Two employees of Times Cinema Aaron and Rachel, who has had many experiences at the cinema, also attended the investigation.

Documentary Film Maker Bradley James Kroll and his assistant were filming the investigation for a promo video as well.

PIM members Noah, Missy and John arrived a little after 10:30 pm on Saturday, February 22nd. They came into the Times Cinema and met Gravy who had arrived just before them. Noah then spoke with Aaron who is an employee of the Times and also would be joining PIM during the investigation. He also spoke with Bradley and his assistant who would also be joining the investigation. The team worked together to bring in all the equipment and set everything in the Lobby of the cinema. Everyone worked quietly because a movie was still being shown in the House. The team set up cameras on tripods and readied all equipment so it could be easily and quickly set up once the movie ended. Missy also took this time to take outside weather conditions. Once back inside, Missy began taking baseline EMF and temperature readings in the Lobby and other areas outside of the House.

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A detailed plan as to where and what equipment would be set up was devised while the movie was finishing up.

Gravy set up his Sony HDR-SR7 video camera in the Lobby facing the Snack Bar. One of the claims of activity is that the popcorn machine turned on by itself after being turned off. Gravy made sure the popcorn machine was in clear view of his camera. A Zoom H1 audio recorder was also placed in the Lobby. An Extech Datalogger, EMF Pump, and touch flashlight was placed next to two trigger objects, a bag of popcorn and cigar, placed in the Lobby on the glass display case.

At 11:46 pm the movie was over and the front doors were locked. It was time to start control recorders. This is usually done upon arrival but because the environment was not controlled due to the movie playing in the background this was saved for after the movie ended. The heat was turned off at this time to eliminate the noise coming from the heating system.

Missy continued to take baseline readings while the rest of the team continued to set up equipment during this time. After she was done with baselines she set up her Sony HDR-XR200V video camera in the center of the House facing the Stage. An H1 Zoom audio recorder was set on the table near her camera as well. John also set up his Sony HDR-XR200V in the House to the right of Missy’s camera facing the stage to provide an additional camera angle.

Noah placed his Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum video camera near the Stage. A Zoom H1 recorder, a Datalogging Geiger Counter, EM Vortex, Extech RHT50 Data Logger, touch flashlight, and Dark Matter Detector were all set up on the Stage. A crucifix, spirit board, holy water, and Bible were also set on the stage as trigger objects. The spirit board has been used on the Stage before and that is why it was set up there along with the religious items.

Behind the screen John’s Sony HDR-XR200V video camera was placed.

A Zoom H1 audio recorder was placed in the Boiler Room as well.

At 12:03 am all equipment was set and running. It was time to turn off lights and begin the process of darkening the building. This is done to avoid light contamination to best control the environment during the investigation. Missy walked around covering up any lights coming from electronics that could not be powered down. Noah and Aaron worked to get exit lights turned off or covered up. Missy then joined Gravy in covering up the front doors.

Gravy took baseline photos while John and Noah worked on setting IR lights to add illumination for the video cameras.

At 12:20 am Noah went over the rules of investigation as this was the first investigation for everyone that was there that wasn’t from PIM. He explained to leave ten seconds between questions during an EVP session, always speak in a full voice, and many other things that apply to do a proper controlled investigation.

Once this was done and everything was set it was 12:47 am and time to start the investigation. The team gathered and decided it would be best to start in the House.

Claims of Activity

  • The popcorn machine turned on by itself after it was turned off for the night
  • Rachel had her arm grabbed while she was sitting in the back of the house watching a movie
  • An employee heard knocking and seats moving while cleaning up the House at the end of the night


House – 12:47 am

The team decided to start in the House so they all spread out amongst the seats and the Stage. Missy sat on the upper right corner of the seats, John the upper left, Noah the center, Rachel, lower left, Gravy on the Stage, and everyone else in the middle. Once everyone was seated five minutes of controlled silence was observed before starting the first EVP session of the night.

Noah introduced everyone and asked for someone to come forward and tell us their name. At 12:53 am John heard a tap on the wall near him. Nobody else heard the tap at that time but at 12:58 am everyone heard two taps near where John was sitting. John thought it was on the carpet. At 1:00 am Gravy asked for two taps if someone was with us. Noah heard two taps but nobody else did.

At 1:08 am Missy was about to ask a question when Gravy said he felt pressure in his right ear. It subsided quickly. Shortly after, Noah heard two very deliberate knocks. Gravy heard a knock up on Stage at about the same time.

At 1:21 am another pop noise was heard near the lobby and then a chair noise, like someone getting up out of one of the seats in the House. This was similar to the claim of an employee hearing the seats moving while he was cleaning up in the House at the end of the night. None of the investigators had gotten up out of their seat so it is unclear where that noise came from.

At that time it was decided that Rachel and Aaron would replicate a spirit board session on the Stage that they had prior to the investigation. At 1:28 am they began while everyone else sat in the House seats. This was done only because a majority of the reported activity occurred during or shortly after Rachel and Aaron had conducted a spirit board session. PIM does not usually use anything like a spirit board during its investigations but used on here to try and replicate the claims exactly.

Rachel started out by asking if anyone had a message. Aaron and Rachel claim that the planchette moved to the letter “F”. Aaron asked if that was the beginning of a name and it went to “No”. They continued the session. Aaron and Rachel then stated that they were hearing music. Gravy went up onto the Stage and agreed that music could be heard. Noah then went behind the Stage to find out if the music could be coming from outside. He could not hear it. It became apparent that the music must have been coming from somewhere on the Stage because it could be heard best by Rachel and Aaron who were on the Stage. It was determined that the sound was probably a radio station that was being picked up by the large speakers that are used in the theater during movies.

