For the second stop on the PIM 2020 Expedition, the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee drove due south from the Granger House where they had investigated the night prior, into Iowa. After a few hours on the road, the team reached the Squirrel Cage Jail in the early afternoon. Due to the amount of time before being able to enter the building, the team got a rare few hours of down time before this investigation, taking photos and enjoying some lunch.

At 5:58:56 PM, the team gathered in the gift shop to sign waivers and begin a historical tour with staff from the jail. Meanwhile, Brandon moved throughout the building, gathering photos and video of the location.

At 6:41:04 PM, Amber began to take baseline measurements throughout the location while the remainder of the team started setting up equipment in noted locations of paranormal activity.

Environmental Data

The First Floor Cell Block had a Ghost Pro 1 Full Spectrum video camera placed on a table, covering a trigger object bank that was placed on a table within the room. The trigger object bank was comprised of items from our “vice” category, including:

  • A bullet
  • A cigar and two cigarettes
  • A deck of cards (with the 10 of diamonds facing up)
  • A pair of di (5 side up)
  • A Playboy Magazine
  • A small bottle of whiskey
  • A bible and crucifix
  • A wooden gun
  • A harmonica
  • A phial of holy water
  • A Touch Flashlight

This trigger object bank had alongside it a Zoom H1 Audio recorder as well, and a DM X-930 Dark Matter Detector which would detect and record any fluctuations in the electromagnetic fields in the area.

In the southwest corner of the First Floor Cellblock was a placed a SONY FDR-AX100 4K video camera with a wide angle lens attachment capturing the majority of the room, including a number of cells and the table on which the trigger object bank above sat.

Near the infamous murderer Jake Byrd’s cell on the Second Floor Cellblock, a Sony HDR-CX160 Full Spectrum was placed, able to see inside and also the surrounding area. While a Zoom H1 audio recorder was placed inside of the cell itself.

A Zoom H1 Audio Recorder was placed inside of the Third Floor Infirmary where it is claimed that physicians often feel uncomfortable, as well as in the Second Floor Juvenile Detention Block.

In the Fourth Floor Apartment the team placed both a Sony FDRAX53 4k camera and a Sony HDR-CX160 Full Spectrum in the entrance, facing across one another’s field of view to capture the entire front room. A Zoom H1n was placed in this area as well, alongside a MEL-8704 REM/SDD EMF meter and REM pod. Later in the investigation, an EDI+ Datalogger was added next to the MEL to cross reference its readings.

Later at 8:55:26 PM, Noah and Gravy broke from the group to perform a brief Facebook live session, showing the equipment setup in the building as well as talking about some of the claims. Almost immediately thereafter, the team took a short break, readying themselves for the investigation.

At 9:18:26 PM, as the break had concluded and the team was moving toward the First Floor Cell Block, Noah reported hearing the sound of something like a metal sign sliding across the floor.


First Floor Cell Block – 9:23:12 PM

The team proceeded to the First Floor Cell Block. Within a minute or so, investigation began, with control silence observed. Moments later, Noah noted that there was a light on in one of the cells on the third floor – Brandon left the investigation area to ask if the on site attendant had the ability to turn it off. The team managed to get the light turned off in that time. Then, Control Silence resumed.

Control silence is a method practiced at each new location in a building. It allows for members to get a baseline of noises a structure could make throughout the night. It also allows for the group to tag outside noises heard in that area so as not to be mistaken as something paranormal later in the investigation.

At 9:29:27 PM, Control Silence was completed. At this point, the team began an EVP session. Brandon asked a question, and almost immediately thereafter, Marilsa believed she heard a whispering sound. The team verified that none of them had been speaking. However, this sound was not captured on any recorders in the area. Then at 9:35:12 PM, Brandon reported seeing something that looked like an arm hanging out of one the cells nearby, however he was able to attribute it to a trick of the light as the sun was setting and casting light through a nearby window.

Both Gravy and Brandon reported hearing a shuffling noise between them, at 9:44:40 PM, in a small area where no investigators were. It was noted, however, that this was in the general direction of the on site attendant. Within a minute or so, Amber reported the sensation of someone playing with her hair. Just seconds later, Amber reported the sensation of something tugging on her shirt sleeve. Shortly thereafter, at 9:48:43 PM, Amber noted, as the questioning turned to trying to get something to interact with her hair, that she was consistently feeling the sensation of being touched. At 9:50:47 PM, Amber claimed to feel someone touching her shoulder. Both Marilsa and Amber swapped positions to see if the reported activity would continue.

After moving to another cell, at 9:55:42 PM, Amber reported feeling the touching sensation again, and was asked to move so that the camera she was positioned in front of would have an unobstructed view and the best chance of capturing the phenomena. Moments after this, Marilsa reported her hair being touched.

At 10:01:23 PM, Marilsa reported feeling dizzy. At this point, Marilsa vacated the cell allowing Noah to be seated inside. During the transition of Noah to the cell both Amber and Marilsa described and demonstrated, as best they could, their sensations for the group.

At 10:08:34 PM, Amber requested to leave the investigation area due to the discomfort of the persistent phenomena and was escorted to the break room to take a short rest. Then at 10:11:03 PM, Amber returned from her break.

Later, at 10:17:18 PM, Amber claimed to feel something touching her hair once more. Within a minute or so, the team concluded their EVP session and headed for the Second Floor Cell Block.

Second Floor Cell Block – 10:22:24 PM

After the move, the team situated themselves on the second floor cellblock throughout the cells. The investigators observed control silence moments later, upon completion they noted being able to hear IR light attached to one of the security cameras in the cellblock. An EVP session is begun. Shortly thereafter, at 10:28:42 PM, Marilsa claimed to feel a pressure on the back of her neck, asking Brandon to take a picture with his cellphone.

