined by Tea Krulos, an author who is following PIM for research for his upcoming book.

Tour Guide: Wanda Kay Stephenson

The group planned to have three parts to the night’s investigation: First, the entire group would investigate the Bar and George’s Apartment with limited gear; next, Noah and Gravy would set up all gear in the Basement and investigate this area for an hour by themselves, and finally, the entire group would investigate the Basement. It was decided to have Noah and Gravy investigate for an hour alone since there was a theory that during PIM’s July investigation when Missy and Jann experienced some activity toward them that it was due to them being perceived as the weaker members of the team and that the aggression was actually targeted at Noah and Gravy. To check this possibility, PIM wanted to remove everyone but Noah and Gravy from the Basement and see if the aggression would be directed toward them when there was no one else to pick on.

Since Noah and Gravy would be the only ones setting up gear, it was planned to group all of the gear together by the area where it would be used so it would be easy for them to simply grab everything for an area at once. Noah, Gravy, John, Missy and Jann arrived around 5:00 pm. They unloaded gear from the truck and got all the cameras set up on tripods. Small items were placed in bags with the location names written on them so that they could be easily taken to each area. Noah gave a rundown of where gear would be set up while the group put items in the appropriate bags. Once gear was organized by room, everything was to be loaded back into the truck so that each bag of gear was near the camera and IR lights that would be used in the area.

At 6:00 pm, everything was set up and ready, so the group went to the front of the building to take a few pictures. After pictures were taken, Jann took baseline weather readings while the rest of the group packed gear back into the truck after which the group went to get dinner.

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The group returned to Bobby Mackey’s at about 7:30 pm, and met up with Tea Krulos. Everyone then went to Wanda Kay’s Ghost Shop. Wanda Kay Stephenson is the woman who runs the paranormal investigations at Bobby Mackey’s. Wanda arrived shortly after the group and everyone went in to sign the liability waivers and pay for the investigation time.

Everyone got back to Bobby Mackey’s at 8:00 pm and went into the Bar. Wanda kindly allowed Noah to place an audio recorder in the Basement during the upstairs investigation as normally, gear is not brought to the Basement until it is time to investigate the area. Once inside the Bar, Jann and Gravy did baseline EMF and temperature readings of the 1st Floor before the group was seated for the investigation of the area.


1st Floor – 8:20 pm

Jann and Tea were seated at a small table across from the Bar near the entrance to a small room with pool tables. Jann chose this location as when she walked through the room with pool tables, she felt like her ears were going to pop from pressure, similar to what she experienced on the group’s investigation in July 2013.

Noah, Wanda, and Missy were seated near the mechanical bull, and John and Gravy were seated on the Dance Floor. Noah chose this location because when he was seated in this area during PIM’s July investigation, he felt a vibration in the floor for which he was unable to find an explanation.

Noah felt the vibration this time almost immediately after being seated. John also felt a vibration like someone was thumping on the Basement ceiling. There were cars driving past, but the vibrations did not appear to happen concurrently with the cars passing.

The group began with two minutes of control silence to note any usual noises. During this time, a change machine made a noise. Wanda informed the group that the machine was not working and shouldn’t be making any noise. Noah asked if someone was able to cause the machine to make the noise again, and there was no response.

At 8:27 pm, the group began an EVP session. At 8:28 pm, the change machine made the noise again, but it was not determined what caused it. At 8:33 pm, Tea and Jann heard what sounded like a faucet running in one of the restrooms. They checked both the Men’s and the Ladies’ restrooms and there were no faucets running. They ran the faucets in each room, and at the time it seemed as though the faucet in the Ladies’ Room matched what they were hearing. Later this noise would be debunked as Noah and Gravy discovered that the water would gradually drain from the tank of one of the toilets and when it would hit a certain level the tank would fill causing the noise.

The EVP session continued until 8:43 pm at which time the group moved up to George’s Apartment on the 2nd Floor.

END TIME: 8:43 pm

George’s Apartment – 8:50 pm

The group went upstairs and spread throughout the one-room apartment. Jann and Gravy took baseline readings at which time Jann began to feel very dizzy and her face felt hot which was similar to experiences she had during the group’s previous investigation at Bobby Mackey’s. John and Missy both noted feeling dizzy in this area as well. A brief EVP session was held in this area until 9:00 pm. No audible responses to EVP questions were heard during this portion of the investigation.