The session continued. The team then decided to try an experiment. Previously, Rachel and Aaron had reported that while using the spirit board a third person wrote a number on their hand and whatever was communicating through the board was able to tell Rachel and Aaron what the number was. So Missy wrote a number on her hand and asked Aaron and Rachel to find out what the number was. Missy had written a “5” on her hand and that is the number Aaron and Rachel came up with. Missy then wrote a “9” on her hand and after a few minutes that number was guessed as well.

John then wrote the number “67” on his hand and asked Aaron and Rachel to come up with the number on his hand as well. Many numbers were guessed but they could not come up with the number “67” or the numbers “6” or “7” individually.

At 2:01 am it was decided to leave the House and take a break.

END TIME: 2:01 am

House – 2:36 am

At 2:36 am the group decided to resume the investigation back in the House after a short break. They situated themselves around the seats of the theatre with John sitting on the Stage. Before beginning the EVP session the sounds of a chair moving was heard at 2:38 am by Rachel. She then claimed to feel a stabbing pain on her right side at 2:41 am. The pain subsided and it is unclear what the cause was of either occurrence.

After observing a moment of complete silence they began an EVP session at 2:42 am. After a few questions were asked, Rachel got a “pins and needles” sensation on her arm at 2:47 am and a strange noise came from the lobby area. Noah got up to investigate what the noise could be. Noah discovered that it was the refrigerator making the strange noise. Rachel’s sensation went away.

At 2:54 am Gravy distinctly heard a noise up on the Stage. John wasn’t sure but stated that it could have been him exhaling. At 3:00 am Missy also heard an exhaling sound. John did not think it was him this time. Rachel began to feel dizzy so Noah came and sat near her. Noah instructed her to close her eyes and relax. He then told her to open them and focus on a spot on the floor. She felt much better after that. It was then decided to end this EVP session at 3:04 am.

END TIME: 3:04 am

Stage – 3:05 am

At 3:05 am Noah suggested that Aaron and Rachel go up on the Stage and conduct another spirit board session. In order to simulate what they had done in the past, this time the rest of the group would go into the Lobby and see what results Aaron and Rachel would get while they were alone. The cameras and audio placed in the House were still rolling to capture the session.

They reported that the board was weak and they did not get much activity from it. Rachel also appeared to be “freaked out” by something while doing the session and so it was ended early. They decided to stop at 3:22 am.

END TIME: 3:22 am

At this time, Bradley James Kroll and his assistant decided to leave. They packed up their items and left out the front door shortly before 3:30 am. Everyone else took a short break to use the bathroom or get something to drink. Then the investigation was resumed in the House.

House – 3:34 am

The group first spread out in the House and did an EVP session to see if anything had been stirred up by using the spirit board with only Rachel and Aaron in the House. No noticeable activity occurred during this session and it was decided to end the night with one final spirit board session.

This time Missy and Rachel would conduct the spirit board session as it was suggested that maybe females would have better luck. Everyone else watched from the seats in the House.

The session started off without any activity. Very little or weak movement occurred during the session without any result in answering any questions.

At 3:59 am it was decided to end this session and begin breaking down equipment.

END TIME: 3:59 am

PIM packed up all of their gear and returned the cinema back to how it was when PIM arrived. PIM then loaded up their cars and headed home for the night.


This investigation was certainly an interesting one. PIM does not use spirit boards on investigations so it was an interesting experiment to see what would result, if anything, from the use of one. The first attempt at using it did result in the correct guessing of the two numbers that Missy wrote on her hand but John’s numbers were not guessed. It is certainly possible and probable that Missy’s numbers were just that, good guesses. The numbers she chose were single digits and the one John chose was double digits. The spirit board did not give any other significant or useful answers throughout the rest of the sessions. To PIM, this is not surprising. It has been well documented by scientists that any movements of the planchette while using spirit boards are either trickery or something called the ideomotor response or ideomotor reflex.

The ideomotor response occurs when the body reacts reflexively to ideas alone without the person making a conscious decision to move. These motions are very small in scale, but are enough to move something like a planchette. It is PIM’s belief that no trickery was being perpetuated by anyone who reported activity using the spirit board. However, due to the results of the tests PIM conducted, it is most likely that any previous “responses” received while using the spirit board was a result of the ideomotor response and not do to anything paranormal.

There are many sounds that come from the Lobby area and most are from some type of machine, like the refrigerator and ice machine. These could be the pops and noises that people have reported hearing. PIM chose to turn the heat off during the investigation so this could also be a contributing factor of the pops and noises that are heard in the House caused by normal expansion and contraction. Some noises, including the exhaling, sound are not clear as to what the cause was but obviously a human can make that noise and not be totally aware that they did it.

No evidence was captured during this investigation but PIM would welcome the opportunity to come back and further investigate this location. Although PIM was able to come up with normal explanations for some of the activity that was reported we would encourage the client to continue documenting any further experiences.

PIM would like to sincerely thank the owner’s of the Times Cinema and the staff who stayed to help during the investigation. You were all great fun to be with. Also to Bradley and his assistant, thank you for joining us as well. PIM looks forward to working with all of you again in the future

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