Then at 10:38:52 PM, a popping or tapping sound was heard by the entire team which seemed to emanate from the first floor cellblock area where the investigators had just been. Shortly thereafter at 10:42:35 PM, Noah asked the team if they’d heard the sound of a door latching, however no one else had heard this sound.

At 10:43:56 PM, the EVP session was concluded, and the team headed for the Second Floor Juvenile Detention Block.

Juvenile Detention Block – 10:46:15 PM

After proceeding to the Juvenile Detention Block, the team situated themselves around the area, with Gravy in the stairwell, and began control silence. Shortly thereafter, at 10:49:37 PM, Noah noted hearing the sound of one of the pieces of investigation equipment being triggered. The team would later discover where this was coming from. Moments later, an EVP Session is started. At 10:54:11 PM, another alert from a piece of equipment sounds on in the Fourth Floor Apartment – Noah and Gravy moved to investigate both the source of the noise and the cause.

Noah and Gravy returned to the Second Floor telling the team that the device that was being triggered was in fact a MEL REM (an EMF based proximity meter), at 10:59:59 PM. To cross reference the readings of this device, they placed an EDI+ Datalogger immediately next to it. The advantage to using an EDI+ to cross check in that situation was that it would record data for later study.

At 11:06:32 PM, the same meter let off another alarm. Shortly thereafter, at 11:11:17 PM, Amber reported to have felt something touch her leg, refuting it being a bug or muscle spasm.

Later at 11:23:17 PM, The team decided to take a short break. At this point, the group took the opportunity to investigate the sound of the meter going off and determined that it was likely not paranormal, however, they were unable to determine the cause.

At 11:53:58 PM, the team concluded their break and headed to the Fourth Floor Apartment.

Fourth Floor Apartment – 11:55:39 PM

Once in the Fourth Floor Apartment, the team found positions and performed control silence, concluding at 11:58:11 PM. Almost immediately thereafter, Amber mentioned having heard a thump during the control silence. Gravy concurred, but posited that it was likely the wooden floor settling from the team moving into the space. Within a minute or so, an EVP Session was started. At 12:01:52 AM, Marilsa reported hearing a constant humming noise, which was noted as likely being a passing car by Gravy.

Gravy inquired as to whether the spirits in the apartment liked our team better than the team that had investigated the jail the night prior, asking for it to knock 3 times. At this point, the REM pod on the EDI+ in the room sounds four pips, at 12:10:06 AM. This was clear and concrete proof that our team was preferred.

At 12:10:24 AM, At this time the EDI+ in the room had it’s red and orange meters flash. This correlated with the Building’s AC kicking off.

Later at 12:14:52 AM, EDI+ is triggered again. The orange light indicates temperature- and the fluctuation is likely because the AC had just turned itself off and the temperature in the room was rising. A minute or so later at 12:15:39 AM, in an attempt to test whether the devices were being triggered by the air conditioning turning off Noah turned down the thermostat to engage the AC, then turned it back up to try to get it to turn off again. Although this was successful in getting the systems running, there was no immediate reaction from the investigation equipment.

The EDI once again flashed, signifying measurable change both for temperature and vibration, at 12:19:34 AM.

At 12:21:02 AM, EVP session was concluded, and the team moved down to the Third Floor Infirmary.

Third Floor Infirmary – 12:23:05 AM

After the move, the investigators seated themselves around the infirmary and control silence was initiated. At 12:24:58 AM, control silence was concluded, the team noted that there was baseline noise, potentially from a wifi router in the area. At this time, the group began their EVP session.

At 12:31:25 AM, and with no activity, the EVP session concluded and the team headed down to the Second Floor Cell Block.

While moving between locations Noah reported hearing a beep, asking if it was the EMF Meter in Brandon’s vest, at 12:32:02 AM. However, that meter was currently switched off, and the source of the sound was not identified.

Second Floor Cell Block – 12:34:14 AM

Once in the Second Floor Cell Block, the investigators settled into individual cells for another EVP Session, and at 12:34:24 AM, the team began a human trigger object experiment. This is achieved by trying to replicate a situation that may have occurred in a location to potentially provoke a response. In this experiment, Noah acted as a warden with each other investigator in a cell acting as prisoners.

During the course of this experiment at 12:38:25 AM, Tom pointed out having heard a sigh – Gravy followed up by saying that he’d heard it as well. No other members of the group were able to hear or identify this noise.

About a minute later at 12:39:45 AM, both Marilsa and Brandon reported hearing a noise from the First Floor Cell Block, as though someone was moving. Brandon inquired as to whether Noah had been moving at the time (as he’d been walking outside of each cell in the moments leading up to this), but he had not been at the time.

The team concluded the EVP Session on the Second Floor Cell Block and moved to the First Floor Cell Block, at 12:45:52 AM.

First Floor Cell Block – 12:48:39 AM

Following the move, each investigator spread out through the First Floor Cell Block, with some in cells and others in the main thoroughfare of the floor, and immediately began an EVP session.

Shortly after beginning, at 12:51:25 AM, Amber reported the sensation of someone touching her face. This was consistent with the sensation she had reported in the same area of the building earlier.

At 12:59:03 AM, with an early start time in the morning and a long day of driving ahead of them, the team terminated the investigation, broke down equipment, and settled into sleeping accommodations in the building for the remainder of the night.


Although this was the most abbreviated investigation on the PIM 2020 Expedition, it did yield a fair amount of odd phenomena. From personal experiences to various measuring equipment that went off inexplicably, the team was treated to unusually exciting investigation. PIM would like to extend a warm thank you to the Squirrel Cage Jail and its staff, we had an excellent time investigating this location, and would happily return in the future.

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