END TIME: 9:00 pm

Everyone left the building and began to unload gear for Noah and Gravy to set up in the Basement. Shortly after going outside, Wanda, Tea and Jann went back inside to use the restroom and then went back outside to help unload gear. John, Missy, Tea and Jann stayed outside the building and conducted an informal outside investigation as Wanda had stated that people have had experiences outside.

Noah and Gravy, accompanied by Wanda, Investigated the Basement from 10:06 pm until 11:06 pm.

Basement – Wall of Faces Room – 10:06 pm

Noah and Gravy were seated in the Wall of Faces Room and had four minutes of control silence before beginning an EVP session. At 10:21 pm, Noah and Gravy stood up near the Wall of Faces as this is an area where Missy had been physically pushed by an unseen force during the investigation in July. No responses to EVP questions or other phenomena were noted during this time.

During this portion of the investigation, Gravy noted the times that they hear water running upstairs. The water would run about every nine minutes. This was the same noise that Jann and Tea had heard earlier and thought sounded like a running faucet.

END TIME: 10:30 pm

Well Room – 10:31 pm

Gravy sat in the Jail Cell, and Noah and Wanda were seated in the main area of the Well Room. The group had a period of control silence until 10:34 pm before starting an EVP session.

Gravy and Wanda saw three shadows on the floor blocking a red light that is part of the shadow detection feature of the single-axis EMF detector Mel-8704 REM/ATDD/SDD. It was noted that there was a fly in the room at the time which had caused the shadows.

END TIME: 10:51 pm

High Voltage Room – 10:54 pm

Noah was seated by the window to the Casino, Gravy on the steps, and Wanda by the cabinet. They immediately began an EVP session during which no responses to questions were noted.

END TIME: 11:02 pm

Johanna’s Dressing Room – 11:03 pm

Noah Gravy and Wanda did a brief investigation of Johanna’s Dressing Room until 11:06 pm during which no unusual experiences were noted.

END TIME: 11:06 pm

Noah, Gravy and Wanda went outside to get the rest of the group. Everyone moved back inside, and Wanda had mentioned that people had had experiences in an old Walk-In Freezer that is located off of the Main Corridor. John went into the Walk-In Freezer followed by Jann and Gravy. Gravy took baseline readings the area. No experiences were noted in this area.

Wall of Faces – 11:31 pm

Noah, Gravy, Missy, Wanda and Jann took the same seats they had during the investigation in July. (John and Tea were not present during the July investigation.) Once the group was situated they had control silence until 11:39 pm when they began an EVP session.

At 11:40 pm, Noah, who was seated next to Missy, noticed that Missy’s breathing seemed irregular. He asked her why her breathing was weird and she said that she couldn’t see anything. Noah knelt down and shined a very bright UV light in Missy’s eyes and saw that her pupils were reacting normally, but she was not reacting to having the light in her eyes. Normally, when one gets bright UV light directly in the eyes after an extended period in pitch darkness, he or she will react by squinting and looking away. Missy did not squint or even follow the light with her eyes; Noah had to tell her to look up as her head wasn’t even tilted up at the light he was shining. When Noah asked if Missy could see the light, she said she could not see anything and she felt like her hands were shaking and that they felt horrible. Noah grabbed Missy’s hands and he did not feel them shaking, despite Missy having the sensation that they were.

While this was happening, Jann’s face began to feel hot, and she felt physically drained similar to her experience in this room during the July investigation. At 11:46 pm, Wanda asked Missy if she wanted to try to stop what was happening or if she wanted to continue having the experience. Missy wanted to see if she could make it stop so Wanda advised her to close her eyes and count back from twenty while rubbing her hands together. When Missy opened her eyes, her vision was restored completely and her hands felt better. She later stated that when her vision went away it happened gradually, but when she opened her eyes it came back immediately.

Shortly after Missy’s vision was restored, a few people reported seeing lights darting around the room and Wanda felt like there was something standing behind her.

At 12:06 am, the group tried to replicate the situation from the July investigation when Missy was pushed against the wall. Jann remained seated as she had in July, and Missy, Noah, Gravy and Wanda stood near the wall. No unusual events occurred during this time.

END TIME: 12:15 am

At this time the group began to move to the Well Room. While everyone was walking over, at 12:16 am Gravy heard what sounded like a small child. Shortly afterward, at 12:17 am the alarm on the shadow detection feature of the single-axis EMF detector Mel-8704 REM/ATDD/SDD sounded. The child’s voice that Gravy thought he had heard was not captured on audio recorders. It is unknown why the shadow detector in the Well Room alarmed but no shadow was captured on the video camera that was covering the area.

Well Room – 12:23 am

Missy and Noah went in the Jail Cell, and the rest of the group was seated in the main area of the Well Room. The group began an EVP session. Missy stated that her ears hurt, and Noah stated he had chest pain. At one point, Jann became very nervous with Missy being in the Jail Cell because she was afraid something might hurt her. Noah said Missy was fine and the EVP session continued. After a few moments, John and Missy switched places and Missy’s ears stopped hurting.

No other events occurred, and the group decided to take a short break and head back to the 1st Floor.

END TIME: 12:45 am

The group left the Basement and went back up to the Bar to use the bathrooms and so Wanda could turn off all the lights. The group then moved back to the Basement.

Dressing Rooms – 1:10 am

When the group returned to the Basement they went to the Dressing rooms. Missy went into Johanna’s Dressing Room, Jann sat in the entry to the room next to it, and John was in the entry to the next room down from Jann. Tea and Wanda were seated across from the Dressing Rooms on the old mechanical bull, and Noah and Gravy were in the Main Corridor.

The group began an EVP session at 1:19 am. Shortly after the session began, Wanda said she saw what looked like a female hand by the IR light immediately outside of Johanna’s Dressing Room, and Missy said that it felt like the atmosphere in the room changed.

No other events occurred and the group decided to move to another location.

END TIME: 1:37 am

After the group ended their investigation of the Dressing Rooms, they moved to the High Voltage Room.

High Voltage Room – 1:42 am

The group held an EVP session in this area until 1:58 am which yielded no notable responses.

END TIME: 1:58 am

The group moved to the Kitchen.

Kitchen – 2:04 am

The group held a short EVP session in this area until 2:04 am and then moved to the Wall of Faces Room.

END TIME: 2:10 am

Wall of Faces Room – 2:12 am

The group held an EVP session in this area until 2:20 am which was uneventful.

END TIME: 2:20 am

Well Room – 2:22 am

Missy and Jann went in the Jail Cell, and the rest of the group was seated in the main area of the Well Room. The group began an EVP session with no audible responses.

END TIME: 2:30 am

While the group was gathering equipment, Gravy found Noah’s H2n recorder that had been placed in the Casino knocked over. No one had entered the Casino during the investigation and Noah had seen it upright earlier in the evening. Upon review of the audio from this recorder, Noah can hear an animal walking around and then coming up to the recorder and smelling it before knocking it over.


No activity was captured during the investigation.

This location is famous for being a hotbed of activity, and although this night did not seem to be as active as PIM’s prior investigation at Bobby Mackey’s, it was well worth the trip. Missy’s experience with vision loss cannot be measured or recorded and therefore cannot be proven so it will remain a personal experience. It was obvious to everyone that witnessed this that Missy was definitely experiencing what she claimed, but PIM cannot prove what caused this and therefore cannot definitively state this was paranormal. Upon returning to Milwaukee, Missy did visit her optometrist to ensure she did not have a medical issue with her vision and the exam did not turn up any abnormalities.

Jann and John also noted having personal experiences of dizziness and uneasiness during this investigation. Again, there is no way to prove that this is not the effect of lack of sleep, stress, or countless other factors so these experiences are not considered evidence, but personal experiences.

The child’s voice that Gravy heard was not recorded on any audio or video gear so this too cannot be presented as evidence.

PIM would like to thank Wanda Kay for being a gracious hostess once again. We urge others who are curious about Bobby Mackey’s to go take a tour or investigate for themselves.

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